On The Road With Ryan Thomas



On The Road is an earnest, often lighthearted exploration of how we walk out our faith in culture and the public square. Check back each week for new and fresh perspectives as host, Ryan Thomas, connects with trailblazers around the country on topics that hit home today.


  • On the Road with Rhett Walker


    The earnest hit-maker shares the journey that almost saw him walk away from music in the last several years, but instead led to a dramatic reminder that Rhett was exactly where God wanted him to be.

  • On the Road with Tim Timmons


    A man with a big heart and a big voice shares a journey of music, worship & faith that includes his doctor's declaration two decades ago that he had less than five years to live. It's a life-giving and hope-filled conversation with the recording artist and songwriter.

  • On the Road with Ellie Holcomb


    The singer / songwriter and bestselling author invites us into the story of her latest single, "I Don't Want to Miss It". Ellie shares how one of the toughest seasons of her life gave special meaning to every breath she takes.

  • On the Road with MercyMe’s Bart Millard


    The much beloved singer and songwriter joins us to trace the thoroughly unexpected journey to "inhale (exhale)", what a joy it was to welcome his son Sam as a songwriter and vocalist, and why he doesn't think he's a good writer of story songs!

  • On the Road with Paul Angone


    Fresh off the release of his latest, "25 Lies Twentysomethings Need to Stop Believing: How to Get Unstuck and Own Your Defining Decade", Paul shares an invitation to create instead of just critique and offers insight on finding authenticity in a world of social media performance art.

  • On the Road with Lincoln Brewster


    The earnest and thoughtful product of Alaska takes us inside his latest release, "Perfect Love". We explore his studio quarantine, the difference between fear and courage, and much more.

  • On the Road with Rachael Lampa


    What does it feel like to become a world-wide musical sensation while you're still in Middle School?! Today we welcome someone who knows the answer.

  • On the Road with Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall


    We catch up with the beloved music makers on their one of a kind drive in tour across America. Mark shares the excitement and joy he's seeing as live music returns and also takes us inside his journey with dyslexia & how he found the courage to be honest with those around him about his struggle - and the profound freedom he found when he did.

  • On the Road with Amanda Hope Haley


    The life of an archaeologist uncovering the treasures of the Holy Land is just a bit different from what we've seen in the movies. Amanda takes us into the field.

  • On the Road with CAIN


    Share the journey to the joy & hope-filled message of "Rise up (Lazarus)" and go inside the harmony and heart of a tremendously talented group of siblings.

  • On the Road with Alexandra Boylan


    We dig into the story of the brand new feature film "Switched" with writer & producer Alexandra Boylan. She also traces her remarkable story and where her heart for healing comes from on the vitally important issue of bullying.

  • On the Road with Kristina Hurrell


    An internationally acclaimed fashion model on the run for her life across the impossibly forbidding Sahara Desert. It sounds like the script for a big budget Hollywood feature! But it's real. We meet the remarkable woman herself this week - Kristina Hurrell.

  • On the Road with Pat Barrett


    When Pat Barrett surveys the year we've shared together, he sees the challenges, the difficulties, and the changed plans. But he also sees amazing things - faithfulness, family togetherness, and fresh perspective. We share encouragement with the prodigious story-teller and recording artist as we go inside his latest offering - "Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly".

  • On the Road with Leanna Crawford


    We welcome the fresh voice behind songs like "Truth I'm Standing on" and the latest powerful track, "Mean Girls". It's a conversation that covers horse training, Julie Andrews and the purpose God placed in her heart on an unforgettable mission trip with Leanna Crawford.

  • On the Road with Baylor Wilson


    It was the day she walked into an auto body shop - turned church that would change her forever. We take a trek from Texas to the jungles of Nicaragua to "Jesus Happened" with Baylor Wilson.

  • On the Road with Remedy Drive’s David Zach


    Discover the fresh purpose driving the veteran hit-makers - advocating for victims of international human trafficking. It continues in stirring ways on their latest release - "Imago Amor". There's hope, conviction & even some extended C.S. Lewis geekery, right here.

  • On the Road with Austin French


    It's a story of great faith and powerful music that begins in heartbreak. Share the incredible journey of Austin French.

  • On the Road with Phil Joel


    The irrepressible radio staple and good guy introduces us to his latest solo effort, "Better Than I Found It". We talk simplicity, longevity & The Beatles with the one and only chief export of New Zealand.

  • On the Road with Darryl Strawberry


    He was a baseball phenom - hitting hundreds of home runs and winning World Series titles. But he says what he does today is far more meaningful than anything he ever did on a baseball field. Discover why.

  • On the Road with Chad Robichaux


    There's come a time in many of our lives when we've just wished we could be more brave. In this episode, we meet one of the bravest men there is. We discover how his bravery - by itself - wasn't enough. But how he then encountered the One whose strength is enough for us all.

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