Truth Encounter: God's Heart For The World



A new and challenging perspective on our involvement in missions today


  • Mission Impossible (Acts 13:1-3)


    Evangelists proclaiming the judgment of global warming reach out to the world to save us from the catastrophe that they believe lies ahead. Peter, Jesus’ disciple, didn’t just make a prediction. He prophesied that the element will melt with fervent heat. How can we be sure we will get off this planet alive?

  • Is God Outgoing? (2 Corinthians 5:11-6:1)


    ABC News ran a story about how to overcome our greatest fear. I live in Texas so I thought the greatest fear would be getting in the path of a Class 5 tornado. Instead the fear was public speaking. If you know Jesus, why is it important to overcome your fear of talking publically about Him?

  • Wingtips, Boots, and Guitars (John 4)


    Do you hang around with folks just like you? Does your “in group” look as homogeneous as penguins gathered in Antarctica? If so, it’s time to break out and discover the warmth that generates when we connect with someone different.

  • The Mustard Seed Society (Matthew 13:31)


    Influence in today’s world demands millions of dollars, high profile media, and tight organizational structure. If this is actually the key to long term transformation in the world, then why did Jesus come to earth as a carpenter’s son?

  • Grid Iron Glory (Matthew 28:16-20)


    The High Tech Revolution has generated new multi-billion dollar companies born in garages. The biographies of pioneers like Steve Jobs capture the eyes of millions, but do you know the roots of the oldest, most influential organization on earth? Discover the roots of God’s family, the Church.

  • How Lost Are The Lost? (Acts 4:12)


    Ever been lost? Remember how it felt when you were finally found? How would you like to get involved in the greatest search and rescue operation of all time. Here’s how…

  • Getting the Big Picture (Acts 1:1-11)


    Microsoft's mission statement for 2014 is to "Create a family of devices and services for individuals and businesses." Chrysler's mission is "To create the type of exciting, efficient, reliable, safe vehicles you expect and deserve." What's the mission statement of the Church? How did Jesus focus purpose?

  • Star Gazers-World Witness (Acts 1:1-11)


    Christians believe Jesus is coming back, but does this mean we stand with our hands in our pockets looking up at the sky? Whats the mission that demands we get our eyes focused on reaching out to billions who still need to hear the best news in the world?