CRM Conversations



CRM is a worldwide organization committed to starting and sustaining movements of committed followers of Jesus. We seek spiritual depth and innovative strategies that pioneer new ground among the unreached and unchurched, bring transformation among the poor, and mobilize the Church for mission. Our recordings explore important topics facing the Church and her mission in the world today.


  • Movements of God


    A discussion with CRM's president, Sam Metcalf, that examines Christian movements, how they work, and what they look like in today’'s world.

  • Why Young Adults Won't Set Foot in a Church


    Travis Collins, director of CRM's Beta Communities, and Eric Purcell, leader of the Omaha team, discuss why many young adults are no longer looking to the church for answers.

  • God Speaks: Developing Ears to Hear


    Myra Perrine, author of What’s Your God Language?, and Patty Metcalf, CRM's "First Lady" and an experienced prayer minister, discuss the various ways God communicates with his people and tools to develop confidence in hearing his voice.

  • The Power of Calling: God's plan to touch the world through you


    Leaders are surrounded by conflicting expectations of the crowd, but clarity about their unique calling can free them to live for the Audience of One. Special guests: Gary Mayes and David Zimmerman, leader of CRM's Refocusing team.

  • What if the poor need more than our money?


    Join John and Deanna Hayes, leaders of CRM's global work among the poor, as they unpack how traditional forms of charity can be disempowering to poor communities and offer thoughts on what we can do to bring about lasting change.

  • Reimagining Evangelism: Who Are "Persons of Peace"?


    CRM president Sam Metcalf and special guest Norris Williams, leader of CRM's Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training, discuss DMMs and the unique role of the "person of peace" in making disciples and multiplying new expressions of church. (Apr 3, 2013)

  • Secularization and the North American Church


    CRM president Sam Metcalf and Gary Mayes, director of CRM's ChurchNEXT group, discuss the state of the Christian movement in the West and the unique opportunity the Church has to re-engage a lost and broken world.