Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church Sermons



Weekly sermons from Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Lawrence, Kansas.


  • Psalm 68


    Psalm 68 is a Psalm of victory and celebration. It tells us of Yahweh, this conquering King who’s defeated his enemies and now he’s parading into Jerusalem, and as he does so he’s leading a host of captives and he’s receiving the praise and the...

  • Psalm 16


    This passage is a sustaining principle in David's life. These verses reflect David but also Jesus. This psalm is a testimony psalm; this should be something we can say. If we set the Lord before us, we will not be shaken. David knows that the...

  • Psalm 84 - 2020


    This passage is a Psalm of ascent - a psalm to be sung on the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. We see that the psalmist wants to be with the loveliness of God and he wants to arrive in Zion with the other Israelites. We see that the people of Israel were...

  • Psalm 25


    As the Summer of Psalms series is continued, Bill looks at Psalm 25. As we look at the Psalms, we find that even before we know the thoughts of our hearts, we find them in the book of Psalms. Psalm 25 is a prayer; petitions to God intermingled with...

  • Psalm 117


    As we look at this passage of scripture, we are reminded that we live every moment of our days under the sovereignty of God. Regardless of our fears - of things that we cannot control - Great is the Lord and his steadfast love. God repeatedly...

  • Romans 8:18-25


    In this passage, we find Paul speaking of the groaning that we all experience - over sin and sorrow and a long list. But our groaning is filled with hope because of Jesus and because of the cross. Our lament, our very sorrow is covered in the hope...

  • Acts 2:1-21 2020


    In this passage, on the Sunday following Pentecost, we are reminded of the tremendous gift of the Holy Spirit. On this day, the gospel message goes out; the message goes out in a miraculous way as the disciples speak of the works of God in the many...

  • Revelation 1:9-20 2020


    Today, we look at John's encounter with the risen and ascended Jesus. John is writing to 7 real churches about what is to come. This revelation of Jesus was to prepare the Christians to be Christians in the time in which it was written and in...