Chinlock Radio: A Pro Wrestling Podcast



A professional wrestling feature podcast, hosted by Jan Murphy and Sideshow as part of Featuring interviews, analysis and reviews of everything professional wrestling


  • Chinlock Radio ep 16: Tommy Dreamer


    The innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer joins Sideshow & Jan to talk about his life, career, ECW, and House Of Hardcore.   Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio ep 15: Kingpin Angel


    The Kingpin Angel returns to Chinlock Radio, just days after the Hardcore Roadtrip controversy. The promoter skipped town with everyone’s money, and in true Angel fashion, he tells it like it is.   Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio ep 14: Jessy Sorensen


    Former TNA X Division star Jessy Sorensen joins Sideshow and Jan to talk about his career and the injury that almost ended it. follow Jessey on twitter @jessysorensen Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio Ep 13: Tyson Dux


    Tyson Dux has spent time in WWE, TNA, and Ring Of Honor. He joins Sideshow and Jan to talk about his career and taking a bump from the Undertaker! Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio ep 12: Stephen DeAngelis


    Long time ECW ring announcer, and current Hardcore Roadtrip ring announcer, Stephen DeAngelis joins Sideshow and Jan to talk about his career, ECW, Paul Heyman, and of course Hardcore Roadtrip. Get more details on Hardcore Roadtrip at Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio Ep 11: Jimmy Korderas


    Former WWE Referee of over 20 years, Jimmy Korderas, joins Sideshow and Jan to talk about his career with the WWE, Aftermath, and his book “The Three Count: My Life In Stripes As A WWE Referee”   Buy Jimmy’s book “The Three Count: My Life In Stripes As A WWE Referee” HERE   Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio ep 9: Kingpin Angel


    ECW original, The Kingpin Angel, joins Sideshow and Jan to talk ECW, Paul Heyman, Hardcore Roadtrip, and even a little trash.   Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio ep 8: Hannibal


    Devon Nicholson AKA Hannibal joins Sideshow and Jan to discuss his career and his recent battle with Hepatitis C. Don’t forget to subscribe to Chinlock Radio on iTunes and Stitcher Radio to get the latest episodes as soon as they’re up. Checkout Nicholson Productions on YouTube & Great North Wrestling Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio ep 7: WWE Network


    Sideshow and Jan are joined by Justin Cousineau to discuss the WWE Network Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio ep 6: Ron Hutchison


    Ron Hutchison trained the likes of, WWE Hall Of Famers, Trish Stratus and Edge among many others to come out of Canada, and he joins Sideshow and Jan to tell his story. Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio ep 5: Raw Old School & WWE Network


    Sideshow and Jan discuss Raw “Old School” and WWE’s big announcement for Wednesday Jan 8th.   This is the tweet Jan mentions in this week’s show: Love this. @TheDeanAmbrose smiles as his inner 12 year old marks out. #OldSchoolRaw — Troy Beck (@troybeck) January 7, 2014   Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio ep 4: Matt Striker


    Sideshow and Jan chat with former WWE superstar/commentator Matt Striker about his passion for professional wrestling, his time with WWE, his departure from the company, and even a little hockey. Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio Ep 3: Slammys & TLC


    Sideshow and Jan discuss the Slammy Awards and give their pick for TLC 2013. Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio: Ep 2 Arda Ocal


    Sideshow and Jan talk with wrestling writer and former host of WWE Aftermath Arda Ocal. Follow Arda on Twitter at @arda_ocal Sideshow

  • Chinlock Radio: Survivor Series 2013


    Sideshow and Jan sit down to talk Survivor Series and offer their predictions and thoughts on the upcoming Pay-Per-View. Sideshow