10% Of The Brain [podcast]



A Podcast with science student Annika and layman Luciano, tackling scientific misconceptions and recieved wisdom.


  • Episode #3 – You Only Use 10% of Your Brain


    Episode 3 explores the myth behind the namesake of the podcast – “You only use 10% of your brain”. Annika and Luciano explore the potential origins behind this myth, why the myth still persists today, and the scientific evidence that counteracts it. Luciano also has some homework to complete from the last episode… Link to … Continue reading Episode #3 – You Only Use 10% of Your Brain

  • Episode #2 – Diet Coke Gives You Cancer


    Because… aspartame! And formaldehyde! And all those other scary-sounding chemicals! Podcast note: Annika suggested a strong a causal link between consuming sugar and developing Type 2 diabetes. While there is a clear correlation, it is more correct to say that a high intake of calories of any type (fat, sugar or protein) has a causal … Continue reading Episode #2 – Diet Coke Gives You Cancer

  • Episode #1 – Getting Cold Gives You a Cold


    Blocked nose, sore throat, pounding head and aching bones… having the common cold isn’t a whole lot of fun for anybody. You’re most likely to come down with a cold in winter. So it stands to reason that you get a cold because, well, you got too cold… right? Subscribe on iTunes! Stream not working? … Continue reading Episode #1 – Getting Cold Gives You a Cold