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We provide conversations that inform, entertain and empower ordinary people everywhere to stop settling for less in life and go for it! You have the power at every moment to make your world a better place by simply making better choices, or not. It is entirely up to you. We will explore a variety of things that relate to the good life, from good music, food, friends and family relationships to good books, good cars, good hobbies, good vacations, good careers and even good attitudes, good worldviews and good philosophies that make a difference in the results you produce as you strive to make your world a better place and yourself a better person enjoying a better life.Always remember, when you are moving in the right direction, things fall together. When you are moving in the wrong direction, things fall apart.Consider this excerpt from William Wilder's book: ----- Part II ----- The Technology of Accomplishment ----- To Do Daily ----- 1. Begin each day reflecting on whay you want and why.2. Focus your attention on your reasons why.3. Release your attachment to the outcome.4. Shift your attitude to allow the universe to handle the details, declaring everything beyond your control is a detail.5. Notice what there is to do next and do it. To learn more now click the link below to visit my featured author page.


  • Bellavia - A Better Place

    Bellavia - A Better Place

    20/02/2012 Duración: 01h09s

    Tonight our focus is on the concept that Context is Everything in language and in life.  We will examine current events including the tragic death of Whitney Houston looking for life lessons.  Our resident movie critic Paul Bushey will be here with his latest movie review, and on the lighter side we will share with you our opinion of Starbucks new Blonde Roast Coffee (this is not a joke....) Haagen-Dazs amazing new ice cream flavor:  pineapple coconut. Join us for an entertaining and informative conversation on Bellavia - A Better Place.

  • Are we heading in the right direction?

    Are we heading in the right direction?

    05/02/2012 Duración: 01h13s

    Tonight we will have a conversation focused on heading in the right direction.  We will be discussing with our guests whether the nation is heading in the right direction, and how we can tell.  We will also be looking at whether you and I are heading in the right direction to accomplish our goal of becoming a better person enjoying a better life making your world a better place. Join us for an authentic unscripted exchange of viewsyou will find entertaining and informative. Here is a link to the Chateaubriand recipe we will be recommending on the air tonight: The link below is for the PBS Masterpiece series Downton Abbey we will be recommending tonight.

  • The Good Life - Part 2

    The Good Life - Part 2

    29/01/2012 Duración: 58min

    Welcome to Bellavia - A Better Place  Join us for part 2 of our conversation exploring The Good Life and The Myth of The American Dream with our special guests Paul Bushey and Rick Hawksley.  Paul will have another movie review and a book review for us.  We hope to hear from some of you who have seen the movie Paul recommended last week, The Lives Of Others.   Rick will be discussing good vacations and good motorcycles then see where the conversation goes.  The program will also cover current events since our last broadcast.  We promise to provide an informative and entertaining conversation and we appreciate your participation. Finally, over dinner tonight there was a very nice couple seated near our table at the restaurant.  I overheard the man say, "I told her if I gave her an inch she would think she was a ruler."  It seemed very funny to everyone, but I am not at all sure I undersood.  Could you call us and tell us what this means to you during the program?   My best regards, William Wilder 

  • Living The Good Life

    Living The Good Life

    22/01/2012 Duración: 59min

    Our program begins tonight with a candid look at The Myth of the American Dream and a conversation about what really is The Good Life. We will interview a special guest and get his thoughts on one vital component of living the good life - good vacations.  And we will invite him to share some of his Pearls of Wisdom with us. Of course we will also take your calls to hear your questions and comments concerning the good life.