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Village Bible Church is a Christian, protestant, evangelical, non-denominational church seeking to make disciples of Jesus. Our mission drives us to find ways to reach our community. In 2008, God called Village to a new vision through the adoption of two other area churches in Aurora and Shabbona. In 2013, God opened the door to the launch of a Spanish-speaking campus, and our El Camino campus was born. Each of our locations are connected as one, despite physical distance, because each has a similar dynamic worship experience, including "personal touches" such as live bands and campus pastoral teams. The teaching pastors at each campus preach through the same sermon series bringing continuity across all locations. The pastors of all campuses meet weekly to collaborate with each other regarding ministry locally and church-wide. People who attend Village Bible Church will find the quality of a large church with the intimacy and personal interaction of a smaller church.


  • People of Faith (Audio)

    People of Faith (Audio)


    But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith...(Hebrews 10:39). 1.  Some roads of faith lead to victory (4-35a).2.  Some roads of faith lead to misery (11:35b-38).3.  All roads of faith lead to glory...

  • Real Faith (Audio)

    Real Faith (Audio)


    Real faith for the believer involves... 1.  Remembering the faithful who show the way.     Hebrews 11 is filled with...       •  All types of people.       •  All kinds of problems.       •  All manner of pitfalls. 2.  Recognizing some important...

  • Fact Checking God (Audio)

    Fact Checking God (Audio)


    Faith is the assurance in the truth of God's biblical assertions to the point of acting upon them. 1.  Five truths about faith       •  Faith is how we approach God.       •  Faith is the biblical antidote to adversity.       •  Faith must be...

  • Warning! (Audio)

    Warning! (Audio)


    Understanding this warning requires us to ask four questions: 1.  Who is he talking about?     The writer identifies two groups:       •  The deserters       •  The dedicated 2.  Where did things go awry?       •  The road to apostasy isn't...

  • House Rules (Audio)

    House Rules (Audio)


    As members of God's family... 1.  We are invited.  Will we go in?     This invitation means...       •  A new association.       •  Total access.       •  Full assurance. 2.  We are invested.  Will we grab hold?     Grabbing hold impacts...

  • Now You Know... The Rest of the Story (Audio)

    Now You Know... The Rest of the Story (Audio)


    In our passage, we see what... 1.  God did in the past (The Old Covenant). 2.  God was doing in the present (Christ in the New Testament). 3.  God is doing to perfect His people (Christians in the last days).     Through Jesus, God...       • ...

  • A New Day (Audio)

    A New Day (Audio)


    1.  On this new day let's remember...       • God keeps His promises.       •  God graces us with His presence. 2.  This new day doesn't mean we change our...       •  Priorities or proclamation.

  • MVP (Audio)

    MVP (Audio)


    1.  Who is the Mediator?       •  Jesus Christ does what no animal or activity could ever do! 2.  Why is He so valuable?       •  Stat #1 3.  What does a relationship with Him produce?       •  Without Him — severe judgment       •  With Him —...

  • Jesus > Our Sin (Audio)

    Jesus > Our Sin (Audio)


    Understanding this truth involves knowing... 1.  The lay of the land (1-5). 2.  The practices of the past (6-10). 3.  The cleansing of Christ (11-14).     This means Jesus...       •  Purifies us from our contamination.       •  Delivers us from a...

  • Papas Got a Brand-New Bag (Audio)

    Papa's Got a Brand-New Bag (Audio)


    1.  In Christ, God replaced that which was...       •  Inferior with the superior.       •  External with the internal.       •  Conditional with the unconditional.       •  Outgoing with the ongoing. 2.  The New Covenant is...       •  A...

  • Hebrews, We Have a Problem! (Audio)

    Hebrews, We Have a Problem! (Audio)


    Our problem of lacking perfection means we need a different kind of... 1.  Priest — one that permanently removes our sin.     In this...       •  The old way was useless.       •  The new way saves to the uttermost. 2.  Partnership — one that puts...

  • Jesus: My One Defense/My Righteousness (Audio)

    Jesus: My One Defense/My Righteousness (Audio)


    The author of Hebrews intentionally selects from God's story, to help us make sense of God's story, for the sake of God's story.   1.  Verses 1-2: Jesus and Melchizedek share the same position       (better foundation).   2.  Verse 3...

  • Christs Priestly Work: Birth to Baptism (Audio)

    Christ's Priestly Work: Birth to Baptism (Audio)


    1.  Becoming a perfect sacrifice 2.  Becoming a perfect example 3.  Becoming a sympathizing mediator

  • Settle Down—Everything is Going to Be OK (Audio)

    Settle Down—Everything is Going to Be OK (Audio)


    Don't lose heart even if... 1.  It's taking too much time. 2.  You think God has thrown in the towel. 3.  You are tossed around by trials.

  • Good News for Those Serving: Waiting (Audio)

    Good News for Those Serving: Waiting (Audio)


    Waiting on God's Good News... 1.  Isn't a waste if time.     While waiting remember...       •  Finishing is more important that the first steps.       •  When things fall apart, turn to God.       •  Holiness isn't about big fanfare...

  • Three Responses to Help You Deal with Interruptions (Audio)

    Three Responses to Help You Deal with Interruptions (Audio)


    Response #1: Seek to understand your situation (26-30). Response #2: See how God is at work (31-37).God shares His purposes for sending Jesus (31-33):   •  Free us from sin   •  Fulfill His promises   •  Found His KingdomGod shows His power (34-37) ...

  • Good News for the Struggling (Audio)

    Good News for the Struggling (Audio)


    The prophet Isaiah encourages us to... 1.  Remember that Jesus is the answer for our chaos. 2.  Rest in attributes of Christ.     The names given speak of a...       •  Profound counsel.       •  Powerful character.       •  Personal comfort.     ...

  • Youve Been Warned (Audio)

    You've Been Warned (Audio)


    1.  This passage can cause lots of problems.     Views on this passage       •  Rebellion that leads to a loss of salvation       •  Rewards in the future of hte believer       •  Renouncing of cultural Christianity       •  Reinforcing a...

  • Going from the Grown-up Table to the Kiddie Table (Audio)

    Going from the Grown-up Table to the Kiddie Table (Audio)


    Changing tables means... 1.  Acknowledging this condition.     A life that is "dull of hearing" shows no...       •  Motivation.       •  Movement. 2.  Assessing the causes.     Be careful if you are spiritually...       •  Unproductive. ...

  • And the Winner Is... (Audio)

    And the Winner Is... (Audio)


    Jesus wins because He...   •  Reigns supreme over everything.   •  Sympathizes with our struggles.   •  Lived a life without sin.   •  Graces us with all the support we need. In light of Jesus, let us...   •  Cling to our confession.   •  Draw close...

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