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Oprah tells us that women are not wearing the right size bra - and she is right! Listen each week to Shelly who will help you look and feel better in your clothes, help you have better posture with a better bra and have the confidence to do anything!


  • Bella Initmates- Unleashed

    Bella Initmates- Unleashed

    22/11/2010 Duración: 36min

    Women are a special breed, and entrepreneurial women are a sisterhood. That is why I want my first show to include the women that have helped me find this new avenue by being a Diva Toolbox Radio host. Although I was overwhelmed at first I am very excited now to embark on this new adventure and would like to share my first episode with the woman who is not only the Founder and CEO of Diva Tool Box, but also a radio show host herself, and my new friend, Janet Powers. Later in my show we will chat with Cynthia Fitzgerald a fellow radio host here on blog talk with a show named "love jewelry will travel" Please join us in our conversation and share in the Bella experience