Prayer Meeting Podcast



Whether you are charismatic or traditional, liturgical or spontaneous, young or old, this worship podcast leads you to praise God with singing, verbal prayers (Psalms, written prayers and spontaneous), and a short reflection. Lyrics are provided for download for those who wish to sing along.


  • 046: Advent A Cappella Worship

    02/12/2014 Duración: 23min
  • 045: The Lord Is My Shepherd

    24/09/2014 Duración: 28min
  • 044: Pentecost Worship

    29/05/2014 Duración: 39min
  • 043: Easter-rific Extended Worship Set. Happy Resurrection Day!

    20/04/2014 Duración: 48min
  • 042: Extended Holy Week/Good Friday Worship Set; Devotion to the Five Sacred Wounds, And More.

    14/04/2014 Duración: 46min
  • Extended Lenten Worship Set; Songs Chosen by You; Free Downloads of Songbook Available (Ep. 041)

    11/03/2014 Duración: 37min
  • Ep 040 – Super-Extended Christmas Carol Worship Set; Free Songbook Available

    17/12/2013 Duración: 44min
  • Extended Advent Worship Set (Ep. 039)

    06/12/2013 Duración: 34min
  • Extended Thanksgiving Worship Set; Hymns, Praise Choruses, Chant for personal worship; Music notation available (Ep. 038)

    26/11/2013 Duración: 28min
  • Lift Jesus Higher; Come Go With Me; Immortal Invisible; Softly and Tenderly; Amen Dico Vobis; O Say That I’m Glad; (Ep. 037)

    18/11/2013 Duración: 22min
  • How I Give a Presentation and Craft Parody Songs (Ep. 036)

    15/10/2013 Duración: 53min
  • 13 Worship Songs For 2013 (Ep. 035)

    10/09/2013 Duración: 48min
  • World Youth Day 2013 Thoughts; What You Need to Evangelize; Hark the Voice of Jesus Calling (Ep. 034)

    05/08/2013 Duración: 45min
  • Prayer Meeting Podcast is Embracing the Shake and Changing Direction; also, Entirely to Thee

    03/07/2013 Duración: 40min
  • Pentecost Extended Worship Set, John Michael Talbot and “Why Worship?” Veni Sancte Spiritus! Come Holy Spirit! (Ep. 032)

    22/05/2013 Duración: 01h08min
  • Easter Extended Worship Set, Alive Forever Amen, and Why I’m a Catholic. (Ep. 031)

    02/04/2013 Duración: 01h02min
  • Lent Movie Club: The Gospel According to St. Matthew; Good Friday Extended Worship Set; and O The Blood.

    27/03/2013 Duración: 01h01min
  • Lent Movie Club: The Passion of Joan of Arc; The Big Hosanna Medley; Palm Sunday Worship, and more! (Ep. 029)

    20/03/2013 Duración: 58min
  • Lent Movie Club: Ordet; Kyrie Eleison; I Bind Unto Myself Today; Be Thou My Vision; Make Me More Like Thee; Jesus, Jesus; and more (Ep. 028)

    13/03/2013 Duración: 54min
  • Lent Movie Club: Into Great Silence; We Will Run; Good It Is To Keep the Fast; Worthy Is the Lamb; O God, Be Merciful to Me; and more (Ep. 027)

    06/03/2013 Duración: 54min
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