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Unapologetically conservative, the radio show is based mainly on a satirical political blog of the same name authored by Kevin Jackson. The show and the blog educate people on conservative politics, and takes a mainly satirical poke at liberals, though at times we find it necessary to "pimp slap" them too!So if you like good political conversation that transcends all areas of life, then you will probably like this show.


  • KJR 6/3/15

    KJR 6/3/15

    18/07/2015 Duración: 02h52min

    June 3, 2015

  • KJR 6-1-15

    KJR 6-1-15

    17/07/2015 Duración: 02h52min

    June 1, 2015 

  • KJR 06-01-15 - Liberals Are Cockroaches

    KJR 06-01-15 - Liberals Are Cockroaches

    04/06/2015 Duración: 02h52min

    Topics - 06-01-15 First... Our prayers go out to the Biden family.Liberals and cockroachesBruce Jenner is no more Elizabeth Warren flipping hoursesDennis Hastert was involved with a manJohn Kerry breaks his leg in a bike crash Lindsay Graham wants to be a president I'm much more afraid of Leftists like Obama, than I am ISISParsing Hillary TSA & more on Hillary's commentsThis has to make you feel good about TSA Clinton arms deal They say that Hillary is polling well in IowaHillary Clinton allows weapons to get shippedClinton arms deal (cont'd) Couple leaves money to the FedLost memory restored in miceCouple leaves $840K+ to Fed! Clintons Racketeers... Money LaunderersHillary's big ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT lieHillary getting competition?  Horrible news: Iggy Azalea cancelled her US concert AGAIN!  

  • KJR 05-29-15 - Was Segregation Good For Blacks?

    KJR 05-29-15 - Was Segregation Good For Blacks?

    03/06/2015 Duración: 02h52min

    Topics - 5-29-15 Plus sized modelWas segregation good for blacks? Spelling beeI've decided to sell my carbon footprint Clinton's income vs the rest of America Rich and poor gapIn the history of sudden wealth loss. Li Hejun may have set a new record Economy sucks Ethnic studies removed from UNC system The class of 2015 is glad the unemployment rate is lower 

  • KJR 05-28-15 – Im Announcing My Candidacy - Im Blacker Than Obama!

    KJR 05-28-15 – I'm Announcing My Candidacy - I'm Blacker Than Obama!

    02/06/2015 Duración: 02h52min

    Topics - 5-28-15 I'm announcing my candidacyFlooding in Texas claimed more livesSharpton on stormsMarie Harf moves to Iranian policyCarly Fiorina might be Hillary's albatrossBaltimore blacks and copsTop 10 worst cities for crimes, Paula JonesClintons and FIFASidney BlumenthalHillary the savior of the Democrats?