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  • Podcast: The Surge (Oct. 18)

    Podcast: The Surge (Oct. 18)


    In this week’s show, Peyton Monnell and Michael Garbarz senior captains from Ball State Soccer, Shelby Kean and Tatiana Hawkins-Dabney.

  • Podcast: The Surge (Sept. 26)

    Podcast: The Surge (Sept. 26)


    This year, The Surge is presented by Victory of Honda of Muncie and TableX, and dives into everything Ball State Sports and news from the…

  • Podcast: The Surge (Sept. 17)

    Podcast: The Surge (Sept. 17)


    As the weekend nears, there’s a little energy around potential Mid-American Conference news on this week’s The Surge. Ball State Football’s Jaylin Thomas, field hockey’s…

  • Podcast: The Surge (Sept. 11)

    Podcast: The Surge (Sept. 11)


    As you wrap your Friday and head into the weekend, Week 2 of The Surge is here from Sports Link’s duo of Peyton Monnell and Michael Garbarz.

  • Podcast: The Surge (Sept. 1)

    Podcast: The Surge (Sept. 1)


    It’s a new school year, albeit a socially-distanced one, but Sports Link’s duo of Peyton Monnell and Michael Garbarz are back for our weekly podcast,…

  • Podcast: Producing Sports Content

    Podcast: Producing Sports Content


    Break through the noise, and cut through the clutter. In a landscape oversaturated with linear and digital sports content, learn how paying strategic attention to…

  • Podcast: The Surge (July 8)

    Podcast: The Surge (July 8)


    As summer hits the July stretch, professional sports anticipating a return soon and college sports effectively a little over a month away, Ball State Sports…

  • Podcast: What Makes A Great Teammate  Leader?

    Podcast: What Makes A Great Teammate & Leader?


    Perhaps never more important than in today's world with a global pandemic, activism and a list of unknowns which seem to grow daily, has leadership been more in the spotlight.

  • Podcast: The Surge (March 10)

    Podcast: The Surge (March 10)


    The first podcast after Spring Break is here as The Surge returns. This week it’s a special episode with Peyton Monnell, Ryan Klimcak and Michael…