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A bunch of people who have over the top opinions on the most random of nerd subjects. And someone had the bright idea to upload onto the internet.


  • OTP 10: We Awaken From Our Salt Coma

    OTP 10: We Awaken From Our Salt Coma

    18/05/2017 Duración: 02h16min

    We have returned from our ancient slumber and what do we find? The INTENSE urge to expel all the salt collected over 4 months from our bodies. We are back, taking a dump on all you love and all we despise. Video games, we hate some of those. Shady Retailer practices, we hate those too. Your favorite superhero show, we dont like em either! Come listen to three angry talk about the most recent and somewhat horrible additions to fiction this year...except Guardians Vol 2, that shit was tight. Music: Logo design and concept by: