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  • Episode 9: LGBT and Sexual Minorities

    Episode 9: LGBT and Sexual Minorities


    Hello and welcome back to the Podcast and Happy 2018! In today's episode we discuss about diversity and in particular about LGBT in Japan.   Have a quick listen and if you like it subscribe and tell a friend. 今回のエピソードのテーマは「ダイバーシティ」とくに LGBTについてです。 日本でも近年「多様性」についての議論が高まってきています。 昨年の11月に私たちHRIが開催したイベント 「ビジョンハウス倶楽部」内容をもとにシェアします。 See you next time!   Ayaka and Johnny

  • Episode 8: Mindset

    Episode 8: Mindset


    Happy Halloween and Happy Episode 8! The weather is getting colder but the podcast is getting hotter.  We have almost reached 1000 downloads since we started, which is amazing, so thanks for checking it and telling your friends. 日々涼しくなってきて、秋の気配を感じる今日この頃ですね。 でもこのPodcastは回を追うごとにエキサイティングになっています! なんともうすぐ1000ダウンロードに迫る勢い。 いつも聴いてくださり、ありがとうございます! HRI VHC Seminar Information: Topic: LGBT and Sexual Minorities Date and Time: November 11th from 13:30 Please check the link below and feel free to reserve a place, it's free, so why not?   HRI ビジョンハウス倶楽部のご案内 テーマ:「LGBT・性的マイノリティ」ってなに?“多様”があたりまえの社会をつくる ~「知ること」「理解すること」で偏見や差別をなくす~ 日時:2017年11月11日13:30(13:00受付開始) 詳細は弊社のホームページをご確認ください。 お越しをお待ちしております!   Mindset: Carol Dweck with her best seller MINDSET                 Here is a link to the official Mindset quiz, if you are interested in trying:

  • Episode 7: Influential leaders you should know about

    Episode 7: Influential leaders you should know about


    Another month and another episode!   Thanks for coming back for another round, and this episode is a good one.  We discuss four people who we feel have made valuable contributions in the world, both in terms of their business accomplishments as well as their social contributions. Listen to the podcast to see why we respect them so much and learn a few things along the way too! Sadako Ogata: Elon Musk: Tomoko Namba: Melinda Gates:   Thanks for listening and check out our other episodes to become more global.  If you like the podcast please tell your friends!   Check out our facebook for more news and more: Facebookにも詳しい情報をのせておきますのでチェックしてみてください。   そしてお知り合いにも是非教えてあげてくださいね。   次回のポッドキャストもお楽しみに! Thanks,

  • Episode 6: Study Resources

    Episode 6: Study Resources


    Welcome back to Bilingual Business: Global Leaders Podcast!  We hope you are having a nice summer and staying cool. こんにちは!バイリンガルビジネス:グローバルリーダーズ ポッドキャストにようこそ! 暑い夏いかがお過ごしでしょうか? In today's episode we go through a list of resources we recommend to learn about world news, business, politics etc while also working on your language skills.  We list through 5 websites and 5 app's you can use to bump up your English/Japanese while building your intellectual capital and knowledge of the the world. Check out the podcast to get our take on these resources and see if any take your fancy. 今回のエピソードはグローバルリーダー、あるいは目指している皆さんに 役立つワールドニュースサイトや語学スキルアップのための 情報ソースをお伝えします。 私たちが日頃使っている中からお勧めの5つのウェブサイトと5つのアプリを ご紹介します! 5 Websites: Japan Times Student Times (ST)       The Times in Plain English                  Voice of America: Learning English  Keisai no Netacho                          

  • Episode 5: Dr. Javidan Interview

    Episode 5: Dr. Javidan Interview


    In today's episode we are lucky to have the esteemed Professor Dr. Mansour Javidan, the Director of Najafi Global Mindset Institute.   Dr. Javidan   In this episode we learn about Dr. Javidan's background, how the Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) came about, why it is important for Japanese business people and also a few funny stories too.   Here we can see the 3 capitals and 9 competencies needed to build a global mindset.   Hope you enjoy.  Also don't forget to tell your friends about the podcast.   Check out our facebook:   Thanks,   BB team        

  • Episode 4: GRIT

    Episode 4: GRIT


    The Power of Passion and Perseverance Welcome to Episode 4, which focuses on the renowned book "GRIT" by Angela Duckworth. お待たせしました!第4回目のポッドキャストは In this episode we break down the book into manageable chunks and quotes that we felt really highlight what Duckworth wants to get across. みなさんご存知のアンジェラ・ダックワース氏著「GRIT」です。 We look at the what GRIT is, who has it and how to build it.  We are sure you can learn a few things and maybe even improve how gritty you can be from today. 今回はダックワース氏が書籍の中で述べている「GRITとは何か、どのように身につけたらいいか」について具体的にお伝えします Angela Duckworth Duckworth's original TED talks released before releasing GRIT. ダックワース氏のTED Talksは書籍が出版される以前にリリースされています。 Check out our facebook for more tips!   BB Team  

  • Episode 3: Active Listening

    Episode 3: Active Listening


    Episode 3: Active Listening An introduction to some TED Talks that promote good and effective listening skills.   Talk One:  Julian Treasure: 5 better ways to listen better ">   Talk Two:  Ernesto Sirolli:  Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!   Talk Three: Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation      

  • Episode 2: The Culture Map

    Episode 2: The Culture Map


    Episode Two: The Culture Map By Erin Meyers   In this episode we get into the eight scales Erin Meyers has researched and selected as integral in global business interactions.   Erin Meyer   The eight scales as listed in "The Culture Map" By Erin Meyer:  

  • Episode 1: Start with WHY with Simon Sinek

    Episode 1: Start with WHY with Simon Sinek


    Welcome to the very first episode of Bilingual Business: Global Leaders Podcast.  The only podcast dedicated to making Japan a more global place with open-minded and knowledgable citizens. Our first episode focuses fully on WHY.  Why do we do what we do?   Below you can find the TED talks that Sinek gave in 2009.  He sums up his ideas in a simple and understandable way. Check out Amazon for his book in either English or Japanese. Please check out our facebook for more tips!   Thanks,   BB Team