The Thin Men



A fun look into the world of the performing arts.


  • Check out A Cosmic Void!

    Check out A Cosmic Void!


     Subscribe now to the new podcast, A Cosmic Void starring Alex Biggs Small and Jeremiah Perez! Here's a taste of one episode, there's more on the feed and many more to come. This episode is about the Alex Garland instant classic: Ex Machina. We dissect the movie going scene by scene uncovering the themes that run beneath. We discuss the feminist reading of this movie, the allusions to literature and history, and discuss the slightly ahead of it's time presentation of the danger of data mining. And of course we list movies that informed it, as well as movies influenced by it. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

  • Check out Box Office Battle. Heres a taste.

    Check out Box Office Battle. Here's a taste.


    Find out what Biggs and Zac have been up to with the podcast Box Office Battle as we drunkenly debate whether The Rise of Skywalker is any good with NOT SAFE FOR netWORK hall of famers Brandon Beardslee and Connor Lachenbruch. Plus we rank the episodes by quality and title, find out about George Lucas's sex life, gush over Baby Yoda, and more!

  • In Syndication S01E01 Star Trek

    In Syndication S01E01 Star Trek


    Want more of Biggs? Here's his new podcast. It talks about the history of television one show at a time. It begins by talking about one of the most iconic television series of all-time Star Trek. Find out the reality of the first interracial kiss on television, how the cast chemistry affected the show, the best episodes and so much more!

  • The Thin Men Episode 13

    The Thin Men Episode 13


    This is the final episode of The Thin Men.  Today we review Map to the Stars, and Slow West.  If you don't want to let go of Zac and Biggs talking about movies, check out Box Office Battle and Montucky Skies.

  • The Thin Men Episode 12

    The Thin Men Episode 12


    We review the wonderful Red Army, and documentary that follows the Soviet Union's Olympic hockey team from the inception all the way to current day.  Then we break down Cutbank, a film about a crime gone wrong in Montana starring Lliam Hemsworth, John Malcovich, Billy Bob Thornton, and Bruce Dern.

  • The Thin Men Episode 11

    The Thin Men Episode 11


    We review Two Days, One Night, a film from Belgium about a woman who's forced to plead with her coworkers to vote away their bonuses so that she won't lose her job.  Marion Cotillard was nominated for best actress for her turn in this film.  Don't miss Rent, coming soon at the Myrna Loy Center.  And you can currently see films:  Maps to the Stars, and Red Army.

  • The Thin Men Episode 10

    The Thin Men Episode 10


    This week we discuss every winner of the Academy Awards with our friend Brandon Beardslee that weren't for acting, directing, or animated films (that discussion can be found at Montucky Skies).  Then we review Julianne Moore's Oscar winning performance in Still Alice.

  • The Thin Men Episode 9

    The Thin Men Episode 9


    Zac battles cold medicine to review Son of a Gun, an Australian heist movie with Ewan McGregor.  Then we look the morality tale starring Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, and Albert Brooks:  A Most Violent Year.

  • The Thin Men Episode 8

    The Thin Men Episode 8


    We review Foxcatcher and shed some light on some movies and performances weren't given recognition at the Academy Awards this year.

  • The Thin Men Episode 7

    The Thin Men Episode 7


    The Thin Men review Whiplash, as well as hashing out their top ten favorite movies of the year.

  • The Thin Men Episode 6

    The Thin Men Episode 6


    This week we talk about the blacklisting of Hollywood during McCarthyism, and specifically how it affected the careers of Orson Welles, Stella Adler, Arthur Miller, Charlie Chaplin, and Burgess Meredith.  We also explore how Citizen Kane, The Crucible, and On the River Front were tied into the controversies.  Then we review the biopic on Stephen and Jane Hawking:  The Theory of Everything.

  • The Thin Men Episode 5

    The Thin Men Episode 5


    This week we interview musician and producer Lenny Eckhardt.  He talks about how he mixes sound live and in studio, making short films, and his band The Boy and Sister Alma (which scores this podcast).  Then we review the Jon Stewart directed film, Rosewater.

  • The Thin Men Episode 4

    The Thin Men Episode 4


    Today we interview two time winning Myrna Loy Short Film Festival winner, podcaster, and musician Matthew Campbell.  Then we review the much buzzed about Chicago International Film Festival and Venice Film Festival winning movie:  Birdman.

  • The Thin Men Episode 3

    The Thin Men Episode 3


    Today we review the cutting satire Dear White People, which is currently playing at the Myrna Loy Center.  This film follows the point of view of several students at a college and how issues of race affect them.  We also interview painter and singer/song writer Andrea Cross Guns.

  • The Thin Men Episode 2

    The Thin Men Episode 2


    We interview actors Sam Williamson and Nick Pavelich about their approaches to acting, their expieriences on the stage, and Assassans (playing now at the Myrna Loy Center).  Then we review the french film:  The Blue Room.

  • The Thin Men Episode 1

    The Thin Men Episode 1


    This is the official podcast of the Myrna Loy Center.  However, the content is for anyone interested in the arts no matter where you are.  We pick the brain of Errol Koch, who is directing the play Assassins.  We learn about his projects in the present and past, as well as his methods for directing.  We also review the Martin Scorcese produced film Revenge of the Green Dragons, starring Ray Liotta.