Paul Curtman



Podcast channel of Paul Curtman- author, statesman and Marine Corps veteran. Paul Curtman served in the United Staes Marine Corps for several years as an infantryman, worked in the investment industry and holds a bachelors degree in political science. Paul currently represents the people of the 109th district in Missouri's General Assembly.


  • Veto Session Floor Speech on Local Control and Minimum Wage HB 722


    Remarks on local control, the minimum wage and sound money.

  • Electronic Privacy Amendment (Amendment 9)


    Emerging digital technology has made it easier for us to communicate with our friends and family, but it has also made it much too easy for our own government to listen in on those communications. When we send messages to friends, family and co-workers we have the reasonable expectation that those communications are private, whether they go through the post office or our internet provider...

  • Rep Curtman's Remarks in Favor of Tax Cuts on the MO House Floor


    If you give a tax break to huge corporate interests but then turn around only to refuse to give a tax break to the people ................ might be a politician.

  • Giving Value to Your Tax Dollars: Drug Courts VS Jail.


    Consider this: If we know that drug courts provide significantly better outcomes, such as reducing recidivism as well as reducing reliance on social service programs than those who are just sent to prison, where would you rather your tax dollars be spent? Moreover, where should the money for the drug courts come from come from?

  • Are Your Tax Dollars Funding Lobbying Efforts? Join the Club!


    For one, it doesn’t seem prudent to take money from people and then use it paying membership dues as if we were a private business. And of course there’s the obvious conflict of interest we create by basically funding ...

  • Did We Leave Any Lights On? DSG #4


    There’s a company business slogan that says something to the effect of “We’ll leave the lights on for you”. Unfortunately, that phrase rings all too true at the Missouri Capitol Building. The lights are always on, the escalators ...

  • DSG #3: Do You Know How Many Cars Your Tax Dollars Are Paying For?


    Debating about cars isn’t the most popular policy area, but consider this: every dollar wasted on an unnecessary expense is a dollar the government shouldn’t have taken from you in the first place and its a dollar that leaves our local economy because it is consumed by government bureaucracy.

  • Do You Know How Many Boards and Commissions MO Has? DSG #2


    Missouri currently has over 200 boards and commissions. Many of these are defunct and in all there are over 1,300 vacancies on these boards leading me to believe, among other things, that we have a MUCH bigger government than we really need.

  • Downsizing State Government Series #1


    In todays Podcast I would like to offer a perspective on “Rightsizing” State Government through Auditing. Those who founded this state knew early on that an unchecked bureaucracy could give rise to practices that were less than efficient and in some cases wasteful, abusive, or even outright illegal. To address this concern, our state's constitution provides...

  • Some Numbers in the Boeing Proposal to Think About


    We all want Boeing to come to Missouri but it is important that we carefully deliberate the details of the bill and not respond on emotion or impulse. People hear the word "jobs" and immediately attach orthemselves to a "jobs bill" but in many cases they never define their terms let alone read the bill and crunch the numbers. Do we still approve a "jobs bill" even if it shifts a tremendous tax burden on to the rest of the state causing small business and families to somehow make up for it? ........

  • Does the Federal Government Always Trump State Government?


    The concept of Federalism in a nutshell.

  • What the Government Shutdown Tells Us About Government Spending.


    "Its good hearing our government talk about protecting our rights and property after all, According to the declaration of independence, the only reason governments are instituted in the first place is to protect our rights.

  • Are the Founding Fathers Extremists?


    Through the Freedom of Information Act, documents were obtained from the Department of Defense, which labeled the Founding Fathers as extremists and states, “participation in extremism is inconsistent with the duties of military service.” The documents further state, “Nowadays, instead of dressing in sheets or publicly espousing hate messages, many extremists will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better...

  • What Really is an Income Tax?


    Most people understand income taxes to simply be a tax on wages and although that is a true assessment, I would argue that income taxes are a lot more than just taking a few dollars out of our paychecks. Let me explain this. If I were going to pay you to mow my lawn, we would first have to agree on a price for your labor. You might....

  • How Economic Freedom Leads To Economic Growth


    Economic prosperity follows the path of least resistance- it always has and it always will. When we keep 100% of our income, we are free to use all of it to meet our needs and wants. The more income that we loose to taxes, fees......