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  • DC5:


    26/01/2017 Duración: 01h18min

    Slightly late with this episode. Sorry about that. We'd like to attribute that to unavoidable and mitigating circumstances, but the truth is that Hal just got too shitted up once too often over the Christmas period. Still, it's here now, so let joy be unconfined. Hal and Ants give it their usual big ones, and basically just sit there bitching about shit, like a modern day Statler and Waldorf. Under the microscope this month are movies both past and incoming, and some videogames form the same time periods. Big thanks to Jim of the Meat for The Beast podcast for letting us play one of his songs at the tail end of the episode, so if you just wanted to zip stright to that, it's right at the end.

  • DefCast#4: Token Festive Episode

    DefCast#4: Token Festive Episode

    11/12/2016 Duración: 01h18min

    Christmas rears its avaricious head, so Hal and Ants choose to highlight their favourite festive movies, amongst other utterly useless flim flam. Videogames, as ever, get dissected. Dishonored 2, Watch_Dogs 2, Enter The Gungeon (again), and Killing Floor 2 are grazed upon, whilst the pair salivate over the (then) upcoming Final Fantasy XV. Also, the act of eating crisps whilst online with people is cast into the flaming hairy pits of Hades. You know who you are. Music featured comes from Loveboat - - so go and see if you can fiscally tempt them out of retirement. DefCast is the podcast of Intro supplied by the very lovely Jason Shaw at