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Adult entertainers Jayden Jaymes and Jayden Cole ("the Jaydens") give listeners an inside look at the adult film industry, inviting their girl friends in to discuss the latest adult news, their experiences on various movie sets, share stories from feature dancing at strip clubs all across the country, touch on the subject of their various entrepreneurial adventures, and interact live with the listeners to answer any questions they may have about sex, porn, or any other aspect of their lives. Nothing is off limits with these witty beauties.


  • Sex Squad - 03/04/14

    Sex Squad - 03/04/14


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  • Sex Squad - 02/25/14

    Sex Squad - 02/25/14


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  • Sex Squad - 10/29/13

    Sex Squad - 10/29/13


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  • Sex Squad - 10/22/13

    Sex Squad - 10/22/13


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  • Sex Squad - 10/15/13

    Sex Squad - 10/15/13


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  • Sex Squad - 10/01/13

    Sex Squad - 10/01/13


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  • Sex Squad - 09/24/13

    Sex Squad - 09/24/13


    Adult film superstar Lisa Ann joins the Jaydens live in the studio this week. The ladies kick off the show with some of the latest porn drama, including a little gossip about Jenna Jameson's recent return to porn. The women continue on to give listeners a few handy tips when it comes to dating a porn star, touch on the subject of some of their upcoming projects, and take a few phone calls along the way. And stay tuned to the very last minute as Lisa shares that details of her biggest star-stuck moment with one of the NBA's most familiar faces. You don't want to miss this one!

  • Sex Squad - 09/17/13

    Sex Squad - 09/17/13


    The Jaydens bring in standup comic/Queen of Yankin' Justine Marino from Toadhop 's Three's Too Much podcast! All three ladies compare blow job styles, life on the road, from standup to strip clubs, dating as a pornstar vs. dating as a civilian, and describes to the viewers the "research" she did by watching one of JJ & JC's infamous girl/girl scenes. Game recognizing game.

  • Sex Squad - 09/03/13

    Sex Squad - 09/03/13


    The Jaydens are joined by adult film stars Voodoo and Karlie Montana in this drama-packed show. Following in the footsteps of many adult talent, including our beloved Jaydens, Voodoo and Karlie have been spending more and more time away from the film industry and relaxing in Toronto. There have been several complications regarding STD testing within the film industry and Voodoo takes some time to fill everyone in and call out a few names along the way. Get the inside (and informative!) scoop on the latest health drama and predictions on where, exactly, the business is headed.

  • Sex Squad - 08/27/13

    Sex Squad - 08/27/13


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  • Sex Squad - 08/13/13

    Sex Squad - 08/13/13


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  • Sex Squad - 08/06/13

    Sex Squad - 08/06/13


    On this episode, we borrowed comedian Josh Macuga from the three's too much podcast (also airing on Toadhop Network every tuesday 5-6pm pst), & immediately inquire about his sub-par twitter profile pic, and he gives the listeners an honest rating of each Jayden's first impression intimidation factor. Josh being recently single, we give his new ex a shoutout (because we all know she's listening), which leads into sharing some evil ex revenge experiences. We round out the show by exchanging "going-down gone wrong" stories with some very happy endings. As Josh teaches us, there's no better way to let someone know it's really over than by appearing on a show with two pornstars!

  • Sex Squad - 07/30/13

    Sex Squad - 07/30/13


    The Jaydens have been on the road for the past couple of weeks and have much to discuss in this 90 minute special. Fresh off yet another adult convention, the ladies have compiled a list of standard convention etiquette that can be applied to everyday life. Miss Jaymes has gotten herself caught up in another scandal involving a large adult film company and is eager to share her story, stressing that all she really wants is to set a higher standard for adult starlets. And, speaking of raising the bar, the girls enjoy a nice chat in favor of female empowerment and discuss "advanced woman code". A captivating show all around, you don't want to miss this refreshing rendezvous.

  • Sex Squad - 07/09/13

    Sex Squad - 07/09/13


    This week, we bring in our first musician to the show, lead guitarist for the bands 'Atreyu' & 'Angels Fall' Dan Jacobs! As he tries to match gross-out sex stories with Ms. Jaymes, we take a few calls from our listeners, who are eager to live vicariously through our rockstar guest. After a few gross-out groupie scenerios to burn through your brain, Ms. Jaymes inquires about the longtime "friendship" Dan has with Ms. Cole, and find out what she was all about "pre-Penthouse", & what has changed since she was became Jayden Cole. We round out the show by dropping a word from our sponsors "Adam & Eve" & play the latest single from Angels Fall: "Drunk Enough"

  • Sex Squad - 06/25/13

    Sex Squad - 06/25/13


    In this episode of SexSquad, Jayden Jaymes and Jayden Cole are joined by adult entertainment superstar Phoenix Marie for an electrifying girl talk session, covering topics from anal versus vaginal sex, to porn fan etiquette. Tune in as the ladies catch up on their gossip and still manage to keep it sexy for you.

  • Sex Squad - 06/18/13

    Sex Squad - 06/18/13


    Fresh off a dinner with plenty of cocktails, Jayden Jaymes and Jayden Cole are with their close friends, comedians Brad Williams and Daryl Wright and they're all revved up and ready to go. Tune in as this awkward foursome discuss everything from not having sex for nothing, purely sexual affairs, weird run-ins with exes, and everything else you could possibly imagine relating to sex. Witty conversation and great jokes will have you entertained throughout the show.

  • Sex Squad - 05/28/13

    Sex Squad - 05/28/13


    The Jaydens haven't seen each other in a week and have much to share and catch up on. Tune in as the girls enjoy their regular gossip session and take several calls that offer up some good laughs and typical mindless yet witty banter.

  • Sex Squad - 05/14/13

    Sex Squad - 05/14/13


    Description not available at this time, check back later

  • Sex Squad - 04/30/13

    Sex Squad - 04/30/13


    The Jaydens are on a good one as they get this episode going tonight, but who wouldn't be with a gorgeous tattooed fetish model across the table? Kayla-Jane Danger is an erotic film producer, director and actor originally from New York and currently enjoying a great deal of success on the West coast. Kayla-Jane makes a great addition to the already incredible SexSquad table. Tune in for some good laughs, witty conversation and, as always, a little sex education for real people. Kayla-Jane makes a great addition to the SexSquad table.

  • Sex Squad - 04/23/13

    Sex Squad - 04/23/13


    Description not available at this time, check back later

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