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Storytime Daily is designed as stories, such as bedtime stories, for children of varying ages but is always very family friendly. The website and blog contain information for authors who are just breaking into publication, or who wish to improve their writing. The website has tips and topics, and is designed to guide aspiring authors to success.


  • Story 28 Princess Sillys Wood

    Story 28 Princess Silly's Wood

    25/11/2011 Duración: 08min

    Princess Silly has a job, just like her sisters. But can she do it? How do you build a forest? How do you get the wood?

  • Story 27 Margie and Meg

    Story 27 Margie and Meg

    24/11/2011 Duración: 05min

    Everyone knows Miss Doyle's class is weird, but Margie and Meg are looking forward to it. Only it is dark inside, and why is that net hanging from the ceiling?

  • Story 26 Gummy Canes

    Story 26 Gummy Canes

    23/11/2011 Duración: 07min

    Erica and her dad try out different kinds of candy canes at Christmas time. Could they do better making their own candy canes?

  • Story 25 No Kitchen

    Story 25 No Kitchen

    22/11/2011 Duración: 15min

    While the kitchen is redone, everyone thinks something is wrong. Why does Libby and her family eat out all the time? Is something wrong? When everyone tries to fix things, everything gets all mixed up!

  • Story 24 The Eye of the Turnip

    Story 24 The Eye of the Turnip

    21/11/2011 Duración: 04min

    Will two hungry grasshoppers brave the Eye of the Turnip to find something to eat? Will something bad happen if they eat the turnip?

  • Story 23 The Five Sacred Items

    Story 23 The Five Sacred Items

    20/11/2011 Duración: 07min

    The five sacred items are interrupted by a little girl, who will forever change their lives.

  • Story 22 Dancing with Lena

    Story 22 Dancing with Lena

    19/11/2011 Duración: 06min

    The rest of her dance team doesn't notice, but Krissa sees Lena's reflection dancing a faery dance in the mirror. Can Krissa dance too?

  • Story 21 Cookie Battle: Steam!

    Story 21 Cookie Battle: Steam!

    18/11/2011 Duración: 04min

    Reyna and Carl have a special talent. They can make steam move. When mom puts a cookie between them, it is time to go for it. The battle has begun!

  • Story 20 The Fairy Boat in the Street

    Story 20 The Fairy Boat in the Street

    17/11/2011 Duración: 05min

    After moving to a strange, new city, Kaitlyn is invited into a land far more exotic. Should she trust the offer? And what should she do about her little brother?

  • Story 19 Veronica in the Wild

    Story 19 Veronica in the Wild

    10/11/2011 Duración: 09min

    Veronica is in Africa to play. The monkey is fun, but she wants something more exciting. Will her new playmate be more than she can handle? And will her parents get mad?

  • Story 18 The Lake of Frozen Tears

    Story 18 The Lake of Frozen Tears

    09/11/2011 Duración: 10min

    Brenda finds a lake of clear ice, and spends an enchanted winter with the solitary creature who lives there. Although family friendly, The Lake of Frozen Tears is a bitter sweet faery tale, so please use caution with sensitive listeners.

  • Story 17 Anna Language

    Story 17 Anna Language

    08/11/2011 Duración: 02min

    Anna has a tough time when her sister is reading, because she wants to understand it all, too! So she uses Anna language to help. But will her sister put up with it? This story is great for younger listeners.

  • Story 16 Morgaine Lambda

    Story 16 Morgaine Lambda

    07/11/2011 Duración: 05min

    Stephanie hated Morgaine Lambda, and with good reason. Morgaine Lambda had hurt her sister! But did she hurt her sister on purpose? Was Morgaine really so bad? Stephaine wasn't so sure.

  • Story 15 If The Stars

    Story 15 If The Stars

    06/11/2011 Duración: 03min

    Evelyn and her dad take a vacation, and Evelyn wonders at the stars in the sky. Her father takes her from the earth to the heavens, showing her the wonders of the sky.

  • Story 14 Dishwashing Academy

    Story 14 Dishwashing Academy

    05/11/2011 Duración: 04min

    Karla's parents inform her that she will not attend Dishwashing Academy. Karla does not want to, but finds the academy a pleasant surprise.