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Welcome to Motel Hell where we discuss peculiar news stories, sexual fetishes, horror films, true crime, urban legends and local nonsense. Join us each week for a new topic of interest, a review of obscure and classic films, a few music recommendations, and sexual tension.


  • 55: Pulse: Ghosts On The Interweb

    03/04/2021 Duración: 01h35min

    This episode Dick Fetti and Ben the Beardo discuss the legendary J-horror film "Pulse" by Kiyoshi Kurosawa (2001) and it's legendarily bad American remake, creatively titled "Pulse" (2006). The boys' pain becomes your pain.

  • 54: The Best and Worst of 2020

    09/01/2021 Duración: 01h51min

    Four months since our last episode and a month since it was recorded, here's the Motel Hell wrap-up of 2020. Don't worry, the pandemic is ignored in favor in-depth discussion of the Halloween, Resident Evil and Twin Peaks franchises. Plus a review of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's "Cure".

  • BDMFT #29: The Best Records of 2018 and 2019

    06/09/2020 Duración: 01h04min

    In this final installment of "The Best Records of the Decade" Dick Fetti recommends drum & bass albums, hard trance singles and a lot of noisy racket. Come and take a listen! Best of 2018: Blocks & Escher - Something Blue MP3/12" - Metalheadz 4 6 2 5 - 4625-001 12" - 4 6 2 5 Throat - Bareback - CD/LP - Svart VIRTUAL SELF - Angel Voices MP3 - Self-Released Vomitor - Pestilent Death CD/LP - Hells Headbangers Best of 2019 Kiran Arora - Formication CDr - Prose Nagge Psychedelic Speed Freaks - Psychedelic Speed Freaks LP - Black Editions Selected Killing - Secret Tombstone 3"CD - Freak Animal

  • 53: What Did the Succubus Say to the Dover Demon?

    31/08/2020 Duración: 01h37min

    Dick Fetti and Ben the almost Beardo have finally been able to reunite (in a safe, socially distanced way) to record again in person. They laugh, they cry, they fart... a lot. Ben the Beardo discusses supernatural interlopers the Dover Demon and the Van Meter Visitor and Dick Fetti gives an in-depth history lesson on succubi and first wife of Adam, Lilith. But to kick things off the boys review Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers by Dominique Othenin-Girard [1989].

  • BDMFT #28: The Best Records of 2017

    28/06/2020 Duración: 01h05min

    Dick Fetti and Ben the Beardo bring you the second to last episode in this multipart series. You get pop music, harsh noise, drum & bass and a film score. We promise all the recommendations are good! (subjective) Best of 2017: Boy Harsher - Country Girl 12" - Ascetic House Charli XCX - Pop 2 digital - Asylum Records Linekraft - Apocalypse Factory CD - Aussat Mania - Little Pieces of Violence CD - Phage Overlook - Smoke Signals LP - UVB-76 Pessimist - Pessimist CD/LP - Blackest Ever Black Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Blade Runner 2049 CD/LP - Epic / Alcon Sleeping Giant / Mondo

  • 52: The Unsolved Murder of Toyah Cordingley

    19/06/2020 Duración: 01h07min

    This week the boys travel to Cairns, Australia to discuss the unsolved murder of Toyah Cordingley. Dick Fetti lays out all of the information available about Toyah, the crime and the subsequent investigation. He also apologizes for his poor pronunciation of Australian names and words.

  • BDMFT #27: The Best Records of 2016

    29/05/2020 Duración: 01h18min

    The COVID plague might be slowing Motel Hell down but it hasn't stopped it! This week Dick Fetti pontificates about his favorite records from 2016. There's a heavy emphasis on the light and breezy, but some more obscure pics too. Lots of good recommendations for summer weather. Come check it out! Best of 2016: Blood Incantation - Starspawn CD/LP - Dark Descent Homemade Weapons & Red Army - Sleep Terror EP 12" - Samurai Lust For Youth - Compassion CD/LP - Sacred Bones Rihanna - ANTI CD/LP - Westbury Road Schoolboy Q - Blank Face CD/LP - Top Dawg Technical Itch - Souls of Impatience EP 12" - Tech Itch Recordings Ulcerate - Shrines of Paralysis CD/LP - Relapse

  • 51: Interview With a Tattoo Artist and Foreclosed Property Cleaner

    09/05/2020 Duración: 01h06min

    This week Dick Fetti and Ben the Beardo interview Philadelphia tattoo artist Ian Coyle, from Wildheart Tattoo, about his job, his inspiration and his process. The boys also talk to Ian about the knowledge and cool objects he's acquired as a foreclosed property cleaner and manager. Did you know there's dildo in every home? Listen to find out more! And don't forget to check Ian out at @juicetattuice and his shop at @wildheart_tattoo.

  • BDMFT #26: The Best Records of 2015

    03/05/2020 Duración: 01h42min

    Dick Fetti is back to gush about all the great records of 2015 including the amazing album "Emotion" by Carly Rae Jepsen, the bubblegum bass/vocal trance classic "Hi" by Hannah Diamond and two fantastic albums by Mikko Aspa. The boys are all over the place and are ready to take you with them. Best of 2015: Am Not - Unpunished CD - Unrest Productions BRAIDS - Deep in the Iris CD/LP - Arbutus Carly Rae Jepse - E-MO-TION CD - Interscope Clandestine Blaze - New Golgotha Rising CD/LP - Northern Heritage Da$h - SkrewFace MP3 - Hz Global Grunt - Sacrosanct Imperium Tape - Freak Animal Hannah Diamond - Hi MP3 - PC Music Ke/Hil - Zone 0 CD/LP - Tesco Org. Polar Inertia - Kinematic Optics LP - DEMENT3D RECORDS 2814 - 新しい日の誕生 MP3 - Dream Catalogue

  • 50: Urethral Sounding As A Means To Vore

    26/04/2020 Duración: 01h10min

    50 episodes, 2 and half years, and no sign of stopping! Dick Fetti and Ben the Beardo are here to stay. This week the boys are devoured into the giant belly of a DeviantArt dragon to explore vore and hit the BME forums to give you all the info on urethral sounding they can handle. It's a wild ride, so use caution. And remember, play safe!

  • BDMFT #25: The Best Records of 2014

    23/04/2020 Duración: 01h14min

    2014 was a hell of year for music and Dick Fetti and Ben the Beardo are here to remind you of the best records you already love and some you probably missed. Join the boys and celebrate the noise! (actually it's mostly nice music this year) Best of 2014: Cassegrain - Blood Distributed As Pure Color 12" - Prologue FKA twigs - LP1 CD/LP - Yung Turks Godflesh - A World Only Lit By Fire CD/LP/Cassette - Avalanche/Hydra Head High Functioning Flesh - A Unity of Miseries LP - A Misery of Unities - DKA HTRK - Psychic 9-5 Club CD/LP - Ghostly Int. Lingua Fungi - Azure Beyond Cassette - Aural Hypnox OAKE - Auferstehung LP - Downwards Violet Poison - Non Sequitur LP - Haunted Air

  • 49: Rumors and News from the Bunker!

    11/04/2020 Duración: 01h24min

    Hello all you quarantined people! Submit to the sound of Motel Hell. YOU MUST SUBMIT. The boys are here to bring all of the weird, non-Corona Virus related news you can handle. So open a can of beans and light a quarantine spliff. It's Motel Hell time bb!

  • BDMFT #24: The Best Records of 2013

    17/03/2020 Duración: 01h57min

    It's the podcast with more false starts than the movie adaptation of "At the Mountains of Madness", Motel Hell / BDMFT is back! Even without COVID-19 turning America into a wasteland, the hosts of BDMFT are riddled with health issues. But they've braved the pandemic ridden streets and ignored their personal problems to bring you this new episode on the best records of 2013. So get ready and listen up for some grindcore, UK Bass, and all sorts of techno! Best of 2013: Aosoth - IV : Arrow in Heart CD/LP - Agonia Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest CD/LP - Warp Dead in the Dirt - The Blind Hole CD/LP - Southern Lord Dirty Beaches - Drifters / Love Is the Devil CD/LP - Zoo DJ Rashad - Rollin' 12" - Hyperdub Function - Incubation CD/LP - Ostgut Ton Iceage - You're Nothing CD/LP - Escho / Matador Iron Lung - White Glove Test CD/LP - Iron Lung Kerridge - A Fallen Empire LP - Downwards Portal - Vexovoid CD/LP - Profound Lore Tropic of Cancer CD/LP - Blacked Ever Black Vår - No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers CD/

  • BDMFT #23: The Best Records of 2012

    17/02/2020 Duración: 01h30min

    The Dick is back with the Beard to talk about his favorite records of 2012. Listen in for music from Anatomia, Dead Can Dance, Lil Ugly Mane, Mutant Video, Pallbearer and more! Best of 2012: Anatomia - Decaying in Obscurity CD/2xLP - NWN! Black Marble - A Different Arrangement CD/LP - Hardly Art Dead Can Dance - Anastasis CD/2xLP - PIAS Grimes - Visions CD/LP - 4AD Krökta Rum ‎– Tankar & Syner Del I LP - Järtecknet Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city CD/2xLP - Top Dawg Lil Ugly Mane - Mista Thug Isolation MP3s/2xLP/Cassette - Self-Released/Hundebiss/Ormolycka Mutant Video - "Head Scan" - Part Two Cassette - Iron Lung Pallbearer - Extinction And Sorrow CD/LP - Profound Lore/20 Buck Spin Purity Ring - Shrines CD/LP - 4AD Raime - Quarter Turns Over A Living Line CD/2xLP - Blackest Ever Black 7 H.Target - Fast-Slow Demolition CD - Coyote Records Shackleton ‎– Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ EPs CD+3xLP - Woe To The Septic Heart! Sigha - Living With Ghosts CD/2xLP - Hotflush Recordings V/A - Port

  • 48: Shinya Tsukamoto Pt. 3 - Beyond the Body

    09/02/2020 Duración: 01h27min

    This week Dick Fetti finally finishes his series on Japanese auteur director Shinya Tsukamoto [塚本 晋也]. The Dick covers the director's films from 2002's "A Snake of June" [六月の蛇] through 2018's "Killing" [斬、]. For those who've been waiting for the conclusion, thank you. For those who are new to the work Shinya Tsukamoto, it's time to dive in!

  • BDMFT #22: The Best Records of 2010-2011

    03/02/2020 Duración: 02h03min

    This week the Beard and the Dick start a new series, looking at their favorite records of the past decade. The boys dig into what makes the records special and discuss the moments of their lives which they soundtracked. Primarily a Dick Fetti affair, his picks range from the esoteric and experimental to the neon-bright and sickly-sweet. In this first part the boys get through 2010 and 2011. Best of 2010: A$AP Rocky - LiveLoveA$AP MP3s - Self-Released Deathspell Omega - Paracletus CD/LP - NED Drunkdriver - Drunkdriver LP - Self-Released Fleshpress - Rebuild/Crumble & No Return CD - Kult of Nihilow Haus Arafna - You CD/LP - Galakthorrö Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Pepetual Mystical Macrocosm CD/2xLP - Hells Headbangers IRM - Order4 CD - Cold Meat Industry Michael Mayer - Immer 3 CD - Kompakt SNUFF - Male Supremacy 7" - Filth & Violence Umpio - Sauna Cassette - Obscurex Yellow Swans - Going Places CD/LP - Type Best of 2011: Demdike Stare - Tryptych 3xCD - Modern Love Ilsa - Tutti il Colori del Buio L

  • 47: The Best and Worst of 2019

    12/01/2020 Duración: 02h04min

    Dick Fetti and Ben the Beardo are back to kick the decade off right by immediately looking backward! Ben is on the mend from his abdominal surgery (and complications) and to make up for lost time the boys deliver this two hour episode. The Dick and the Beard discuss the best and worst life events, records, movies and video games of 2019. Come join and live in the past with Motel Hell!

  • BDMFT #21: Slugs, Nile, Xasthur and Castlevania

    05/11/2019 Duración: 47min

    To bridge the gap between Shinya Tsukamoto episodes on Motel Hell, the boys have an extra BDMFT for your ear-holes. First the Beardo and the Fetti review "Slugs: The Movie" from 1988. Directed by Spanish cult legend Juan Piquer Simón, this creature feature is completely bonkers in all the right ways. Then Dick Fetti opens the Disco Box to recommend another Nile album, an album by infamous American black metal project Xasthur, and the soundtrack to "Castlevania: Rondo of Blood" aka "Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo" by the Konami Kukeiha Club. The spooky gush continues... Disco Box Recommendations: Nile - Annihilation Of The Wicked CD/2xLP - Relapse Records 2005 Xasthur - Telepathic With The Deceased CD - Moribund Records 2004 Konami Kukeiha Club - Castlevania: Rondo Of Blood / Castlevania: Dracula X - Konami 1993/Mondo 2018

  • BDMFT #20: Nile, 7 H.Target, Kiran Arora and Deadly Premonitions

    27/10/2019 Duración: 39min

    The Beard and The Dick are back! Dick Fetti gets personal with his long-winded recommendation of Nile's "In Their Darkened Shrines"; recommends the debut from Russian Slam psycho's 7 H.Target; and wraps up with Kiran Arora's harsh noise excellence. Then the Beard gets into his first impression's of the SWERY directed horror/surrealist game "Deadly Premonitions", recently re-released for Nintendo Switch. Disco Box Recommendations: Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines CD/2xLP - Relapse Records 2002 7 H.Target - Fast-Slow Demolition CD - Coyote Records 2012 Kiran Arora - Fromication CDr - Prose Nagge 2019

  • 46: Shinya Tsukamoto Pt. 2 - The Iron Director

    22/10/2019 Duración: 02h04min

    Dick Fetti and Ben the Beardo are back for the second part of their in-depth look at the life and work of Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto. This episode will cover the period of 1989 through 1999, starting with the director's most famous work, "Tetsuo: The Iron Man" aka "鉄男 Tetsuo" and ending with "Gemini" aka "双生児". This episode is a KNOCKOUT.

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