Indiana Softball Podcast



We produce a podcast that involves guest speakers including college coaches, travel coaches, high school coaches, former college player and even softball parents. If there is a softball topic you would like to hear about from our guest panel, simply message us.


  • ISP Ep. 12

    03/10/2018 Duración: 26min

    Fall State 2018 and More!

  • Ep. 11 - 60 to 65 min. games?

    28/09/2018 Duración: 01h08min

    In this Episode JD goes digs into the the topic of 60 to 65 min. games live on Facebook. Defiantly some opinions on this topic.

  • Ep. 10 - Tryouts

    30/07/2018 Duración: 43min

    Tryouts are tough on coaches, parents and organizations. In episode #10 we discuss tryouts in the middle of the tryout season!

  • Ep. 9 - Lets Remove the Sub Drama

    18/05/2018 Duración: 33min

    Using a sub player is a normal part of travel ball. It’s common practice for a coach to invite a player from another team to fill in for a player who is absent for whatever reason. Unfortunately, this can whip up a whirlwind of parent drama, and coaches almost never anticipate this reaction. The sub player sits on the bench driving frustration with the substitute player and parents. Anytime the Sub plays, there is frustration around other players position and playing time. Let’s eliminate the drama.