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Hello there, It's Elaine,Lost a dear friend to suicide at age 16 and the ramifications of that loss turned into the gift that kept me living. Through some pretty dark shit... For almost 2 decades, hospital beds and nurses became more familiar than family. Now I want to re-gift to others so they 'Keep Breathing'


  • Richard Brockman MD Life after Death S6 E1

    19/09/2023 Duración: 58min

    I am honoured to share my guest, Richard Brockman MD.  Richard thoughtfully, shares his wealth of knowledge, as well as his very personal story. Richard is a multi-faceted and multi-talented gentleman. When Richard Brockman found his mother’s body, the simple narrative of his childhood ended. His new book-Life After Death tells the story of a boy who died and of a man who survived when the boy and the man are one and the same. It tells a very personal—yet tragically common—story of irredeemable loss. It tells the story of story itself. How story forms. How it grows. How it changes. How it can be broken. And finally, how sometimes it can be repaired. Now an expert in genetics, epigenetics, and the biology of attachment, Brockman chronicles his evolution from a child overwhelmed by trauma to a man who has struggled to reclaim his past. He lays bare the core of one who is both victim and healer. By weaving together childhood despair and clinical knowledge, Brockman shows how the shattered pieces of the self—th

  • Elaine Talks Shame Wooden Grave Marker & Me S5 E10

    12/09/2023 Duración: 14min

    This is part one of a large segment of my journey, and the  understanding that comes from learning you need to lay to rest a part of you that was lost long ago... Like most things in my life after age 16, it begins, mostly with Andrea and the part 2 will come later in Season 6. Beginning next Tuesday, Sep 19th when my guest will be  Dr. Richard Brockman. Be sure to tune in, to hear his story and all he has learned from this tragedy early in life.     We have more amazing guests coming up for you. Each one offers their form of hope, as they share their stories.    Remeber that if you or someone you know has a story to share you can email guest@szf42.com.   I hope this segment of my story offers you a take away, a bit of hope perhaps.. Thank you for listening  Elaine 

  • Dr Pat Boulonge Mindset and more S5 E9

    05/09/2023 Duración: 52min

    In this episode we meet Dr Pat. We talk about mindset and options and how you are in the driver’s seat. If we learn how to talk or be like we were when we were first in a relationship.  And it's just  you get so much farther, and then you're healthier, you're happier, you have better habits  and you can think and grow  rich from inside out    and when you do that, then you have more possibilities from outside in, ~Dr Pat Boulonge Dr. Pat Boulogne DC, CCSP, AP, CFMP is a high-performance mastery mentor/coach, functional medicine doctor, lifestyle strategist, and an international bestselling author. She is also the CEO and founder of Health Team Network-a company that’s dedicated to skyrocketing health, lifestyle, and mindset- with superior science based solutions and programs, and where results matter. She is most passionate about sharing knowledge and solutions and making sense of challenges that result in even better outcomes that keep you on top of your game at work, home, or play-> everything you need

  • Brittany Stinson When Your Spouse Struggles with Suicide S5 E8

    29/08/2023 Duración: 50min

    I met Brittany and we immediately formed a connection. I was thrilled to have her say yes to being my guest.  We talk about family, a spouse who struggles with suicide thoughts and how we navigate in a faith based family.  Brittany Stinson is a business strategist who accelerates the growth and impact of missional entrepreneurs by organizing their projects and creating custom strategies. As a certified online business manager with a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, Brittany has worked with entrepreneurs with no budget all the way to 6-figure projects and best-selling book launches. When Brittany isn’t working, she enjoys being in the sun by the water, eating amazing food, and spending time with her husband and four children. Links and Socials: https://brittanyastinson.com/ https://www.facebook.com/brittany.stinson123 https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittanystinson/ https://www.instagram.com/brittany_stinson/ https://linktr.ee/brittany_stinson

  • Sarah-Gaer-Turning Loss into Help Hope S5 E7

    22/08/2023 Duración: 49min

    My guest today, Sarah, helps me to make a bit more sense of the aftermath of my friend Andreas death. And shines some light on the grief process, As a suicide prevention and trauma recovery consultant she has a wealth of information and compassion to share.  Sarah Gaer is a suicide loss survivor and holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health counseling and has twenty four years’ experience in the field of mental health care. She is a proud alumna of Holyoke Community College Class of ’98 and Antioch New England University Class of ’09. Her graduate degree work was focused on military veterans and trauma.  Sarah has worked as an outpatient clinician, on a crisis team, in residential settings both for those with chronic mental health challenges and substance use disorders and with youth. She led a team of crisis counselors following the June 1st, 2011 tornado in Western and Central MA through a FEMA Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) and was the Senior Team Leader for the FEMA funded CCP responding to Covid-

  • Don Lachance The Grief Recovery Method and more S5 E6

    15/08/2023 Duración: 01h01min

    Honoured to speak with a deeply committed, empathetic gentleman who lives here in Ottawa.  Our talk covers so much centered around Don's attention to serving those in need.  Here, I offer his bio in his own words... "A little bit about me and my life. I was born in 1953 and raised in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital. I’m married to Lauren, the love of my life. We have 5 kids, 9 grandkids, 2 active dogs, we work from home, we love to travel and are proud to say we are foodies. I have over 3 decades of recovery from Alcohol and Drug addiction under my belt.   While A.A. educated me in the areas of self love, codependency, healthy boundaries and such, there were areas in my life that just never quite felt complete to me and I could never really put my finger on it until I was introduced to The Grief Recovery Method by an amazing friend who was interested in it for his role as a Chaplain with his Outreach Ministry here in Ottawa. Capital City Mission. (shameless plug) The lights went on for me when I began to understand

  • Alexandra Wyman Losing a Spouse S5 E5

    08/08/2023 Duración: 01h02min

    “After such a tragic death, it is possible to get to a place of peace and joy again, but to do so, we have to ride the emotional waves that include feelings of anger or resentment, whether toward our loved one who has died or others involved. Early on, I was told that this grief process is like riding a surfboard on choppy waters. Sometimes they calm down, and other times we are gasping for air. No matter what, we need to ride those waves and embrace the whole journey. Only then can we get to a place of peace.”  ~Alexandra Wyman   Alexandra Wyman is an advocate and public speaker for resources in the aftermath of suicide. After she lost her husband to suicide in August of 2020, Alexandra found a need to change the language around suicide, and decided to write about it.   Her memoir, The Suicide Club: What To Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death is an Amazon best seller. She has spoken at a variety of conferences including Bridging the Divide Suicide Prevention and Awareness Summit 2022, 2023 Northwest Confe

  • Sarah Sparks from The Soul Perspective S5 E4

    01/08/2023 Duración: 01h04min

    I met Sarah through a women's group. Her energy and attitude are such that you want to get to know her immediately! After attending some of her soul sessions and watching her videos i knew i needed to have her on the show.  Raw real and honest, we discussed a wide variety of self-care, soul, and the working of our human selves, often stuck in our Ego. ( not necessarily what you think)  Join me as we delve into choice, living your best life, and all the issues surrounding motherhood, post partum depression, ideation and so much more.  Practical. Strategic. Inspiring. Intuitive. Nurturing. Self-aware. Sarah Sparks, MPA is a highly sought-after spiritual business advisor. She is the Director of Spiritual Life, Community, and Belonging and Founder of Create the Spark, LLC. Sarah’s an international best-selling author, podcast host of a top 10% nationally ranked podcast, and successful business owner, who is on this earth to teach professionals how to lead with their soul, by listening to their divine guidance. Sa

  • Kevin Ford Losing Family S5 E3

    25/07/2023 Duración: 45min

    After hearing Kevin speak, at the Dare to be Vulnerable event here in Ottawa, I got a really honest vibe from what he said and knew I wanted him to guest on SZF. Kevin graciously agreed to speak about losing family members to suicide..   As Chief Executive Officer of Calian, Kevin Ford focuses on enabling the management team to execute the company’s four-pillar growth framework of customer retention, diversification, innovation and continuous improvement. This unrelenting focus has taken the company to the next level, with revenues exceeding the half-billion-dollar mark in 2021. It’s one milestone on the journey to becoming a billion-dollar, proudly Canadian company. Named CEO of the Year by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and Ottawa Business Journal in 2017 and EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019, Kevin attributes his success to teamwork, integrity and commitment. These values, combined with Kevin’s enthusiasm for Calian technology and talent and his passion for diversity and inclusion, help him to future-pro

  • Sally Anderson Transformation is her Strength S5 E2

    18/07/2023 Duración: 51min

    SALLY IS THE WORLD’S ONLY DOCUMENTED VISIONARY AT THE FOREFRONT OF SUSTAINABLE, HUMAN & ORGANISATIONAL TRANSFORMATION Sally’s life experiences laid the foundation of her vocation to partner others to achieve a similar level of transcendence. ‍ Her determination to regain her life from the most dehumanising experience imaginable in her teens, and to dedicate her life to helping others, has shaped her personal development and destiny to become one of the most pre-eminent change agents and transformational coaches we have ever seen. Sally’s Profile linkedin.com/in/sallyanderson-worldclass-coach-intuitive Website sallyandersoninternational.com (Company)

  • Rex Sikes Returns S5 E1

    11/07/2023 Duración: 01h13min

    Revisiting with a Great Guest  Rex Sikes Rex returns and its a joy to talk with someone who has been to the depths, and risen to the heights. Rex is proof positive that you can choose to live your best life!!  Rex Steven Sikes, founded IDEA Seminars, and is the creator of Mind Design™, the Attitude Activator™, and Directed Questions™. He's dedicated four decades to helping countless thousands of people transform their minds and lives. Rex is an authority on Abundance and the Law of Attraction, the Science of Mind, Napoleon Hill, Whole-Brained and Accelerated Learning, Meditation and more. Sikes uses ancient wisdom and leading-edge methods to facilitate amazing life-changes and transformation! Rex is an actor, filmmaker and consultant to the entertainment industry.  FEATURED IN: Create Your Best Life Ever! Grab your copy of my NEW book "Live On your Terms: Create the Life You Want" Today!     

  • Thank you • S4 E24 On Hiatus till July 11th 2023

    04/07/2023 Duración: 03min

    Thank you for listening in. I am honoured to share the stories of suicide survivors, ideation, those left behind, and anyone challenged with mental health issues.  You are not alone.. Reach out there will be a listening ear..   You Matter and REMEMBER: we all fall down, we all fail, we all need to get back up.. and try again... ♥ Happy 4th of July to our US listeners. make the most of your day off. ON HIATUS TILL JULY 11th 2023 We will return on July 11th with a really fascinating guest.. Mr Rex Sikes who leaves us with a ton of useful information, some amazing ahas, and  gives me a fresh take on my Pollyanna attitude. Hopefully you will feel uplifted! 

  • Janet Sandberg Gothic Punk to Spiritual Badass S4 E23

    27/06/2023 Duración: 51min

    Janet Sandberg Gothic Punk to Spiritual Badass Janet Sandberg⁠⁠⁠⁠ is a former gothic punk girl with a dragon tattoo who is now a Doc Marten wearing spiritual badass. She’s an intuitive channel, coach, energy master, and author. She is also the host of the Phoenix Wisdom podcast, which she started after a 23-year-old family friend ended her own life. After having survived many years of darkness and despair herself, Janet wanted to talk openly about the darkness by sharing inspiring stories from those of us who have made it out the other side and are now thriving.   Socials:  Web: http://janetsandberg.com  Facebook profile: https://facebook.com/janet.a.sandberg  Facebook group: http://facebook.com/groups/oraclewisdom  FB page: http://facebook.com/janetsandbergintuitive  IG: http://instagram.com/janetsandberg.intuitive  Podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/janet-sandberg

  • Adam Hommey From Suicidal Ideation to Living Fully S4 E22

    20/06/2023 Duración: 01h11min

    Adam Hommey is a speaker, author, trainer, and consultant with nearly 20 years’ experience helping entrepreneurs, like you, WIN at the game of business and marketing so you can thrive from your intersection of your brilliance and your passion while making a difference for your community, market, and audience. It was not all ways that easy. As a teen Adam found himself at odds with the world around him. Being a smart kid with a speech impediment was not the ideal. Suicidal ideation had Adam looking for a way out, by age sixteen.  Adam also wrestles with Trypanophobia In todays world Adam is living life fully. As creator of The Podcast R.E.A.C.H. System, Adam helps you create and launch your podcast as your key networking, client attraction, and Celebrity Expert Branding tool. Adam is the author of Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy, and a contributing author to Journeys to Success: The Millennial Edition – both international Amazon best-sellers. He has spoken on scores of podcasts and stages ar

  • Jonathan Friedman Let’s Talk Stigma S4 E21

    13/06/2023 Duración: 49min

    President of The Journal That Talks Back™, former Child & Youth Counselor, current mental health advocate, digital marketer and musician. The Journal That Talks Back™, is an accessible coaching platform that connects young professionals and post-secondary students with a certified coach so they can manage their mental health, relationships, career aspirations, personal and professional challenges and more. After 8 years as a Child and Youth Counselor, he has seen firsthand how important it is for young adults to have access to meaningful support. Website & SOCIALs   Website LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

  • Heidi Stride Hardy Mother Smiling Survivor S4 E20

    06/06/2023 Duración: 58min

    My name is Heidi Stride Hardy mother of Alexandre Baron who brought an entire community to its knees and opened our eyes to the need for connection when he became an angel by his own volition in October 2019. Our community knew us well and no one saw it coming so our families pain became the fulcrum point that tipped the scales into realizing suicide and mental affliction is a reality for every family, not just the un-conforming, or not so caring ones. These thoughts exist behind a smile and good behaviour too, we have just been too busy surviving to see beyond the book cover. Since that dreaded day Light 4 Change was formed, a community group of laymen and professionals alike, each one of us doing our part to let others know it is OK to feel, to heal, and to be authentically connected to those around you. I was diagnosed with complex PTSD after slipping into a nervous and mental breakdown while trying to learn how to live without my son growing each day in front of my eyes. Realizing that therapy was very ex

  • Brad Wetzler Addiction and PTSD S4 E19

    30/05/2023 Duración: 42min

    Brad Wetzler speaks and writes passionately about mental health, men's issues, and spirituality. His new memoir, Into the Soul of the World: My Journey to Healing {Hachette, March 2023) is an adventure journalist’s story of a decade-long, round-the-world quest to overcome his drug addiction and to understand and heal from past traumas. More about his new book: Suffering from PTSD and severe depression from past trauma, battling an addiction to overprescribed psychiatric medication, and at the rock bottom of his career, journalist Brad Wetzler had nowhere to go. So he set out on a journey to wander and hopefully find himself—and the world—again.  Into the Soul of the World is Wetzler’s thrilling, impactful, and heartrending memoir of healing—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. An adventure journalist at heart, Wetzler mixes travelogue with empowering insights about his inner journey to better care for his own mental health. Journey with him as he travels across Israel and the West Bank, before moving on

  • Barbara Legere A Mother’s Grief S4 E18

    23/05/2023 Duración: 38min

    Bestselling Author Advocate: Grief Support, Suicide Awareness, Support for SUD Barbara Legere is the author of "Keven's Choice - A Mother's Journey Through Her Son's Mental Illness, Addiction, and Suicide" and the upcoming "Talk to Me, I'm Grieving - Supportive Ways to Help Someone Through Grief."   She has been featured in Prevention Magazine, Authority Magazine, Salon, and Huffington Post as an advocate for those suffering from substance abuse disorders, mental health issues, and grief. Legere is an advocate for harm reduction, MAT (medically assisted treatment) and ending the stigma towards substance abuse and mental health issues. After losing her son, Keven, to suicide, her passion has been reaching out to other grievers to offer support and understanding. She does this through her writing and as a volunteer for TIP (Traumatic Intervention Program). “Talk to Me I’m Grieving” will be released on 8/11/2023, the three year memorial date of her son’s death. A native Californian, Legere resides in Orange C

  • Lois Koffi Returns to talk Micro dosing S4 E17

    16/05/2023 Duración: 51min

    Coach Lois Koffi, a returning guest, has been a coach for 23 years, coaching 20,000 plus people in both health and fitness, as well as business/sales She has seen so so many people focus on the external DOING of goal setting, new year's resolutions and intention setting and realized that most of our success lies WITHIN. Lois has had her own awakening journey of working through addictive behaviors, depression/anxiety and suicide awareness is her passion as she has lost 12 people to suicide   She is now a plant medicine woman specializing in micro-dosing for mental and physical and spiritual health   She lives in Southern California with her family and hosts retreats with her beloved husband, Didier, who is a shaman. They use plant medicines as well to help guide and support those that are open to that path of deep dive shadow work and trauma release. Links Inner Child Cleansing Lois Koffi Enterprises   Microdosing for health   healthy-n-wealthy-n-wise

  • C G Buswell PTSD Suicide Loss and Lynne S4 E16

    09/05/2023 Duración: 37min

    C.G. Buswell is a former army Combat Medical Technician and Staff Nurse.  Chris has cared for many military heroes and the traumas he witnessed during his nursing and emergency care of them in life and death led him to develop military Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He writes about this too in his books. This form of mindfulness helps keep his demons at bay by inserting them into your Kindle! Other postings in his career included the Field Surgical team in Belize, Akrotiri in Cyprus, and Haslar Hospital in Gosport. Chris developed a love for writing during his 10-year service career and has had numerous articles published in journals like Professional Nurse, Nursing Standard, and the Nursing Times. He wanted to include his middle initial in his novels after George Main, his Grandfather, who served with the 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders during World War Two. His military novels feature historical actions of the Gordons. Buried in Grief is a tale about the loss of a child. Sadly, Chris drew deeply from

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