A Year of Miracles

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Marianne Williamson, author of the bestselling classic A Return to Love and world-renowned teacher, has taught millions around the world an incredible secret: you can transform your life and the world by simply changing how you think. Our thoughts hold our destiny. In A Year of Miracles, she provides 365 reflections and devotions that offer guidance and spiritual support for following the path of love. These readings help you to remember, each day, that you are not alone, that the universe is alive and ready to shower you with help and miracles when you strive to put your best self forward.

Reading these daily morsels of wisdom will help you stay focused, hopeful, and centered—and open your eyes to all the ways God wants to help and bless you. Expect a miracle every day!


  • AYearOfMiracles_01_Open

    Duración: 12s
  • AYearOfMiracles_02_Introduction

    Duración: 05min
  • AYearOfMiracles_03_Day1-9

    Duración: 12min
  • AYearOfMiracles_04_Day10-30

    Duración: 22min
  • AYearOfMiracles_05_Day31-64

    Duración: 31min
  • AYearOfMiracles_06_Day65-83

    Duración: 18min
  • AYearOfMiracles_07_Day84-100

    Duración: 16min
  • AYearOfMiracles_08_Day101-124

    Duración: 24min
  • AYearOfMiracles_09_Day125-149

    Duración: 24min
  • AYearOfMiracles_10_Day150-169

    Duración: 21min
  • AYearOfMiracles_11_Day170-190

    Duración: 24min
  • AYearOfMiracles_12_Day191-212

    Duración: 24min
  • AYearOfMiracles_13_Day213-235

    Duración: 26min
  • AYearOfMiracles_14_Day236-264

    Duración: 31min
  • AYearOfMiracles_15_Day265-288

    Duración: 27min
  • AYearOfMiracles_16_Day289-312

    Duración: 25min
  • AYearOfMiracles_17_Day313-333

    Duración: 20min
  • AYearOfMiracles_18_Day334-365

    Duración: 34min
  • AYearOfMiracles_19_Acknowledgments

    Duración: 01min
  • AYearOfMiracles_20_Credits

    Duración: 33s
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