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  • Always do better with Dr. Emily Letran part 1

    20/09/2018 Duración: 27min

    Imagine... You’re only 8 years old and your mother just died... Your family members are imprisoned by the communist regime... You escape a country at war with nothing but the clothes on your back... No money... Your father left behind... (who dies a short time later)... You live in a series of refugee camps, often wondering if you’ll even eat that week... Then through nothing short of a miracle you wind up in the U.S. You still got nuttin’... but at least you’ve got a chance to make a fresh start. That’s the story of Dr. Emily Letran, my guest on the latest episode of Off The Chain. If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, you should listen to this now. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Bugger Off!

    13/09/2018 Duración: 21min

    I’m constantly bothered by people who want me to work for free. Constantly. The ruse is usually the promise of “future income.” Probably because it’s super easy to make promises about money you don’t have yet. Once people have it, very, VERY few seem to be able to keep their word and pay what they promised. That’s why I found this lesson interesting. Even more interesting, I learned it from one of my favorite jazz-fusion guitarists, Scott Henderson. It’s all revealed here on the latest episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • The cure for cancer

    06/09/2018 Duración: 14min

    And this cure is shockingly simple. Click here for all the details on my latest Off The Chain show. All the best, Doberman Dan P.S. I think you’ll be amazed to discover what you can use to cure cancer. It’s something nobody other than me has ever revealed. Click here for the big cancer-curing secret... Pax vobiscum.

  • You're not special

    30/08/2018 Duración: 25min

    I discovered a HUGE secret to success. And of all places, I found it on an old episode of Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood. Listen... this is DEEP. So deep, it even blew away Producer Jonathan. He was completely flabbergasted. If you’ve ever struggled with thoughts that don’t serve you and keep you from doing the things you want to do... you MUST click here now. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Lee Milteer part 2

    23/08/2018 Duración: 31min

    Ya know something... the basics of running a business just ain’t that complicated. But there’s something that always messes it up and makes it a million times harder. It’s the crap and illusions that have been implanted inside your cranium. Mostly by others who do it to control you. Amazingly, my guest on this week’s Off The Chain show has found the answer to that. Of all places... from Mr. Spock on Star Trek. Actually, that’s just PART of the answer. But it’s a damn good one. If you ever deal with mindset issues, erroneous beliefs and “feelings aren’t facts” holding you back from what you want to do... click here to check out the show. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Lee Milteer part 1

    16/08/2018 Duración: 31min

    I’ve been looking for a workable and pragmatic answer to this question for years. And THIS analogy finally answered that question. As far as I’m concerned... Best. Answer. Ever. It’s all revealed on this week’s episode of Off The Chain. Along with some other insights that will help you make a bunch more cashola... while not creating a life that sucks. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • The artist's journey is the hero's journey

    09/08/2018 Duración: 19min

    Listen up and I’ll tell a story... A story that will make you feel less lonely. Well... at least that’s what it did for me. It’s the story of Daniel Johnston. And little did he know... he was writing the story of ALL people who try to create something. Click here and maybe you’ll find a little comfort and brief respite from the cruelty of this world... And the continual onslaught from all the people you’re surrounded by. And maybe... just maybe... you’ll feel a little less alone. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Stupid marketing mistakes I've made part 1 of 1001

    02/08/2018 Duración: 29min

    I’ve screwed up just about everything in regards to business, my personal life... and everything else. And I continue to make plenty of mistakes. But this one was a doozy. It was the last straw on the camel’s back that drove me to a legal bankruptcy. It’s all revealed on this week’s episode of Off The Chain. Listen now so that YOU don’t make the same mistake. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • How to make 6-figures a month as a coach with Russ Ruffino

    26/07/2018 Duración: 26min

    I had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow marketer the other day. Interesting dude. He has a proven system that lets you bypass all the “bottom of the totem pole” low price customers... and “leapfrog” your way to the 20% in your niche/market. The people who buy high price point stuff. It’s contrary to the old outdated marketing model I first learned back in the day. But the dude’s got the results to back him up. Click here to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s all revealed on this week’s episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan  

  • Why are there so many fat people in Walmart?

    19/07/2018 Duración: 16min

    What do morbidly obese people in stretchy pants with tattoos on their neck at Wal-Mart have to do with your business? EVERYTHING! Once you figure out why so many people are overweight... and why the morbidly obese love Wal-Mart, you’ll know what you should NEVER do if you want to make a lot of money in business. And what you should NEVER do if you even want to survive and STAY in business. Click here to discover all these mysteries on this week’s episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan    

  • How easy it is to control the sheeple

    12/07/2018 Duración: 15min

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, if you own a business you’ve probably heard about the General Data Protection Regulation from Europe, right? People are freaking out about it. “Oh, my God. What do I have to do to be compliant? What changes do I need to make on my website? Do I need to hire an attorney? Are they going to prosecute me or shut my business down?” Judas H. Priest! I’ve never seen anything like this. If you’re concerned about how GDPR will affect you and your business, do this: Put on your big boy/big girl pants and click here... I’m revealing how I am dealing with it... and how EVERY entrepreneur should deal with it... on the latest episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • The economic collapse of America is here

    05/07/2018 Duración: 26min

    A word of warning: When I recorded this I was in the midst of an almost crippling bout of depression. So yeah, my perception was skewed to the negative. However... the facts back me up. And it is NOT pretty. Nor is it gonna get better anytime soon. However... I believe I’m presenting the ONLY solution that will keep you and your family safe from this situation. Click here and I’ll share it with you on the latest episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan P.S. By the way, if you regularly deal with depression... self doubt... self hate... or any of that stuff... I DO have encouraging news. Jonathan got me a little derailed so at the beginning of the podcast I reveal why your depression, self doubt, self hate, whatever... is a GOOD thing. And you can be grateful for it. I know that sounds crazy but click here and I’ll explain why. Pax vobiscum.

  • The crack addict secret to getting rich

    28/06/2018 Duración: 17min

    It’s true. I learned one of the best “make lots of money” lessons when I was a street cop. And I learned it by observing a homeless crack addict. In spite of those disadvantages, this guy earned more money that most doctors. And I’m revealing the secret to doing that on the latest episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • I've Started My Death Countdown

    21/06/2018 Duración: 18min

    It’s depressing. But it totally changed how I’m living my life. Long story short: I’ve found out exactly how much time I have left to do the things I really want to do. Basically, reality bitch slapped me hard. ’Cuz I only have a handful of years left. And the truth is, you have a lot less time left than you probably think, too. So click here for the latest episode of Off The Chain to find out how I’m spending my remaining few years... and what that does NOT involve. All the best, Doberman Dan P.S. This message is such a wake up call, it might immediately alter the course of your entire life. Pax vobiscum.

  • HUGE Conversions

    14/06/2018 Duración: 16min

    Something different today. Something a lot of people wouldn’t expect from Doberman Dan. A biblical lesson about how to get YUGE conversions. With a little bit of creative license... but it’s MOSTLY bible based. This biblical secret to experiencing YUGE conversions is revealed on this week’s episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Raffum Fraffum Scraffum Wazoo

    07/06/2018 Duración: 18min

    Hardly anybody could understand my high school sophomore English teacher, Mr. Fleming. Ironic, right? The dude taught English but nobody could understand half of the English he spoke. In spite of that problem, Mr. Fleming taught me one of the most valuable copywriting lessons I’ve ever discovered when he shouted “Raffum fraffum scraffum wazoo!” at me one day in the library. It’s what makes the difference between a so-so performing “B” list writer... and an “A” list writer who creates huge home run successes. Click here to discover this conversion-boosting secret on this week’s episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • You're being led to slaughter

    31/05/2018 Duración: 29min

    I know guys and gals making net “in-your-pocket” profits of more than a million dollars per year. However... they’re scared to death to hear my message this week. They stick their fingers in their ears and do that “la-la-la” thang, singing at the top of their lungs to block me out. Because this is NOT a popular message. You see, a lot of people who have the appearance of wealth. And most think the party is never gonna end. However, when it does... and it ALWAYS does... they’re gonna be broke. Or worse than broke. They’ll be 6-figures... 7-figures... or 8-figures in debt. This is almost a proverb in our world of entrepreneurs. Big incomes... yet many wind up penniless. Myself included... until about 10 years ago. Five different times. (One humiliating legal bankruptcy... and 4 additional “technical” bankruptcies.) In spite of enjoying what was a VERY high income at times. However... don’t fear. Today I’m revealing the secret that will prevent YOU from experiencing that misery. And it’s something you can start

  • How to take care of your Goldfish with Josh Stanton part 2

    24/05/2018 Duración: 26min

    You’ve heard of multiple streams of income, right? Well you can do the same thing for customer acquisition. Multiple streams of customers. And each stream will bring you different customers that none of the other streams would have brought you. So this tactic is rock solid. And it MIGHT be exactly what you need to transform a “meh” business... in to a “kick ass” business. That and many more tips were shared by my guest on this week’s Off The Chain show. Click here to check it out... All the best, Doberman Dan P.S. if you’ve always believed that money comes from hard work, prepare to be shocked. My guest this week came to a profound conclusion about that. And it’s the exact OPPOSITE of what most people have been led to believe about where money comes from. It might be a hard pill for you to swallow... but you need to hear it. Click here now for the latest Off The Chain show.  

  • How to take care of your Goldfish with Josh Stanton part 1

    17/05/2018 Duración: 27min

    I got mad R-E-S-P-E-C-T for my guest this week on Off The Chain. He’s a true bootstrap entrepreneur. Ad he’s one of the few guys with the balls to do what I’ve recommended to thousands of wannapreneurs... yet have only seen a handful actually do it. He tells the story about how he turned his back on a “sure thang” career as an engineer to chase the entrepreneurial dream. And how he financed his first online business. A business that sold a book on how to take care of your goldfish. These are the stories I love. People who create a business with almost ZERO money and resources. And now he and his wife work together in their business and are living the life of their dreams. Click here to check out the story on this week’s episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Half a billion in sales with Brian Moran part 2

    10/05/2018 Duración: 28min

    If you want to build a big business, listen up. ’Cuz a lot of entrepreneurs have crashed and burned while scaling up. Simply because they didn’t understand this one thang: The qualities of a good entrepreneur are almost antithetical to the qualities of a good manager. So... as you scale up and your team grows... if you’re the entrepreneur driving the growth... there’s one HUGELY important thang you absolutely MUST do if you don’t want to destroy your business. And that one thang is revealed on this week’s Off The Chain. You’ll hear it from the horse’s mouth... from a successful entrepreneur who faced and conquered this challenge. Click here to discover how he did it. All the best, Doberman Dan

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