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  • mad decent worldwide radio # 2 - live from petropolis

    mad decent worldwide radio # 2 - live from petropolis

    14/07/2008 Duración: 20min

    Live from Petropolis via Puerto Rico, Luanda and Curitibahey hey.. this is number two . sorry . we gonna try and be quicker but its crazy here in Rio.. guns go missing and police go to war with poor people and then i get kicked out of my apt and i got no internet access..  but heres a random mix. next week live from argentina cumbia scene (who knows whats good there) this one has some exlusives ..... pay attention(thanks to dj sandrino, dj edgar, man recordings, catchdubs, dj gorky, lovefoxxx, counterfeet recordings, mr. catra, radioclit, interscope records, dj benzi and nossa)diplooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodemon - i need a gun (day room philly)yyy gold lion (mad decent remix)leftside and esco - tuck in ya bellyyoung jeezy trap starcalle 13 - japonplan b - freakitonaojalai - calle 13 and some other important dudedj nkufa - brinca deralovefoxxx break 1dj? - garina tarrachaluanda blast - o puro kudru dedj znobia - wakimono soca24 - thelmaeduk - funkeirobludj sandrino - melo do nirvanaedgar - melo do dlite

  •  mad decent worldwide radio # 1 - baltimore is real

    mad decent worldwide radio # 1 - baltimore is real

    14/07/2008 Duración: 19min

    ok here is the reissue of mad decent radio... its about to become official from now on.. had to buy a new computer and basically restart it all... but now its gonna go down on a regular basis and we are goin to hold it down..this is the first episode . it explains the roots of baltimore club from the real dudes out there doin it (not aaron lacrate.. hes a phony.. holla!) ha but really... lets not get political and shit, holla! big shout out to bmore. they are doing it really huge right now.

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