Six friends play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), and do their best as a mercenary company in the Country-City Atla. Will they become the greatest warriors who ever swung a pointed bit of metal? How long can they last uncursed and with all their limbs? You'll probably have to listen to find out.


  • Episode 266 – Rise to The Top

    Episode 266 – Rise to The Top


    At the top of a city, the top of a tower, the world is going to change. All you have to do is get there to see it.

  • Episode 265 – Burn Him, Burn Him!

    Episode 265 – Burn Him, Burn Him!


    What happens when you see the smallest on windows to actually win? To take the big bad, the force ruining the world? What would you do?

  • Extra Life 2019 Announcement!

    Extra Life 2019 Announcement!


    Another charity stream! If you missed the last one where we ate half raw eggs, lemons, and screamed at eachother while dying of fatigue, come hang out with us!

  • Episode 264 – Final Save Point

    Episode 264 – Final Save Point


    What’s past the door? What’s at the top of the tower? Is it simply a posh funeral, or apex of this mystery? Or just more and more mysteries because that’s how we do things here!

  • Episode 263 – Party Schmoozin

    Episode 263 – Party Schmoozin


    Finally a party! Get your drinks, tiny crackers, and let’s see if we can figure out  what’s going on!

  • Episode 262 – Socialist Baguette

    Episode 262 – Socialist Baguette


    When a fight looks too dire, when the odds are stacked against you and defeat looks inevitable, sometimes the only real thing you need are friends . . .  and violent, body spasming sickness.

  • Episode 261 – Roasting Johncast

    Episode 261 – Roasting Johncast


    Trapped with a wall of death in front of them, and a wall of enemies in front, our heroes desperately bring their talents to the surface, in the hopes to get just that much closer...

  • Episode 260 – Remember To Breathe

    Episode 260 – Remember To Breathe


    Our heroes can only be patient for so long. As the black vehicle begins to burn, so does the situation heat up.

  • Episode 259: Black Palanquin

    Episode 259: Black Palanquin


    The heroes of Morty decide to start calling upon their allies, and the dates begin. Can the power of love help our player’s up another level?

  • Episode 258 – Red Gums

    Episode 258 – Red Gums


    Slowly mingling with the strange crowd at the funeral, things grow quickly more and more grotesque.

  • Episode 257 – Daisy Chaining Death

    Episode 257 – Daisy Chaining Death


    A gift from a forgotten god to their newest acolytes, writhing and powerful.

  • Episode 256 – The Rot

    Episode 256 – The Rot


    A dark corridor, a strange moss that swallows what it touches, and a strange party. Things are getting stranger, but when our heroes find aid, is the price too high?

  • Episode 255 – Almost A Joke

    Episode 255 – Almost A Joke


    We’re Morty’s Boys, and we like to party. But it wouldn’t be an Atla party without a completely contrived puzzle mechanic!

  • Episode 254 – Baguette Inhalation

    Episode 254 – Baguette Inhalation


    Warm up the grill at Sizzler, it’s time for these classy adventurers to get romantic!

  • Episode 253 – Tactical Dates

    Episode 253 – Tactical Dates


    Before any big fight, you need weapons, power, and a fancy costume change. But more then anything, you need the power of the friends you made along the way! Our heroes go out into the...

  • Episode 252 – Perfectly Suitable

    Episode 252 – Perfectly Suitable


    Everyone meets back up to confront Mortimer Crim, but before they can Shira must wake from a dream made of the memories and secrets of her family, and Sapphire Melody has to pick up Mezzo...

  • Episode 251 – Pourover Lore

    Episode 251 – Pourover Lore


    Pia returns home to The Wall, and we get our first, though quiet glimpse, at it’s citizens. But against the quiet of the city, Dweezil and Ragna battle against a strange invader.

  • Episode 250 – Yo Mustard Time

    Episode 250 – Yo Mustard Time


    Time to get paid! Screw glory, altruism, and adventure. What really matters is that money!

  • Episode 249 – Infestation of BS

    Episode 249 – Infestation of BS


    Underneath a dying sky, Atla lies silent. Is it the silence of the grave, or the quiet before the storm?

  • Episode 248 – Crispy Chicken Status Update

    Episode 248 – Crispy Chicken Status Update


    Face to face with their monochromatic adversary, our heroes are finally confronted by Nundinday. Or are they actually an ally? Or something else entirely? Does it even matter if our heroes simply die in a...

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