Interviews and Discussions with Legal, E-Commerce, Publishing and Online Education Professionals


  • IBLS/Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    IBLS/Thomas Jefferson School of Law


    An interview with Dean William Byrnes, IV, and Dean Arnold S. Rosenberg -- both of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, CA. We discuss the Diamond Graduate online degree and certification program and internet/e-commerce issues of the day.

  • IBLS Update, January 2011

    IBLS Update, January 2011


    A brief interview with Ana Penn, CEO -- IBLS, discussing the recent symposium that was presented to government officials from the Republic of Botswana on issues of E - Commerce and Internet Law.

  • Ana Penn, IBLS update - 10/2010

    Ana Penn, IBLS update - 10/2010


    Ana Penn, CEO of Internet Business Law Services -- IBLS, discusses the most recent happenings regarding the company.

  • Hale Stewart Interview

    Hale Stewart Interview


    Hale Stewart, a practicing tax attorney and blogger based in Houston, Texas, discusses his IBLS published e-book.

  • IBLS E-Commerce  Tax Law Journal

    IBLS E-Commerce & Tax Law Journal


    Interview with Gene Koprowski, Senior Editor of the IBLS E-Commerce & Tax Law Journal. The Journal publishes writings by academics, practitioners and policy makers on a variety of topics, including e-commerce, electronic contracting, techno torts, cyber crime, privacy, Internet taxation, international taxation, etc.

  • Ana Penn Interview

    Ana Penn Interview


    The IBLS CEO highlights a few new projects at