Rover (Part One), The by BEHN, Aphra



The Rover, or The Banishd Cavaliers, is a play in two parts written by the English author Aphra Behn. The first part features multiple plot lines, dealing with the amorous adventures of a group of Englishmen in Naples at Carnival time. The rover of the plays title is Willmore, a rakish naval captain, who falls in love with a young woman named Hellena, who has set out to experience love before her brother sends her to a convent. Complications arise when Angellica Bianca, a famous courtesan, falls in love with Willmore and swears revenge on him for his betrayal. Meanwhile, Hellenas sister Florinda attempts to marry her true love, Colonel Belvile, rather than the man her brother has selected. The third major plot of the play deals with the provincial Blunt, who becomes convinced that a girl has fallen in love with him but is humiliated when she turns out to be a prostitute and a thief. (Summary by Wikipedia) Cast Florinda: Amanda Friday Hellena: Elizabeth Klett Don Pedro: Alan Mapstone Callis/Boy: Patti Cunningham Stephano: Ric F Frederick: bala Belvile: mb Blunt: Algy Pug Willmore: Robin King Valeria/Woman: Availle Lucetta/Masquerader/Hellenas Page: ElleyKat Sancho/Officer/Blunts Man: engineerdst Angellica Bianca: Arielle Lipshaw Moretta: Charlotte Duckett Sebastian/Bravo/Philippo/Soldier: Elizabeth Klett Don Antonio: Ernst Pattynama Diego/Servant: Anna Simon Narrator/Prologue/Epilogue: Libby Gohn Audio edited by: Elizabeth Klett