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  • Battling Ongoing COVID-19-Themed Attacks and Scams


    Advanced persistent threat actors will continue to "up their game," including taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic even as its impact diminishes, says Kelvin Coleman, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance.

  • Using a Medical Device Software Bill of Materials


    When medical device makers provide a software bill of materials for components contained in their products, it's critical to make that voluminous security information actionable for healthcare customers, says Rob Suárez, CISO at medical device maker Becton Dickinson and Co.

  • A 'Digital Vaccine' for Battling Ransomware Epidemic


    Tal Kollender of Gytpol suggests a digital response comparable to the vaccine rollout in the physical world is needed to battle against the ransomware epidemic.

  • Kroll Data Breach Report: Less-Regulated Industries Targeted


    The number of data breach notifications jumped 140% in 2020 from the previous year, with a surge in attacks against less-regulated industries, according to Kroll's 2021 Data Breach Outlook. Brian Lapidus and Heather Williams of Kroll analyze the report's findings.

  • Pay Attention to the Fine Print on 'War Exclusions' in Cyber Policies


    When seeking cyber insurance or other types of insurance policies that provide organizations with coverage for certain data security incidents, it's critical to carefully consider the "war exclusions" contained in those policies, says insurance attorney Peter Halprin.

  • Ransomware Roundup: Avaddon Exits; Clop Suspects Arrested


    The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report features an analysis of the Avaddon ransomware gang's retirement and the crackdown on the Clop ransomware gang in Ukraine. Also featured: Bitcoin as ally in the ransomware battle; strengthening U.S. cybersecurity defenses.

  • Ransomware: The Need for a Business Impact Analysis


    You see the news: how many healthcare entities are struck by ransomware. But how many of them conducted business impact analyses before they were victims? Too few, says Cathie Brown of Clearwater. She discusses the value of doing a BIA before the crisis strikes.

  • Cybersecurity Insurance: Has It's Time Come?


    As the cyberthreat landscape grows exponentially more complicated, the insurance industry is trying to keep pace. Yet, many organizations still lack cybersecurity insurance. Lynn Peachey, director of business development at Arete Incident Response, breaks down the basics of these insurance policies.

  • The National Security Threat of Narcissism


    Society has become increasingly isolated and disintegrated, leaving us vulnerable to exploitation by our adversaries. Enemies can easily take advantage of this lack of cohesion to sow seeds of misinformation and disinformation. Elisabeth Braw elaborates on the threat of narcissism.

  • Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Fallout: Congress Grills CEO


    The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report features an analysis of lawmakers' grilling of Colonial Pipeline CEO Joseph Blount over his handling of the DarkSide ransomware attack. Also featured: How the FBI helped trick criminals into using an encrypted communications service that it was able to monitor.

  • Analysis: Ransomware Gang Disrupts Global Meat Production


    The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report details the ongoing wave of ransomware attacks, including the disruption of JBS, the world's largest supplier of meat. Also featured are police busting criminals who formerly used the EncroChat communications network and the strategies for filling the cyber skills gap.

  • Analysis: City of Tulsa's Ransomware Response


    The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report features an analysis of the city of Tulsa's decision to refuse to pay a ransom following an attack. Also featured: Johnson & Johnson's CISO on shifting priorities; mitigating quantum computing risks.

  • Teaching Kids to Create, Not Just Consume, Technology


    STEM education has moved to the forefront in the last 15 years, but we still need to do a better job of celebrating technologists as people who can solve significant world problems, says Dr. Heather Monthie, author of the book “Beginner’s Guide to Developing a High School Cybersecurity Program.”

  • RSA Conference 2021 Emphasizes 'Resilience' Theme


    The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report features highlights from RSA Conference 2021 conference, including the emphasis on "resilience."

  • Insights on Mitigating Ransomware Risks


    Janine Darling, the founder and CEO of STASH Global, discusses the pervasive and persistent problem of ransomware and how to mitigate the risks.

  • How Vulnerable Is Critical Infrastructure?


    The recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack illustrates the vulnerability of the nation's critical infrastructure, says Richard Stiennon, a research analyst and the author of "Security Yearbook 2021: A History and Directory of the IT Security Industry."

  • Scrutinizing Cloud Vendor Security


    With cyber incidents involving vendors - including cloud services providers - surging, healthcare entities must step up scrutiny of their business associates as well as those companies' subcontractors, says Thad Phillips, CISO at Baptist Health Care in Pensacola, Florida.

  • Teardown: Inside the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack


    Diving into the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack - culprits, impact, recovery, and the increasing political firestorm it’s triggered - is the focus of the latest edition of the ISMG Security Report. Security leaders weigh in on the attack's significance and potential long-term ramifications.

  • Why a Lab Launched a Vulnerability Disclosure Program


    A recently launched vulnerability disclosure program is a critical component of Toronto-based LifeLabs' efforts to bolster the security of its medical diagnostic laboratory services and online technologies used by healthcare providers across Canada, says the company's CISO, Mike Melo.

  • Fraud and Defenses: Evolving Together


    The faces of fraud have changed, and so have the defenses. But improved protection doesn’t have to mean a diminished customer experience. Soudamini Modak of LexisNexis Risk Solutions discusses the latest fraud trends and how to hone defenses.

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