Comedy Rambles Podcast



Hello, I am Neil Baxter. Here you'll find my "Comedy Rambles" series, where I go for a walk and either tell jokes or talk nonsense... hopefully it's both exercise and humour combined... but if it's raining out, then you can forget it! All recorded 'in-the-field' with the finest mobile-phone audio known to Wigan.


  • Episode 6 - Uncle Rhubarb


    In this comedy ramble I reminisce about a childhood holiday to Butlins, and the entertainment genius that was Uncle Rhubarb!

  • Episode 5 - Grandad


    On this Comedy Ramble I tell a couple of 'heart-warming' tales about my Grandad.

  • Episode 4 - Jokes!


    What could be more amusing than listening to a non-stop performace of terrible joke telling? Well, if you can imagine me walking my dogs and talking to myself in public, then you probably have the answer!

  • Episode 3 - Various States of Wetness


    This week I have put together a damp double-bill! First up, I tell the tale of the brown underpants and the school trousers (in which dampness occurs). The second part features me having a good old whinge in the pouring rain.

  • The Pilot / Test Podcast!


    Here's a pilot podcast to get the ball rolling.Here I record a quick 'comedy ramble' in the foreign climes of Stafford... oh yes, I certainly 'get about a bit'!

  • Episode 1 - Accents & Dialects


    In this first 'comedy ramble', I ponder 'pon the hilarity of regional accents while on a crisp morning stroll.The weather was somewhat 'fleeing' - now, in Wigan, that refers to it being cold (or 'cowd' as we'd say) - Lord knows where that comes from - nothing to do with fleas as far as I know. Anyhow, have a listen - tha' met find it interstin' - tha' ne'er knows!

  • Episode 2 - All About Birds


    Here I talk about the 'fascinating' subject of 'bird ignoring' and explain the correct way to go about it!As a special bonus (you lucky, lucky people) this podcast is a double-bill (bird pun intended) as it includes my 'history of bird-watching'. The audio on this bonus ramble is even worse than usual. I didn't want to "ruffle any feathers" so I thought I would warn you all!