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Steam Powered Scoundrels is a podcast about the tabletop skirmish game, Malifaux. Your hosts are Victoria and Doug, as well as a rotating third chair.


  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 39 - Like, What Are You Doing, Step-Scoob?

    14/10/2021 Duración: 02h27min

    The big 5 of SPS all went to GenCon this year and decided to regale you all with our experiences. We get into a lot of Wyrd topics as well as a smattering of other things we did and experienced. Short description! Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD  

  • Best Laid Plans 8: Ancestor (The Spirit Walker) vs. Nightmare

    25/09/2021 Duración: 01h08min

    We haven't forgotten about this format! Welcome back to our other other podcast, Best Laid Plans. In this episode we have an actual in-person game this time! Listen to Roman (our host) and our two combatants Eli and Sean as they duke it out in classic Boomer vs. Zoomer fashion. Corner Deployment Break the Line Vendetta Claim Jump Research Mission Detonate Charges Death Beds Ancestor (Sean): Cache: 1 Yan Lo, The Spirit Walker + The Whisper Soul Porter Chiaki Izamu Manos Yin Komainu Kenshiro Nightmare (Eli): Dreamer + Ancient Pact Lord Chompy Bits Widow Weaver Bandersnatch Lady Yume Insidious Madness Stitched Together Daydream Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Friday Night Faux-Down! - 9/12/21 - England 2: England Harder

    12/09/2021 Duración: 01h25min

    Been a hot minute since we had a FNFD, so we're fixing that! Join Doug, Vic, Roman, Eli, Jeff, and Joe as we discuss the deep philosophical questions of Malifaux.   Topics: 1. You are trading a model from your faction to another faction with the exact same soul stone cost.  Who are you trading for whom? 2. Explorers are finding new areas of Malifaux. What new location/area would you like explored/discovered in future fluff? 3. (Modern Day Malifaux) What is your favorite character's favorite gaming medium, and their favorite game? 4. Waldo fell victim to an unfortunate “Accident” and is currently residing in Imp hospital. Who’s Wyrd’s temporary mascot while Waldo recuperates? 5. Pick a character. What four words do you whisper in their ear to make them yours forever? 6.  You are tasked with opening and running Malifaux’s first 4-star restaurant. Who is your chef, sous-chef, and Maître d'hôtel ? What is the Thursday night special? 7. You must paint one model as yourself. What model do you choose and ho

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 38 - The Flank is Deployment

    31/08/2021 Duración: 01h44min

    Hey all. It's been a year or two since we did this but we're bringing back the tourney recap format. Mostly because I actually got to play in a tournament for once! (forever Henchman) So listen to 6 of the 10 participants in the latest tournament in St. Louis recap their games and yell at each other. Forewarning, we are using one single microphone for 6 people and several of us had been drinking.   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 37 - Tremendous Girlboss Energy

    17/08/2021 Duración: 01h40min

    Let's wind down from that amazing reveal episode and go back to our wheelhouse. This episode is brought to you by Victoria! Welcome to the Shipisode 2. For those that missed the first one, we discuss the internet pastime of 'shipping' as well as a bunch of our 'ships' we have for the Malifaux fluff. We got Monica and Doug back along with another very special guest (the Shipman himself) for a raucous episode (and possible some learning opportunities). This has nothing to do with the thirstiness of the hosts, I assure you! Bonus Experience Podcast Systematic Understanding of Everything Monica's Twitter F*ck Yurt   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 36 - Goon Squad

    30/07/2021 Duración: 01h31min

    Greetings Wyrdos! I am insanely excited to kick off this amazing collaboration with Wyrd Games. They've graciously reached out to us and other content creators to present some upcoming Malifaux content. I won't get into any details here, but join Doug, Victoria, Roman, Nate, Eli, and Nick as we gush over some amazing cards and artwork. ALSO! check out Malifaux University on Youtube. They're the next creator to do this showcase and deserve all of your love and attention. Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD   Door #1 Door #2 Door #3 Door #4 Door #5 Door #6

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 35 -Void Beans

    17/07/2021 Duración: 02h18min

    Thanks for bearing with us as we spent a whole month patting ourselves on the back. Now we're back with that hot sweaty Malifaux content Incognito Mode was made for! In this episode we go through EVERY. SINGLE. MASTER. in the game and give you our take on what we want to see as their new title card/sculpt. Yes, a few have already been revealed. Ours are better. Join Doug, Victoria, Nate, Roman, and Eli as we show off how amazing of game designers we are. Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD   PS. Be VERY Excited for our next episode. Wyrd-senpai noticed us!

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 34b - Victory Lap

    02/07/2021 Duración: 02h06min

    WARNING: Alcohol and Strong Language Go ahead and listen to the previous episode first if you haven't already. It's light on actual Malifaux content so we won't blame you if you give it a pass (probably). Here's the Q&A portion of the recording. We have a blast answering questions submitted by our Discord (and some from ourselves). Here's to another 5 years of being the loudest Malifaux fans entertaining the best miniatures community out there. We love you guys.

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 34a - Still a Hot Mess

    20/06/2021 Duración: 01h28min

    Hello Scoundrels, Steamers, and unpaid Wyrd interns! We're bringing you a very special pair of episodes where we, THE Steam Powered Scoundrels, celebrate our 5 Year Anniversary. Yes, we've managed to survive for half a decade bringing you our special brand of Malifaux content and we thought we'd party with a few drinks and a looooong discussion about the podcast and our hosts. If you really love us, join our Discord   Please donate to our Patreon! 

  • Friday Night Faux-Down - 6/5/21- Excuse Me, Mr. Shipman

    06/06/2021 Duración: 01h35min

    We finally managed to wrangle Craig's schedule into submission and get him back to make up for the scuffed audio from last time. This go-round I'm happy to announce we lost NO AUDIO. So sit back, crack open a cold one with "the boys" and enjoy 90 minutes of Malifaux sass. Topics: Which character most deserves a horse/mount. How does this affect their gameplay? You are Nexus. You can get mites into any existing master. Who do you infest and what do you have them do? The influence of the Burning Man is starting to grow in Malifaux. Which crew is next to feel his burning embrace (after Wildfire and EVS). What industry will gremlins completely take over/ruin? What famous chef becomes a malifaux model and where do they go? Pick a Spirit Animal for the next player in line that’s a malifaux Model (no Masters/Henchmen). Make up a new Strategy or Scheme that will shut up people complaining about Runic Binding. Malifaux gets its own fighting game spinoff. Who is in your favorite 3-person team? What's everyone'

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Fluff Feature Chronicles #2

    25/05/2021 Duración: 01h55min

    Nate and Roman are back to talk about a whole issue of Chronicles this time, instead of just one story. They also realize that Breachside Broadcast numbering isn't the same as the Chronicles volume numbering. Math is hard. Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 33 - From Nightmares Review Part 2

    10/05/2021 Duración: 01h47min

    SPOILERS! spoilerspoilerspoilerspoilerspoilers! We got Dead Aussie Gamer back to go over the second half of From Nightmares. This has a LOT of information on Malifaux and answers a ton of questions we've had about the origins of the Neverborn, Tyrants, and Fae. I say it at the end of this episode, but please, give Through the Breach a try if you haven't already. It's an amazing game and needs more attention.   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Friday Night Faux-Down - 4/24/21 - Collaborative Trainwreck

    25/04/2021 Duración: 01h17min

    No one cares about Errata or Gaining Grounds 2: Electric Rougarou. The Scoundrels throw down a Faux-down to cut through all this lame meta talk with the REAL hard-hitting discussions. Join Doug, Victoria, Roman, Nate, and Eli (the Facetious Five) as we spend an hour making bad jokes and unnecessary ships. Topics: 1. (Modern Day Malifaux) Whose Podcast do you follow religiously and what is it about? 2. Who’s the most forgettable Explorer? 3. Wyrd decided that no one actually likes Sonnia or Kirai, and asked you to pick two new masters to represent the Other Side starter. What are the new sculpts, new units, and allegiances? 4. Pick one of the five remaining factions with an unannounced starter. Just like the Catalans in Outcasts, what is their Out-Of-Faction keyword and why? 5. Which characters were in a relationship but had a bad breakup? 6. Which master would make the best Muppet if they were to be Muppetized? Who is your favorite existing Muppet and which master would they be cast as in The Muppetfaux Mov

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 32 - Errata Matata

    24/04/2021 Duración: 02h15min

    We're jumping on the Errata bandwagon in this one! Doug, Roman, Eli, Rob, and Jeff congregate to go over the specifics of the Errata/FAQ that arrived April 21st. We give our honest opinions and talk out our thoughts on the reasoning for changes as well as what to do with what's new. Remember folks: The game of Malifaux is better today than it was on 4/20.   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Best Laid Plans 7: Redchapel vs. Frontier

    13/04/2021 Duración: 01h46min

    We're back with a little crunch to satisfy your April Faux cravings. The Redchapel Killer is on the prowl and he has his sights set on the Basse Family and the Frontier posse. It's a duel of the Patrons as Joe takes on The Nick Westbrook in this Roman-hosted episode of Best Laid Plans Corner Deployment Symbols of Authority Research Mission Claim Jump Sabotage Runic Binding Take Prisoner   Redchapel (Joe): Cache: 7 Seamus + The Whisper Copycat Killer Carrion Emissary Dead Rider Dead Doxy Dead Doxy 2 Dead Dandy Dead Dandy 2 Frontier (THE Nick Westbrook): Cache: 5 Cornelius Basse Bernadette Basse Jonathan Reichart Jessie Halliday Intrepid Emissary Rough Rider + Flush with Cash Rough Rider 2 + Flush with Cash Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 31- From Nightmares Review Part 1

    29/03/2021 Duración: 01h55min

    The From Nightmares supplement for Through the Breach dropped last month after years of hype. I managed to wrangle arguably the most well-known Fatemaster (a one 'Dead Aussie Gamer') to chit chat about all the goodies that come in the book. This first episode covers the mechanical portion of supplement: General Talents, Equipment, Magic, Grimoires, Flora, Bestiary, Character Creation, and Pursuits. Keep your ears open for the second half where we get deep into spoiler territory. Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Fluff Feature - Breachside #2

    13/03/2021 Duración: 47min

    Doug deserves some time off, so Nate and Roman start a discussion about the side stories that make up Malifaux beyond the main books. Specifically the second episode of Breachside Broadcast   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 30 - We Still Aren't Game Designers

    01/03/2021 Duración: 02h28min

    Rumors abound of the yearly errata still happening in 2021, so we took it up ourselves to do the work for Wyrd and fix all of the problem models in the game. Join Doug as he complains about summoning and Roman, Nate, Jeff, and Eli as they tell him to calm down. We cover all 8 factions and the rulebook and decide on what needs nerfed, what needs buffed, and what needs to be punted into the sun.   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels - M3E Resurrectionists Primer

    20/02/2021 Duración: 02h53min

    Doug and Joe keep the primer series going with our look at our 5th Faction, the Resurrectionists! Join us as we cover the fluff and tactics for all 8 keywords (and versatiles) in this undead faction. If you enjoy good jokes, or just wonder what to do with the pile of dead bodies in your basement, listen in! Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Friday Night Faux-Down - 2/13/21 - Third Storey Combat

    14/02/2021 Duración: 01h06min

    We got'em folks! Craig Floors fell for the ol' 'Trail of Almond Joys' trick and got himself locked in Roman's basement. While we wait for the ransom money, we decided to record a Friday Night Faux-Down! Sadly, we lost about 30 minutes of audio, but because of this we got him to promise to record ANOTHER episode. As usual, we have a blast. Enjoy! Topics: 1. What RPG would you most like to run for your fellow podcasters in this episode? 2. What's your OTP? If you've answered this before, what would be your secondary couple? 3. What is the needlessly divisive food choice in Malifaux a la “pineapple on pizza” and what is the “correct answer”? 4. You grow so famous from podcasting, Hollywood offers to let you make a low-budget Malifaux movie that’s really just a ripoff of a different terrible franchise. What low budget Malifaux theme movie rip off remake do you make? What’s your egotistical cameo in said movie? 5. Wyrd names a mildly interesting Malifaux landmark after you of your own design. What is it? 6. A ch

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