Wasting Time



If your reading this its probably by mistake but don't worry this mistake doesn't last 18 years and grow to resent you. A group of friends talk a bit and drink too much. If we're not too drunk topics vary from science, porn, film, games, alcohol and maybe some life stories. Come on lets waste some time together.


  • 13 - Back to Our Roots


    Is it weird to go into chat rooms and get drunk with strangers on the internet? We play a round of 'Culturally Challenged' (someone watches to much TMZ). Is $10,000 too much to kill someone? The elderly are too slow to make a getaway (greatest generation my ass). Only Jesus is drinking this episode and everyone resents him. Preacher heals using his mystical power. Can you guess what that is (Hint: rape)? Kris is a feminist. What would you do for a condom? People are naming their kids after 'Game of Thrones' characters and we discuss why this might be a bad idea. Also unfortunate "Game of Thrones" spoilers from someone (We're looking at you Jesus). Leave a comment. Follow us on twitter @PodcastWaste or Email us at Osuna.Kris@Gmail.com

  • 12 - Asia, The Florida of the World


    Oh Asia when will you learn. Japanese people are licking each others eyeballs and guess what? You can get herpes that way. We talk about out favorite types of alcohols. If you think something besides whiskey you are wrong Catch a quick dose of irony this week. We play will you jerk it most of us would? One of us doesn't like lesbian porn (its boring).

  • 11 - Beastility Is Wrong But...


    We apologize for the lack of episodes and the sound quality we are still trying things out so please bear with us. It gets better (at least that's what they told me). A man starts tripping and hallucinating tarantulas in bananas. Beastility is wrong but if you had to fuck a dog which breed would it be? Nazis try to get their little Adolf Hitler back. Would you stop a bank robbery? R. Kelly (not the singer) tries his best to try and save a life. We play a game that's sweeping my bedroom 'Culturally Challenged.'

  • 03-Everyone Handles Their Shit Except Jesus. For Shame Jesus. For Shame.


    03-Jesus can't handle his shit and leaves in the middle of the podcast and doesn't even divulge his fetish (rape we think). Would you let someone fuck your dead body for money? To no ones surprise Kris will. We share stories of the first time we got high with guest Francis and Adrian.

  • 02-Kris is Creepy and Jesus aspires to sniffing jet fuel


    Kris' new foot fetish shocks even him. Jesus aspires to sniff jet fuel. A man was molested and all three of us are jealous. Thanks for wasting time with us. Overweight people like to sweat.

  • 01-Alcoholics Trying To Poison Cats


    Welcome to Wasting Time with Mike, Kris & Jesus if you found us it was probably by mistake but don't worry this mistake wont last 18 years. In this episode one of us has a marker for being a serial killer, two of us having been hunting and all three of us are raging alcoholics.

  • 05-Gently Vibrating Robot Hands


    In this episode we talk about prostitutes that accept coins. Never take Call of Duty away from an incest loving murderer. Everyone wants to murder people if there were no laws. We see which one of us know the least pop culture references. Also have you masturbated this month? It's the season for semen. Do not take Doctor Who away from Kris or he will murder and masturbate on you. Luke Skywalker may want gently vibrating robot hands. Tony used to think that leverage was caused by the grace of God and also punches Asians.

  • 06-Chastity Belts For All


    In which everyone wears a chastity belt, someone has their dick cut off and tony mysteriously vanishes.

  • 07 - Drunk & Disorderly


    We got drunk & disorderly. The sound is really good but the transitions and stories suck. If anyone listenes please email us at WastingTimePodcast@Gmail.com

  • 08 - Too High to Function


    Tony and Jesus are too high to function or to even control. In lighter news camel gets hit by a mini van can you guess what continent it happened it. Results may surprise you. New microphones sound a lot better but they dont fix the shitty content. I am sorry it'll get better i swear. Email us at WastingTimePodcast@Gmail.com or twitter @podcastWaste i want to hear if anyone listens to this.

  • 10 - Still Ripping Off Megaboom!!! Final


    Kris gets super political about smoking. Michael is annoying about stuff. We talk strip club and aggressive hand jobs that Kris likes. Kids fight. Teachers blows student repents by FUCKING 15 year old. People are annoying at Dennys (fucking Tony) Interesting Police encounters. We play the game that's sweeping the nation Culturally Challenged. Kris does shitty bits.

  • 09 - Confused Sexuality


    One of use has confused sexuality. Tony wants to have sex with furries and he is done raping monkeys. Some guy masturbates in the home of others and no its not tony.