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  • PSI Unscripted Podcast


    Last week I joined my friend Chris Price for the inaugural episode of his podcast, PSI Unscripted, where -- as you can guess from the name of the podcast -- our 30-minute conversation was completely impromptu.I was a little apprehensive about not knowing the conversation topics ahead of time, but fortunately, Chris didn't stump me with any tough questions.Over the course of the podcast, we dug intoMy background as an athlete, trainer, and studentThe meaning of biomechanics and basic applications to training"Cheating" (an advanced technique to add extra reps to the end of a set)"HIT" (high intensity training)Not having enough time to exerciseHammering the basics, especially bodyweight exercise, as a beginnerThe pros and cons of Planet FitnessMy weekly #FormCheckFriday videos on FacebookRegressing and progressing the deadlift via a dowel rod hip hinge and/or rack pullMy e-bookI had a great time chatting with Chris. I hope you'll give the show a listen:>>

  • Podcast Ep. 10 - Eric Bach & Marc Lewis


    For Episode 10 of the Fitness Pollenator Podcast, I have a double whammy. That's right -- I have on not one but TWO awesome guests: Eric Bach and Marc Lewis.Eric (left) is a chiseled strength and conditioning coach based in Denver, Colorado. Marc (right) is working on his PhD in exercise physiology at UNC-Greensboro. (He's also chiseled, but you'll have to take my word for it.)In this episode, we run the gamut of topics, including:The biggest differences between training athletes and training the general populationWhat online training is and whom it's for -- beginners or intermediate lifters?Eric's bread and butter: Front squats (!)Marc's bread and butter: Concurrent training (i.e. simultaneous aerobic and strength training)Eric's recent T-Nation article:Shut Up and Get StrongEric and my recent two-part series:Common Injury Sites And Clever Workarounds: Part 1 – Upper BodyCommon Injury Sites And Clever Workarounds: Part 2 – Lower BodyMarc's upcoming article on strength training for endurance athlete

  • Podcast Ep. 12: Movement Resilience with Matt Ibrahim


    Welcome back for Episode 12 of the Fitness Pollenator Podcast. On this episode, I have on my first repeat guest, Matt Ibrahim. I had Matt about a year ago for Episode 4. If you haven’t listened to that one yet, do it!Matt is the founder of Movement Resilience (formerly Mobility 101), which has a specific mission of helping people build resilient movement and resilient strength to continue doing what they love most: move.He's a part of the sports medicine team at Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness, where he serves as a strength & conditioning coach and physio rehab coach. This July, he will receive his license in massage therapy. He's also a provider for ClinicalAthlete through founder, Quinn Henoch, which is a team of healthcare professionals bridging the gap from rehab to performance for athletes.Over the course of the episode, we talk shop on the following points:Matt's rebrand from Mobility 101 to Movement ResilienceFinishing up massage school, along with how he plans to use his new skillsThe

  • Podcast Ep. 11 - Barry Fritz + 8 Hypertrophy Lessons from a Veteran Lifter [Muscle & Strength]


    Anyone who’s ever spent time around him knows he’s something special.Maybe it's his brilliance when it comes to the human body, or perhaps it’s his unassuming nature. I say it’s both. He might be the smartest guy in the room, but he’d be the last person to tell you so.His name is Barry Fritz, and he's the instructor at the National Personal Training Institute of Philadelphia, the school where I earned my diploma in personal training.A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to interview Barry for an article for Muscle & Strength on building muscle. With Barry's 40+ years of experience, it's always a pleasure to hear what he has to say.To read the article, click the following link: listen to the complete 50-minute interview, click below to listen to Episode 11 of the Fitness Pollenator Podcast: can also find the transcript to the entire interview bel

  • Podcast Ep. 9 - Betsy Lane

    28/12/2015 Episode 9 of the Fitness Pollenator Podcast, I'm joined by an amazing guest: Betsy Lane. Betsy is a longtime friend, avid bodybuilder, and soon-to-be doctor of physical therapy (after she passes her boards, of course!).In this episode, Betsy and I discussHer background, going back to the stroke she had as a kidHow she trains around her challengesThe interplay between physical therapy and bodybuildingNutritional secretsBetsy's blossoming writing careerCommon issues Betsy sees in the clinicAnd so much more!Watch the episode here:Listen to the episode here: subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.)For more on Betsy, check out the Q&A we did last year:

  • Podcast Ep. 8 - Chris Leib


    In Episode 8 of the Fitness Pollenator Podcast, I welcome Dr. Chris Leib. I met Chris about a year ago at a workshop he did at our mutual friend Tom DeVietro’s gym. (As an aside, Tom happened to be the very first guest of this podcast, so if you haven’t listened to episode 1, you should!)Not only is Chris a doctor of physical therapy, but he’s also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. While at Chris’s workshop, I was completely blown away by his hybrid approach to training, in which he fuses physical therapy, CrossFit, kettlebells, and more.As I’ve gotten to know Chris, one of my favorite things about him is his voracious appetite for learning and assimilating new information. Lately, he can be found splitting his time between the physical therapy clinic, the personal training setting, and writing about exercise.In this episode, Chris and I talk about...What drew him to CrossFit originally, and why he keeps coming backHow he integrates diverse mobility approaches like FMS and Mobility WODSci

  • Podcast Ep. 7 - Jason Helmes, Anyman Fitness


    By day, Jason Helmes is just a regular guy. He teaches math to middle schoolers; he has a wife and two kids. He is exceptionally tall (6 feet, 8 inches), but we won't hold that against him.By night, he's the boss at Anyman Fitness, an online community for people "who want to learn to lean out, live well, and improve themselves permanently."To date Jason has helped thousands of people reach their goals, and it's no wonder, given his teaching background and incredible ability to simplify fitness and nutrition. He's also a really nice guy, which probably helps.I was fortunate enough to get Jason on for Episode 7 of the Fitness Pollenator (Video) Podcast. Over the course of the episode, Jason Helmes and I discussHow he went from jock to jiggly to jacked againThe availability bias and the difference between popular and evidence-based fitness Making fitness a lifestyle and how anyone can do itThe importance of meal planningHow being both a teacher and mathematically-minded helps Jason as a coachHis e

  • Podcast Ep. 1: CrossFit Misconceptions w/ Tom DeVietro


    When it comes to CrossFit, everybody’s got an opinion — especially the naysayers who’ve never even set foot in a box. These folks in particular hold certain truths about CrossFit to be self-evident. Here are a few of my favorites:Every CrossFitter does the same WOD (workout of the day), regardless of training age, ability, and goals.CrossFit programming is completely random.CrossFit movements occur only in the sagittal plane.When doing CrossFit, breakdowns in form are allowed when racing against the clock.For the inaugural episode of the Fitness Pollenator Podcast, I have with me Coach Tom DeVietro of CrossFit Advance and Max Effort Fitness (in Southeastern, PA) to clear up some of the misconceptions I allude to above.Find out how Tom and his team are making a positive impact on hundreds of lives by perhaps doing things a little differently from the average box.For more about Tom, check out this Coach's Spotlight.To listen to just the audio of the podcast, click here.

  • Podcast Ep. 3: Functional Training w/ Karl Safran


    I met Karl Safran, owner and operator of No Bull Training in Huntingdon Valley, PA, for the first time two years ago when he came to lecture at NTPI Philadelphia. From the minute he started talking, he had the entire class hanging on his every word. The way in which he broke down human movement was like nothing we had ever heard before. So simple, so elegant, so exciting.From that day forward, I knew I had to learn everything I could from Karl. Over the following three months while still in school, I went to No Bull Training once a week to shadow Karl. As soon as I got home from these visits, I would race to my computer to type up all the things I'd learned that day.After I graduated from NPTI, I was fortunate enough to work for Karl for several months before going back to school for my Master's. The time I spent at No Bull was invaluable to my growth as both a trainer and a person. Karl taught me so much, not only about training, but also about life.I got a chance to catch up with Karl for the third episode

  • Podcast Ep. 6 - Kevin Mullins Fitness


    Curious what it's like to be a TWO-TIME finalist in the Men's Health Next Top Trainer search? How about being selected as one of Women's Health Magazine's Ten Insanely In-Shape Male Trainers?Meet personal trainer Kevin MullinsIn Episode 6 of the Fitness Pollenator (Video) Podcast, I chat with personal trainer Kevin Mullins of Washington, DC, and get answers to the above questions and so much more, includingHow Kevin came to be a personal trainer and strength coachThe biggest mistakes trainers and coaches makeWhy habit-based nutrition trumps a cut-and-dry diet planHow Kevin became active in the fitness blog-o-sphereWhat supersets are and how best to combine exercisesWhich of Kevin's many continuing education certifications he finds the most usefulWatch the episode on YouTube or right here:To listen to just the audio from this podcast, click here.For more on Kevin Mullins, head over to his website,, and follow him on Twitter (@FFTrainingKevin).

  • Podcast Ep. 5: Side Quest Fitness with Robbie Farlow


    Robbie Farlow showing off his chesticles.Side Quest Fitness's Robbie Farlow and I had such a marvelous time chatting on his podcast last week that we decided to get together once again (virtually) for an episode of the Fitness Pollenator Podcast!In this episode, we discuss all your and my burning questions for Robbie, includingHow Robbie went from theater major to meathead trainerWhy Robbie started the Side Quest Podcast (the Unofficial Podcast of Fitocracy)What Fitocracy isRobbie's favorite Side Quest Podcast guestRobbie's biggest training influencesThe connection between fitness and marriageAnd much, much more!( just the audio version of this podcast, click here.In case you missed my interview with Robbie for his podcast, you can listen to it out here: also recommend subscribing to the Side Quest Podcast on iTunes here so you can listen to the great new guests he has on eve

  • Podcast Ep. 4: Mobility 101 with Matt Ibrahim


    For this episode of the video podcast, I have on Matt Ibrahim of Mobility 101 to talk all things -- you guessed it -- mobility!Matt's mission is to bridge the gap between the worlds of rehabilitation and performance. He's an up-and-coming expert with an extensive résumé that includes three years of clinical experience as well as internships at some of the best strength and conditioning facilities in the country. Matt is currently in the process of applying to school for his DPT (doctor of physical therapy) degree.In this episode, Matt and I discuss...What exactly mobility (101) means, why it's important, and how we can improve itHip flexor stretchThoracic spine mobilization"Flow" (for hip mobility)How Matt uses mobility as an umbrella for improving qualities like posture and performanceThe role of self-empowerment in relation to mobilityMatt's go-to experts in the field...and much more.Trust me -- you don't want to miss out on this episode! I, for one, had my mind blown about a dozen times. Cli