Guided Meditation Podcast



Begin a new day, create the space for peace, healing and transformation


  • 209 Energy Upgrade


    Float freely in the light, feel your heart Chakra expand as your energy activation is engaged. Connect to this new wave frequency and embody this new energy upgrade.

  • 208 Meditation for Balance and Harmony


    Combining the energy in circle, with ourselves, Ancestors of the land and the universal energy. Today we gather as a group and connect with all who feel called to gather. We bring balance and harmony to ourselves and to all. Watch the dance between light and dark and find your balance. Heal and grow as we balance together.

  • 207 Fear Release Meditation


    Journey Deep inside yourself and release fear that prevents your connection to your heart space.

  • 206 Relaxation Meditation


    Today we take a boat ride into the star filled night. Just floating and connecting to Mother Earth and her elements. Feel your body fill with love as you journey through the night.

  • 205 Forgiveness inner child meditation


    This simple Guided Meditation duration approx. 20 mins Taking time to relax is more important than ever. If you feel like you want to get away and unwind then take a journey with Natalie Ubl Grant of Light Of Wellness. We would love to hear your experience with these meditations, if you have time please... Continue Reading →

  • 204 Reflection meditation


    Step into this meditation with full awareness of the present moment. Spend time connecting to all aspects of self and reflecting on the physical, the energetic and the observer self. Today we ask what all of these aspects of self need to thrive.

  • 203 Mineral cave healing meditation


    Mineral cave healing meditation. Just let go, feel into your body and allow yourself to be guided into this deep healing meditation.

  • 202 A message from your higher self.


    The path of light is clear, release hooks, ties and binds that no longer serve your higher purpose and expand your inner heart light. Walk the path of the light and merge with your higher self. Guidance and wisdom comes from connecting deeply within yourself.

  • 201 Harmonise mind, Body and Soul meditation


    Gathering energy and creating harmony within each aspect of your being. Today we bring awareness to the mind, body and soul aspects of your being and bring them into balance and harmony.

  • 200 Heal your inner child meditation


    Help me celebrate our 200th episode by taking the time to heal your inner child. Healing your inner child can be life changing, today we have the opportunity to be guided to meet with and hear from our inner child. What they need and how you can help them. We need to be the change we want to see in the world, lets start by giving ourselves the love we need.

  • 199 Balance with Reiki healing energy meditation


    Deep healing with the Reiki energy is shared in todays meditation. A time to stop and heal. Breath deeply and feel the energy within. This simple Guided Meditation duration approx. 16 mins Taking time to relax is more important than ever. If you feel like you want to get away and unwind then take a... Continue Reading →

  • 198 Heal the body meditation


    Time to heal the body and listen to the whispers before they become screams. This beautiful meditation will connect you to your body and leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful.

  • 197 Energy Reboot


    Today we reboot our energy. Clear away the old and make room for the new. 

  • 196 Climb the mountain of life.


    A quick meditation this today. Climb the mountain and become the witness. Leave behind the past and observe your present moment with clarity. Prepare your energy, balance your chakras and expand your potential.

  • 195 Knowledge from the wise ones.


    For this FULL MOON, the knowledge from the wise ones is ready for you. The wise ones are the trees in this guided meditation today. As you become the tree you have access to the knowledge these wise ancient ones possess. 

  • 194 Expand your intuition


    Today's focus is on expanding our intuition and receiving guidance from within.

  • 193 Spirit Garden Meditation


    Today's guided meditation has the opportunity to receive messages that will help bring clarity to your current situation. 

  • 192 Deep Spinal Flow Meditation


    Connect and see the spiralling energy that moves up your spine and throughout your body. A meditation of presence and an opportunity to practice of cultivation of energy in your spine and body.

  • 191 Energy Medicine Healing


    Feel into the energy medicine today and receive a deep healing during this relaxing guided meditation.

  • 190 Release Fear


    Todays FREE Guided Meditation Podcast is all about letting go of FEAR. Fear is the opposing force to Love, release fear and let love in.

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