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Rampage On The Airwaves aims to promote the various kinds of local music as well as indie music from around the world, among the local Singaporean community as well as overseas.It is hoped that one day the local music scene and deserving independent artists will receive the due recognition locally as well as worldwide for their talent and passion in creating music.


  • Weve moved to Libsyn!

    We've moved to Libsyn!

    03/07/2007 Duración: 51s

    ''See you on the other side.''

  • ROTA Rocks For Wayne

    ROTA Rocks For Wayne

    20/06/2007 Duración: 47min

    "Hao Xiao De Meh?"

  • The Singapore Drumfest Show

    The Singapore Drumfest Show

    02/06/2007 Duración: 10min

    "One of my competitors, a year ago i asked him for lessons.''

  • The Anberlin amp Copeland Show

    The Anberlin & Copeland Show

    28/05/2007 Duración: 36min

    "Aaron Marsh tries to be artsy."

  • The Hardcore Show

    The Hardcore Show

    15/05/2007 Duración: 34min

    ''Did you say chillout?''

  • 3 Girls amp A Guy

    3 Girls & A Guy

    28/04/2007 Duración: 25min

    "Because i can't find a daytime job.''

  • Spotlight: NOFX

    Spotlight: NOFX

    20/04/2007 Duración: 10min

    "Ni jiang ying wen ma?"

  • Harder, Faster amp Louder

    Harder, Faster & Louder

    12/04/2007 Duración: 28min

    "That's my father's name.''

  • Back On The Airwaves!

    Back On The Airwaves!

    12/03/2007 Duración: 29min


  • The History of Local Music Part 4!

    The History of Local Music Part 4!

    17/12/2006 Duración: 41min

    "You can take off your pants you know."

  • Rampage Returns!

    Rampage Returns!

    28/11/2006 Duración: 25min

    "Where the grass is green."

  • The History of Local Music Part 3!

    The History of Local Music Part 3!

    14/11/2006 Duración: 31min

    "I really like your keys."

  • The History of Local Music Part 2!

    The History of Local Music Part 2!

    23/10/2006 Duración: 35min

    "Difficult times in our lives."

  • The History of Local Music Part 1!

    The History of Local Music Part 1!

    22/09/2006 Duración: 35min

    "Fuck you die."

  • The Dong and Elsa Show!

    The Dong and Elsa Show!

    03/09/2006 Duración: 32min

    We couldn't come up with an idea like 'mee siam mai ham' so we got the next best thing. Wayne Thunder takes over the airwaves as Lil'rampage takes a back seat! Artists featured: Ugly In The Morning Spanishfly Elsa The Warhol Crowd Bassfish On the show: Interview with Elsa, in support of The Cancer Warriors Project! Show links: Electrico Lime Magazine Ronin The SUNS Thanks for listening to The Dong and Elsa Show. If you liked it, tell all your friends, and your mom too! Come back soon, as Wayne takes you through a trilogy of shows on the history of modern local music, as told by Mr Leonard Soosay of Snakeweed Sound Labs! Show us some love at and be a myspace whore by visiting our MySpace!

  • Spotlight: West Grand Boulevard

    Spotlight: West Grand Boulevard

    24/08/2006 Duración: 31min

    Finally, the show everyone's been waiting for. West Grand Boulevard features in our first ever Spotlight Special in which we talk about ninjas, dinosaurs and lots of other things no one cares about! PLUS. exclusive sneak previews of songs off their debut album, Waiting For You! Songs featured: Now We Will Backwards Waiting For You Show links: Dead End Drunk On The Cutt Funkie Monkies Thanks for listening to Rampage On The Airwaves' Spotlight Special: West Grand Boulevard. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. The album should be out really soon in all major record stores so look out for it! By the way, Rampage On The Airwaves was mentioned in the Sunday Times on the 20th of August, in the Gen-Y section. To evryone who checked us out after reading the article, you're awesome! Please leave us a comment using the comment button below (you will need to have a blogger account!) or drop us a line at rampageontheairwaves@gmail.com. Stay tuned, we'll see you really soon!

  • The Aftermath of Baybeats Part 3

    The Aftermath of Baybeats Part 3

    06/08/2006 Duración: 27min

    We wrap up this amazing trilogy of shows with a killer BBC-like extravaganza! (well not really) Bands featured: Electrico The Leaven Trait Plainsunset Ken Stringfellow On the show: Interviews with Electrico and Plainsunset where we talk about MTV music, pizzas and more! Show links: Lagwagon MTV Asia My Precious The Posies R.E.M. Shamejoannshame Surreal Disclaimer: The song by Plainsunset on this show is 'Find A Way', instead of 'Girl On Queen Street' like we announced. Our apologies! We hope you've enjoyed our post-mortem and coverage of Baybeats 2006. We had a blast, and we hope you did too! Next week, we will be releasing the first ever Spotlight Special on Rampage On The Airwaves, featuring West Grand Boulevard! With exclusive insights into the band's history as well as preview tracks off the album, you wouldnt want to miss it! Vote for us over at Podcast Alley, and drop us a line at rampageontheairwaves@gmail.com

  • The Aftermath of Baybeats Part 2

    The Aftermath of Baybeats Part 2

    30/07/2006 Duración: 35min

    For the first time in the history (not that we have a history) of Rampage On The Airwaves, a show released on time! From this show onwards, we welcome onboard a special person who has been very supportive of our cause, Mr Wayne Thunder, who is in charge of show production! Bands featured: Lunarin Love Me Butch Angelas Dish Nothing To Declare Tiramisu On The Show: Interviews with Love Me Butch, Angelas Dish and Nothing To Declare Please vote for us over at Podcast Alley! And ask your mom to vote too. Your friends, teachers, principal, and the tuckshop auntie who sells your favourite bandung too! If you have any enquiries don't hesitate to hit us up at rampageontheairwaves@gmail.com. If you have a band and want to be played on the show, drop us a line as well! Thanks for listening, and dont miss the series finale of The Aftermath of Baybeats out this weekend, featuring Electrico and Plainsunset! Also, go down to the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre this friday, 4th August from 8pm onwards for West Grand Boulevar

  • The Aftermath of Baybeats Part 1

    The Aftermath of Baybeats Part 1

    20/07/2006 Duración: 42min

    Finally, we're baaaaack! Sorry for the lackage of shows, but we had so much fun at Baybeats over the weekend, making friends and enjoying the music. So we've lined up a series of 3 post-Baybeats shows with scoops, reviews and exclusive interviews right from the Esplanade! Bands featured: ETC One Buck Short A Vacant Affair Calerway The Velvet Teen On The Show: Post-Baybeats analysis Interview with A Vacant Affair Interview with Calerway Show Links: Baybeats Wakemeup Music Please vote for us over at Official ROTA MySpace. Leave us a comment and we'll be sure to comment you right back! Send any questions to rampageontheairwaves@gmail.com and stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of The Aftermath of Baybeats!

  • Official Launch Show

    Official Launch Show

    24/06/2006 Duración: 28min

    Hooray for the official launch of Rampage On The Airwaves. If you came here because you read a from a flyer or a poster, thanks a lot, you're awesome! This show features Catt from the Catt & Ollie Bustin' Oot podcast! Bands featured: 1 Year Older

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