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Some DJs and a record label from Guangdong province, China.


  • 第28集 Kraftwerk Tribute Mix - Samples, Covers  Reinterpretations

    第28集 Kraftwerk Tribute Mix - Samples, Covers & Reinterpretations

    11/06/2020 Duración: 01h53min

    Paul Hindemith - Sonata, Heiter Bewegt (perf. Ruth Kasckow) J Dilla - B.B.E. (Big Booty Express) Special Request - Salsa Smurf DJ Spinna - Computer Love 2 live crew - Drop the Bomb Fortran 5 - Midnight Trip (Less Noise Mix) Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express Koto - Trans Europe Express Mr. Oizo - Tricycle Express The Chemical Brothers - Leave Home The Stroj - Metal On Metal Kerrier District - Techno Disco Señor Coconut - The Robots Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Tim Simenon & Mark Saunders Remix) LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous! The KLF - What Time Is Love (Live at Trancentral) 林忆莲 - 倾斜都市烧烧烧 (Edit) Todd Terry - Bango (To The Batmobile) Mark Summers - Summers Magic Masters Of Acid - Megagrip Jimmy Edgar - Too Shy Morgan Geist - Lullaby KINK - Psychefunk Reese - Rock To The Beat (Hitman Mix) Espresso - Ping Pong Frank De Wulf - Reforced Praga Khan - Praga Khan - Out of Control Big Black - The Model Ebony Steel Band - The Model Function - Burn Gesaffelstein - Aufstand B12 - Telefone 529 Aphex Twin - Mental

  • 第27集 DJ 圆朴 Kaneiskay - 睡梦中阴 Bardo Of Dreaming mix [Hi-Tech]

    第27集 DJ 圆朴 Kaneiskay - 睡梦中阴 Bardo Of Dreaming mix [Hi-Tech]

    28/04/2020 Duración: 01h02min

    Follow DJ 圆朴 Kaneiskay:

  • 第25集 你好,我是2019年,你还记得我吗? (Best of 2019 House/Techno/Disco mix)

    第25集 你好,我是2019年,你还记得我吗? (Best of 2019 House/Techno/Disco mix)

    12/01/2020 Duración: 01h33min

    A little late due to an OSX upgrade wrecking my whole set up over New Year (cheers Tim Cook) but here's some Deep House/Nudisco/Jacking/Dubby/Minimal/Industrial/etc etc sounds from last year mixed by Simon B. Howie Lee - 双王 (Mark Redito Remix) Channel Tres - Sexy Black Timberlake Greymatter - Move slow (12" Mix) Kincaid - Bulfas Jac The Disco - Bali Dance (I:Cube Remix) The Vinyl Depreciation Society - Phoenix Yansima - Opwarm Eva Be - Delight (Ian Pooley Remix) T. Williams - Raw Groove Andrew Lozano - Save The World Bobby D Ambrosio - So Thankful (Joey Youngman Remix) Mike Sharon - Higher (Sakro Remix) Woolfy & Projections - Destination Hell Ardalan - I Can't Wait Hot Chip - Hungry Child (Kink Remix) Theo Meier - Walker R.O.S.H. - In Roll Joel Brittain & Flight Mode - Burn This (Flight Mode's Dub) Ossaim - The Way Back ThermalBear - U Love (John Monkman Remix) Avision - Liquid Gold (Mike Dehnert Remix) The Cyclist - Inhale / Exhale ft. Tanaya Harper (Bruce’s Deep Breath Mix) Ansome - Melting Point E-Saggila

  • 第24集 SULK - Wax  Wane mix (Techno/EBM)

    第24集 SULK - Wax & Wane mix (Techno/EBM)

    07/09/2019 Duración: 01h07min

    New podcast episode and very happy to have a mix from one of Guangzhou's rising stars: Sulk. This selection captures his precocious tastes for the dark and the weird that has endeared audiences around the city, including at his own Wax & Wane nights. We really recommend sticking around for the finale in this one too... 1. Unto Ashes - Witches’ Rune 2. Die Selektion - Puppenspieler (Mater Suspiria Vision Zombie Rave Remix) 3. Distortion Six - Multiple Kings (Spears) 4. Acid Vatican - Repent Motherfucker 5. DJ Varsovie - Leaving Earth- 6. Poison Point - You are the Clock 7. Marie Davidson- Planet Ego 8. The Soft Moon - It Kills (Rendered Remix) 9. DJ Varsovie - Codeword Macumbar 10. Popsimonova - Target 11. DJ Varsovie - Vampires 12. [KRTM] – Slave 13. Die Selektion - Muskelberg (Kaleid Remix)- 14. Alien Vampires - Fake Blood Is For Cunt 15. Noisuf-X - Hit Me Hard 16. Noisuf-X – What 17. Phosgore – Bloodbath 18. Noisuf-X - Please Hang Up 19. Die Selektion - St.Leonard 20. Vladimir Dubyshkin - Serious Attack

  • 第23集 Process Prototype - Quietcode 1.0 (live coding ambient/electronica)

    第23集 Process Prototype - Quietcode 1.0 (live coding ambient/electronica)

    20/08/2019 Duración: 47min

    Recorded live@广州 Rozz Tox 08.08.2019

  • 第22集 One Child Policy mix (Techno/Breaks) 廣州地下廣播節目

    第22集 One Child Policy mix (Techno/Breaks) 廣州地下廣播節目

    23/12/2018 Duración: 01h10min

    Recorded live at Serenity Rave, LA 15/12/2018 Special Request - Make It Real (Houndstooth) DJ Seinfeld - Sakura ( Deep Sea Frequency) Djrum - Untitled 9 (Ilian Tape) Mariel Ito - Sintex49 (Lone Romantic LR002) Xhin - Transitory (Midnight Shift) Luke Vibert - Homewerk (Planet Mu) Orbital - Halcyon On and On (FFRR) Bad Boy Bill - Acid Sex (International House Records) The Field - It's Up There (Kompakt) One Child Policy - ??? One Child Policy - Only Me (VRV) Orbital - Lush 3-2 (FFFR) Zuli - Trigger Finger (Haunter Records) LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (I Need You) (Good Looking Records) Intense - Streams of Thought ( Creative Source ) Overmono - Phase Magenta ( XL Recordings ) Aleksi Perälä -GBLFT1740065 (Trip) Bas Mooy - Desolaat (Xhin Remix) (Gynoid Audio) Daniel Bell - Losing Control (Peacefrog Records)

  • 第21集 Modal Roberts - Post-Punk-Post-Everything mix 廣州地下廣播節目

    第21集 Modal Roberts - Post-Punk-Post-Everything mix 廣州地下廣播節目

    20/05/2018 Duración: 01h02min

    We were contacted out of the blue by someone by the name of Modal Roberts. We don't know anything about him other than he's an artist of sorts and has pretty good taste in music. He said he could put together a little selection of weird and wonderful tunes for our podcast and we said 'go on then...' So here it is, and it's great. Post-punk, krautrock, oddball jazz and things that probably don't even have a name. Tracklist: Lumisokea - Generation Z Lumerians - High Frontier Death Comet Crew - Me Czar of the Magyars Rose Niland - Extended Wire - Arriving Staying Going Umin - ssrsst Mbongwana Star - Kala Esbjorn Svensson Trio - Letter to the Leviathan Alexander Skip Spence - War in Peace Metanoia - Fuck the System Neu - Negativland Ethereal Tribe - Cadence Nexxor - Edges Four Tet - My Angel Rocks Back And Forth Stars Of The Lid - Austin Texas Mental Hospital part 1

  • 第20集 Rada Noize - Cosmic 303 TECHNO mix 廣州地下廣播節目

    第20集 Rada Noize - Cosmic 303 TECHNO mix 廣州地下廣播節目

    27/04/2018 Duración: 01h05min

    We're back! For our 20th episode, we have someone who has been making her presence felt in the Guangdong scene with her Liquid Project brand. Ukranian-born Rada Noize delivers an hour or so of sleek, metallic, and ever-so-acidic techno for your listening pleasure. Tracklist coming soon...

  • 第19集 Simon B CANTON BASS SESSIONS Drum n Bass mix 廣州地下廣播節目

    第19集 Simon B CANTON BASS SESSIONS Drum n Bass mix 廣州地下廣播節目

    08/08/2017 Duración: 51min

    Originally intended as a promo mix for the GZUG x JOINT x Slumberstation CANTON BASS SESSIONS at Hangover, Guangzhou, 2017.07.28 Sofie Letitre - Wonder When (Ivy Lab Remix) [Division] Fearful & Hyroglifics - LeWonk [Flexout Audio] Sinistarr - The Other Tune [Free Love Digi] Dub Phizix - Hack [Exit] Dexta - Goomba Riddim [None60] Ulterior Motive - Kamakura [Guidance] HomeSick - Mass Appeal [Defrostatica] Machinedrum feat. Kevin Hussein - Dos Puertas (Alix Perez Remix) [Ninjatune] Moresounds - Warriah [Astrophonica] Om Unit & Sam Binga - Up And Under [Cosmic Bridge] Fracture - Your Time [Astrophonica] Mixjah - Send Some Riddim (K Jah Remix) [Ruffneck Ting] Bladerunner - Kick Off [Chronic] Serum - Ramparts [Horizons] Kid Drama - Brutal D [Metalheadz] Friske - Night Train [Metalheadz] Reso - Tiberium [RX0] Command Strange - Never Too Much [Chronic] Alix Perez & SpectraSoul - Synergy [1985] Fishy & Thiago Pery - Night Vision [Deconstructed] Nucleus & Paradox - Take You There [Outsiderz] Seba & Physics - Before I

  • 第17集 Nivek - All Vinyl Balearic Mix 廣州地下廣播節目

    第17集 Nivek - All Vinyl Balearic Mix 廣州地下廣播節目

    30/06/2017 Duración: 01h48s

    I don’t recall how or when I became friends with DJ Nivek on Wechat. I’m pretty sure we’ve never met personally. But he runs a tightly curated Wechat group for Balearic Music and has a habit of posting photos of teasingly obscure vinyl on his 朋友圈. As such I figured he might be able to put together an hour of interesting music for our radio show, and wow was I right. We’re happy to present here am all-vinyl mix of what can be broadly called ‘Balearic’, but totally in keeping with the original eclectic ethos of the term before it became codified into some kind of marketable genre. There’s no tracklisting, and I doubt Shazam will be of any help here. The couple of track IDs I managed to prise out of Nivek were seriously off-radar. As such, our suggestion is to simply grab your tipple of choice and kick without preconceptions to an hour of sublime music. Follow him at @woshinivek - Simon B

  • 第16集 All TREVINO Tribute Mix (Marcus Intalex R.I.P) 廣州地下廣播節目

    第16集 All TREVINO Tribute Mix (Marcus Intalex R.I.P) 廣州地下廣播節目

    30/05/2017 Duración: 01h15min

    Mixed by Simon B Dark Sky - Rainkist (Trevino's Heartbeat Remix) Trevino - Doldrums Trevino - Casino (Trev' dub) Christian Piers - Detachment (Trevino Remix) Trevino - Jungle Love Last Magpie - Pledge (Trevino Remix) Trevino - Black Cat Pipes - Crooked Love (Trevino dub) Trevino - Eclipse Trevino - Ojak Paolo Rocco - Judgement (Trevino's 10961 Remix) Kevin McPhee - CC-XXX-YY-NNNNN (Trevino Mix) Trevino - Mezmerise Trevino - Infrared Trevino - The Hop Trevino - Another Lifetime Simian Mobile Disco - Snake Bile Wine (Trevino Remix 1) Trevino - Trevino - Shimmer Trevino - Discovery Trevino & Endian - Exotica Trevino - Slide Away

  • 第14集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO 2017.05.01 With Joe Li Guest Mix

    第14集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO 2017.05.01 With Joe Li Guest Mix

    01/05/2017 Duración: 01h05min

    with Joe Li guest mix ***Joe Li mix*** tracklist TBC *** Leon Collins - I just wanna say I love you (John Luongo remix) [BBE] Okinawa Delays feat. Satoko Ishimine - Vibration [Clairmont 56] Dirtwire feat. Maria Del Pilar - Viento [Gravitas Recordings] The Tigermen - Tiger Girl [BBE] Dou Wei 窦唯 & 不一样 - 山水清音图 Wong Yin Han 黃衍仁 - 飛蛾光顧 []

  • 第13集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO 2017.03.19 with Burnie guest mix

    第13集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO 2017.03.19 with Burnie guest mix

    20/03/2017 Duración: 01h02min

    1.Lovestation - Teardrops (Flava Mix 12") 2.Future Ghost & Burnie - 139 & Lenox (Burnie Remix) 3.Restless Natives - I Wanna Know 4.Get Get Down vs Hackney Parrot (Altman's Bootleg Of A Bootleg) 5.Artful Dodger ft. Romina Johnson - Movin' Too Fast 6.Hostage - Pramface 7.Double 99 - RIP Groove (Klient Weight Refix) 8.Pet Shop Boys – The Pop Kids 9.Sunship - Friendly Pressure (Into The Sunshine Mix) 10.Scott Garcia (ft. MC Styles) - A London Thing 11.Ramsey & Fen - Style (1996 Original Vocal Mix) 12.Jessie Ware - Running (Disclosure VIP Remix) 13.Midland - Final Credits 14.Kristine Bond - Love Shy (Tuff Jam Classic Vocal Mix) 15.Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (Steve Gurley Vocal Mix) 16.MJ Cole & AJ Tracey – The Rumble 17.Bad Habit ft. Leighanna - Talk To You 18.Shift K3Y - Me & You 19.Rick Tubb - Ghost Rider (Dr Cryptic Remix) 20.Urbani - Tether 21.Kindered Soul ft. Shado Kane – She’s Got It (B1G PR0J3CT Remix) 22.Mosca - Bax 23.Colours ft. June Hamm - Hold On (SE22 Remix) 24.Royal T - I Know You Want Me 25.Jammin -

  • 第12集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO Reggae selection! 雷鬼雷鬼雷鬼!

    第12集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO Reggae selection! 雷鬼雷鬼雷鬼!

    13/03/2017 Duración: 01h58s

    Bob Marley & The Wailers - Selassie Is The Chapel Dawn Penn - Are You There The Eternals - Stars Pat Kelly - Somebody's Baby Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - Sinners Phyllis Dillon - Woman of the Ghetto K.C. White - No, No, No Don Carlos - Nice Time (Late Night Blues) Augustus Pablo - House Of Dub Version Junior Murvin - Police & Thieves Shinehead - Billie Jean Carol Cool - Upside Down Janet Kay - Silly Games Hollie Cook - 99 Shy FX - Soon Come 老黑 - 《The reggae represents my heart》

  • 第11集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO with SPYFI guest mix

    第11集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO with SPYFI guest mix

    06/03/2017 Duración: 01h11s

    With SPYFI guest mix ***SPYFI mix*** Chee Production - 向西楼 狠毒男孩 3Bangz - 我要你飞向别人的床 Ivana Santilli - Playin` Again 9m88 - 九头身日奈 陈粒 - 戏台(SPYFI Edit demo) 小老虎 ,Soulspeak - 谷歌没我懂你的寂寞 Tomtom - Back to Jungle DJ Kaori - Hollaback Girl SPYFI - 爱的供养(婚前护士是杨幂的妹妹 flip) Drug$boii , 宝芝林 - 广东菜 Anti-General - 救赎 SPYFI - A GREAT SYMPHONY FOR TURIN REMIX (SPYFI REMIX) Joy Ginger , Radiax - M❤❤NB❤W eto , Hu$h - 皮皮虾demo(Trap Shit Remix) Lofimaker - 今儿高兴 (Lofimaker Flip,2016.09 demo) Joy Ginger - 哀嚎 Jony J , Gai - 套路 SPYFI - 201611demo Wujing - Daily Life 戈锐 - 负能量男歌手 *** Paul White feat. Danny Brown - Accelerator (R&S) The Fall - Middle Mass (On U Sound)...Happy 60th Mark E Smith James Brown - Funky Drummer...R.I.P Clyde Stubblefield Originally broadcast on 2017-03-05

  • 第10集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO with DJ Tayta guest mix

    第10集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO with DJ Tayta guest mix

    01/03/2017 Duración: 01h02min

    With DJ Tayta guest mix + the latest House, Techno, Bass & more in the mix with Simon B Max Graef, Andy Hart - Jungle Maricopa - Everyday Mysticism Mr. Raoul K - Rainforest Chicago mix Mr. Raoul K - Sene Kela feat. Laolu (Mr Raoul K & Laolu Version) Marcellus Pittman - Obsession Akufen - Mental Strength (interpretation) Ponzu Island - Super Koto (Andras Fox Extended mix) Khotin - Nakhodka (feat. Via App) Electric Jones - Michael's Hotel Robag Wruhme - Prognosen Bomm Al Dobson Jr. - Muscavado sounds Rick Wilhite - Analog Love ( Dez Andres Remix ) Dyed Soundorom feat. Aaron Carl - Naked Juan & Esteban - Dracula Vampira Originally broadcast on 2017-02-26

  • 第9集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO

    第9集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO

    20/02/2017 Duración: 01h01min

    The latest House, Techno, Bass & more in the mix with Simon B Tracklisting: Gary Gritness - Pool Shark Loot [Hypercolour] Dedication - Let Me Rock You [Claremont 56] Silicon Moons (AKA Soulspeak) - You Smell Like Sex [Robox Neotech] 群星 - Judies [Babel Records] JSBL - Parental Square 79 (Crackazat remix) [Affine] Joss Moog - Green Grass [Ondule Recordings] DJ Rocca - Giraffa [Paper Recordings] Discorocks feat. Kalypso - Happy (Full Intention remix) [King Street] ESTA. - Honey [Soulection] JeanGA and George - New Generation [Greco Roman] Twin // Peaks - You To Me [Closer To Truth] DJ Yellow - Ride the Rhythm (Ian Pooley Remix) [Compost] TERR - OutRun [Hotflush] Copy Paste Soul - State Of Mind [Detone] Paolo Rocco - Judgement (Trevino remix) [Defected] Unknown Archetype - Voyeurism [R&S] Sonia Calico feat. Poetek - Choose Love [Muti Music] dBridge - Digital Dread [Sentry Records] Chinese Man - Golden Age [Chinese Man Records] Manni Dee feat. Ewa Justka - London Isn't England [Perc Trax] Originally broadcast on

  • 第8集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO

    第8集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO

    06/02/2017 Duración: 01h04s

    The latest House, Techno, Bass & more in the mix with Simon B Tracklisting: Fishdoll 漁 - 螽 [Do Hits​] Dawn Richard​ - Baptize (KINGDOM​'s Honest VTX) [Fade to Mind​] Greymatter​ feat. Sophie Brown - Give Up (Never Gonna) [Unique Uncut] Demuir​ - Pork And Mustard At Lil' Jim's [King Street Sounds​] Miro Pajic​ - Dance of the Undead [Lazerslut​] Redial Tone​ - Puls [Dark and Sonorous​] Hertz Collision​ - To See Something With a Wideness (Stranger Remix) [Dynamic Reflection​] Ketch - Kinematic (Eomac​ remix) [DEAD CERT. Records] Happa​ - Bum Trance [PT/5 Records​ Records] Makala Cheung 張​ - Fire Karma - Terrorist [Innamind Recordings​] KOROstyle​ - Aerokin (Sinistarr​ Remix) [Section8] Klasey Jones​ - Yoko & Ano [Terrorhythm Recordings​ Urbani Music​ - Higher [SLIME​] Sully​ - We're Here [Astrophonica​] Tactical Aspect​ - Poor Mouth (Token Remix) [Detrimental Audio​] TMSV​ - Calavera [Cosmic Bridge​] Itoa​ - Strange Attractor [Beat Machine Records​] Marcus Visionary​ feat. Steppa Style - Step Aside (Phatcat

  • 第7集 GZUG廣州地下 @BURST RADIO with KOROstyle guest mix

    第7集 GZUG廣州地下 @BURST RADIO with KOROstyle guest mix

    17/12/2016 Duración: 59min

    With KOROstyle guest mix + the latest House, Techno, Bass & more in the mix with Simon B Tracklisting: Suzanne Kraft - Bank [Melody As Truth] Nomine - World Of G (feat MC Duff) [Nomine Sound] 3ASiC & 颗粒 - 脱轨列车 [] L-Wiz - Crystal Eyes [Surfase Records] Tom Ellis - Mabble [In Modo Di] Eomac - Refugee [47] Dexter King - Islands [] Gravity Alterstra - Intention (Saiyan Remix) [Lona Records] *** in the mix*** Mrk1- Slang (KOROstyle Bootleg) Wen - Galactic Sayer - Blink (Shlump Remix) BRUCX WAYNX - Robbery Badklaat - Orinal Sauce VIP VIP Jammz - The World Oh91 - Girls Mystry - Pulse 8 Big Narstie - On a Million Bleep Bloop - Absolute Zero Deeco - Opal Zone P-Money - Where My Doe LTHL - Untitled Skelecta - 2099 Jook - Pulse j compa - Dizzee Synth Benga - E-Trips Originally broadcast on 2016-12-17

  • 第6集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO

    第6集 GZUG 廣州地下@BURST RADIO

    09/12/2016 Duración: 58min

    The latest House, Techno, Bass & more in the mix with Simon B Tracklisting: Ola Kvernberg - The Mechanical Fair (Todd Terje Remix) [Olsen] Igor Jadranin - Middles Proves (Ashley Beedle's North Street Mix) [Back To The World] Borrowed Identity - Faith [Foul & Sunk] Kiko Navarro feat. Julie McKnight - All Because Of You [BBE] System Of Survival - Breathe [Get Physical ] Joeski - My Drummer [Lower East] Riddim Commission - Drop It On The Floor [Bullet Train] David Morales - Don't Go (Head High Remix) [Rekids] Atelier Francesco & Franz Matthews - Next To You (Swayzak's Deeper Mix) [Rockets & Ponies ] Alex Coulton - Distant Resonance [Tempa] Border One - Throw (Array Access Remix) [Ressort Imprint] Demdike Stare - Curzon [Modern Love] Porter Ricks - Shadow Boat [Tresor] Hidden Agenda - The Flute Tune [Metalheadz] 莫文蔚 Karen Mok - 妇女新知 [滚石唱片] Originally broadcast on 2016-12-04

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