Some folk, carping on about gubbins, not because we should, but because we can. Mostly music talk, listening to albums and deciding whether or not we like them. NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS.


  • 6: AYP 46: Railing Against Railings

    6: AYP 46: Railing Against Railings

    07/04/2020 Duración: 35min

    Good day, hearty listeners!  Once again Mike, Emily, and John return to King Street, and while discussing the Area 51 raid (REMINDER: this was recorded in July 2019) and the first album Emily ever acquired, the tangents really start stacking up.  See if you can count how many times we digress, then write in!  You might not win a prize!  This was the last episode we recorded at King Street Studios, but all being well we will have more coming your way as soon as we can manage.  Remote nattering IS being established... #Music #Podcast #SergeantPepper #Lifted #TheCraneWife #Area51 #MachineGunTurret 

  • 5: AYP 45: Naked! WITH SCISSORS!

    5: AYP 45: "Naked! WITH SCISSORS!"

    31/03/2020 Duración: 29min

    Greetings to you all!  We (Mike, John, and Emily) continue unabated with a fresh dip into Rolling Stone's Top 100 albums - we can't remember what the last one we did was (Bob Dylan, possibly?), but decided that none of us had listened to a Stevie Wonder album.  Cue us listening to a Stevie Wonder album.  BUT NOT BEFORE John regales Mike & Emily with a tale of what can only be described as a hospitality NIGHTMARE.  Stay tuned for elderly mayhem.  Ready?  Set?  GOOOOO!  #Music #Podcast #Review #StevieWonder #NakedVengeance 

  • 4: AYP 44: Vets Glove  Broom Shaft

    4: AYP 44: Vet's Glove & Broom Shaft

    24/03/2020 Duración: 33min

    We return!  It's another spin of the nonsense wheel with Mike, John, and Emily, as we run a full emotional gamut of cattle interference news, sublime/bonkers cover versions we love, and savage analyses of rock creeps.  How much of this can you take?!  We sure hope it's 33 minutes' worth.  #Podcast #Music #BlindManWithTorchSeeksSimilarForVisitsToLivestock #MustHaveOwnPenKnife #BetweenHisToes #TheKnack #Covers #CreepOff #AndMyAddressIs #BestHashtaggingEver

  • 3: AYP 43: Johnny Marrs Mini-Dress

    3: AYP 43: Johnny Marr's Mini-Dress

    17/03/2020 Duración: 41min

    Yes, we're back once again, and a new face joins the AYP family this week, in the form of Staffordshire Poet Laureate 2017-2019, WordCraft co-founder, AND self-professed wordy half of Rose&Cloud: Emily Rose Galvin!  Recorded in July 2019, John* and Mike take the opportunity of having somebody with them to try out the Autophonography format on a third party.  (NOTE: they say it correctly this week!  Impressed?  No?  Fine!)  This episode contains insights into what Emily listened to growing up, what she listens to now, and contains almost no answers confined to one song.  It also contains some of the finest ever observations on Morrissey by Emily, and a quip from Mike that renders all further attempts at speaking null and void. Don't forget to look us up on Tumblr for Mike's Listening Notes, and find us on social media at @ayppodcast to tweet us, message us, and perhaps YOU can take part in a recording session of All Yesterday's Parties! #Music #Podcast #Poetry #Morrissey #Jarvis #Stilts #Autophonography #SayIt


    2: AYP 42: "READ THE LYRICS"

    10/03/2020 Duración: 42min

    TWO EPISODES IN A DAY?!  We really want you to get a flavour of the Autophonography vibes, so that if you want to take part in an AYP recording, you'll be prepped.  As mentioned previously, we recorded these before 'AYP Festival Fest 2018 (Cancelled)' (Thanks, Barry) and then didn't upload them, but NOW IS AS GOOD A TIME AS ANY, RIGHT?  Not least because next week there's going to be someone joining us, and not only will they be doing an Autophonography, but we'll be saying it right instead of calling it 'Audiophonography' like we've done for the last two weeks.  This time, Mike's going to be taking an interrogation from John about preferred happy/sad songs, first albums, and #1 songs from the day he was born.  In addition, there is a discussion about what you can call your kids in New Zealand.  So that's fun!

  • 1: AYP 41: Comedically playing with your innards

    1: AYP 41: "Comedically playing with your innards"

    10/03/2020 Duración: 34min

    WE'RE BACK.  After the excitement of 'AYP Festival Fest 2018 (Cancelled)', we needed a rest, so we had one, and then realised that we had recorded a couple of episodes prior to 'AYPFF2019(C)' which John utterly failed to upload (John failing to upload things is going to crop up again next week). ANYWAY, this episode and the one after it sees us trying out a format idea kindly donated to us by Gary Wilcox, where a set of questions results in some music-based answers.  Mike named this format 'Autophonography' but for some reason in AYPs 41 & 42 we keep ham-fistedly referring to it as 'Audiophonography'.  Please ignore this of AYP 41 & 42s John & Mike - they're clearly idiots.  In AYP 41, it's John's turn in the hot seat while Mike grills him about which songs was #1 when he was born (it's a lucky escape, folks), what the first album & single he bought was, and what he listens to when he's happy or sad.

  • 4: AYP 40: I created Drone

    4: AYP 40: "I created Drone"

    10/03/2019 Duración: 50min

    Apologies in advance for the last two thirds of this week's episode, as our time ran out in the back room of The Greyhound, and we were forced to de-camp to John's house, where there was nowhere to set our mics, so we were holding them.  This has resulted in a degree of odd noises from us holding the stands.  ANYWAY: It's the last episode of this Festival Fest 2018 (Working Title) (Cancelled) mini-season!  Once again we are joined by Matt Tyrer and Gordon Kochane, presenting a proposed roster of artists for this distressingly, tragically, and ultimately comically doomed festival. This week, Matt brings us The Apples In Stereo, John supplies a hearty handful of Torres, Mike slaps us about the face with Sunn (((O + Boris, leaving Gordon to invoke dbridge. This was the last thing we recorded for Festival Fest, so see if you can spot the precise point where John finally gave up and succumbed to post-tipsy insensateness. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter & FB: @ayppodcast, and don't forget to check out Mike

  • 3: AYP 39: Driving you to dogging sites

    3: AYP 39: "Driving you to dogging sites"

    03/03/2019 Duración: 43min

    We start this week with a complete absence of control, some of which is clawed back for the middle section, and gleefully abandoned again for the last five minutes. As ever, we are organising another day's entertainment for Festival Fest 2018 (Working Title) (Cancelled), which will feature Gordon nominating Goblin, Matt nominating Tom Waits, John nominating Cardiacs, and Mike nominating Open Mike Eagle.  The episode will also feature Gordon's undercarriage, Matt's loss of dignity, John jumping the queue, and a dead cinema organist. Get your listening hat on, open a beverage of your choice, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter & Facebook at @ayppodcast, and check out Mike's Listening Notes at #Podcast #Music #Review #Goblin #TomWaits #Cardiacs #OpenMikeEagle #Dogging #Undercarriage #ButMyDignity

  • 2: AYP 38: Misanthropop

    2: AYP 38: "Misanthropop"

    23/02/2019 Duración: 57min

    It's PART TWO of Festival Fest 2018!  Picking up from last week's band-off, curating a fictitious festival that not only doesn't exist but also won't happen, our plucky young pillocks have more acts to consider letting down when it gets cancelled. THIS WEEK:  Mike recommends Chibi Tech, Gordon has a round of Italo Disco, Matt proffers Xiu Xiu, and John (buoyed from last week's Covet win) has a bunch of Doves.  Who will everyone prefer?  Ready yourself for lots of light opinions followed by one STRONG OPINION, and also whether or not Gordon's fingers and phone are pure of thought, word, and deed. #Music #Podcast #Review #ChibiTech #ItaloDisco #XiuXiu #Doves #HesJustShit

  • 1: AYP 37: All of that, and less besides.

    1: AYP 37: "All of that, and less besides."

    16/02/2019 Duración: 59min

    Festival Fest 2018 is HERE, in the Year of Our Lord 2019\.  We apologise for the delay, having recorded these next four episodes in June last year, and the Greyhound pub in Hartshill.  In the wake of Safe As Milk Festival's cancellation in 2017, we elected to meet up and make our OWN damn festival!  For this we welcome back regular festival co-conspirators Matt Tyrer and Gordon Kochane. For the next four weeks, each of us will bring one act to recommend for Festival Fest 2018, and we will then vote on our favourite.   In the first round of picks, John brings Covet & Yvette Young to the table, Mike lays out Featherweights for our perusal, Gordon delivers a presentation on Eurodance, and Matt rides in on The Mountain Goats.  Who will win? You DO NOT decide! Don't forget to find us on Facebook & Twitter on @ayppodcast, and check out Mike's listening notes on! #AllYesterdaysParties #Podcast #Music #Review #Covet #YvetteYoung #Featherweights #Eurodance #TheMountainGoats #NoNoN

  • AYP 36: Peripheral Misery Porn

    AYP 36: "Peripheral Misery Porn"

    05/04/2017 Duración: 47min

    Season 2.5, Episode 13. Oh, how bittersweet it is to be uploading this episode. At the time of recording, Safe As Milk Festival hadn't been cancelled, and we were eagerly looking forward to three days in Prestatyn Pontins. As it stands, the festival's off, and there's a hint of abandon in releasing the last part of our preview ramblings. After three consecutive episodes of concise commentary, we hit Digression City, and some of the tangents contain in this week's episode were too beautiful and unexpected to edit out. At 18 minutes into proceedings, John feared we were going to under-run, at which point all hell broke loose and the Nonsense Train rode us all the way to 47 minutes. So, John, Mike, Matt, and Gordon attempt to discuss Rezzett, Warm Digits, and Zs, but along the way end up getting hung up on tall people drawing on blackboards, gardening implements, and Forrest Gump, among various other things. Good luck keeping up with this, and we'll be back soon, with 100% less Safe As Milk-related conten

  • AYP 35: Indulging your bedroom hobby...

    AYP 35: "Indulging your bedroom hobby..."

    29/03/2017 Duración: 35min

    Season 2.5, Episode 12. SPOT THE BURP! There is a burp hidden on this week's Safe As Milk preview episode, so if you can find it, comment on the All Yesterday's Parties Facebook page, or tweet us at @ayppodcast with the precise minute at second of the burp! This week, our indomitable heroes gather to discuss Karen Gwyer, Craig Leon & Martin Rev, and Jeff Mills & Tony Allen. There is also some wonderment at the way some artists' work is described on the Safe As Milk website, Gordon gets a well-known phrase just wrong enough to make everyone wince, and last week's Artist Choice experiment gets another go. Will it be successful? Listen and find out. Don't forget to check out Mike's Listening Notes at #Music #Podcast #Review #SafeAsMilk #KarenGwyer #CraigLeon #MartinRev #JeffMills #TonyAllen #BallsToTheFloor #ThankYouQuasimodo

  • AYP 34: [CLAP] Feel better?

    AYP 34: [CLAP] "Feel better?"

    22/03/2017 Duración: 33min

    Season 2.5, Episode 11. ANOTHER strangely concise Safe As Milk-themed episode of AYP, we hope you don't get too used to this. This week, John, Mike, Matt, and Gordon (recording once again at King Street Studios) discuss Richard Dawson, Demdike Stare, Forest Swords, and Guttersnipe. Expect some exceptionally forthright opinions, mild hysteria, and an unsuccessful experiment on John's behalf. Don't forget to follow us on that Twitter they have these days (down by the bins),, and check out Mike's Listening Notes on Tumblr: #Podcast #Music #Review #SafeAsMilk #RichardDawson #PigsPigsPigsPigsPigsPigsPigs #DemdikeStare #ForestSwords #Guttersnipe #Brewery #ClappingMeditation

  • AYP 33: Stay out of Dickreach!

    AYP 33: "Stay out of Dickreach!"

    15/03/2017 Duración: 38min

    Season 2.5, Episode 10. The Safe As Milk Alliance returns, continuing to plough into the 2nd wave of artist announcements like a rugby scrum that, bleeding profusely and covered in mud & shit, somehow found itself in a shopping centre, barreling towards the Pret with no intention of slowing down or letting go of the ball (shortly before discovering that no one actually knows where the ball is). Laboured similes aside, it's an unusually concise episode this week, where John, Mike, Matt, and Gordon discuss Butthole Surfers, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, and The Cosmic Dead (John's favourite grouping of artists so far, which is wrong, according to Matt). Hold tight and listen to what some bands get up to for tour hi-jinx, how long it takes a dog to wait for next week's episode, and what you need by way of footwear to wade through psychedelic gunk. #Music #Podcast #SafeAsMilk #ButtholeSurfers #CloudBecomesYourHand #TheCosmicDead #PsychedelicGunk #TowelCalledDickreach #StayInSchoolKids

  • AYP 32: A dog in the mouth

    AYP 32: "A dog in the mouth"

    08/03/2017 Duración: 42min

    Season 2.5, Episode 9. Just when you thought we'd done the gamut of acts at Safe As Milk Festival 2017, they go and announce another 17 acts! John, Mike, Matt and Gordon reconvene to start anew, this week discussing FOUR (not the usual three) artists, in the shape of Asiq Nargile, Basic House, Basic Rhythm, and Blanck Mass. Also this week, the Peanut Butter Milk Stout Gang is formed, Mike invents a potentially disgusting way to greet a friend, and Gordon tries to convince everyone else of the existence of a hitherto-unknown bit of local vernacular. Also, listen out for the inaugural use of the word "borkhole". Don't forget to hit us up on twitter at, and check out Mike's listening notes at #Podcast #Music #Review #SafeAsMilk #AsiqNargile #BasicHouse #BasicRhythm #BlanckMass #Fisties #ADogInTheMouth #HeckinDoggoes



    01/03/2017 Duración: 52min

    Season 2.5, Episode 8. The Safe As Milkery continues, as John & Mike, ably (more or less) assisted by Matt & Gordon, get stuck into the last three of the first glut of acts announced for the billing. This week, it's Omar Souleyman, This Is Not This Heat, and Ulver. All Yesterday's Parties wouldn't be All Yesterday's Parties without digressions, so also tune in for an idea about a radio series that'd make your eyes water, a really cold slight against our listenership (sorry Gary!), and some baffling shit about huskies. Get your peanut butter milk stout open, try not to listen to This Heat in case they break your computer, and try to remember who you're thanking. And don't forget to check out the listening notes when they go up! #Podcast #Music #Review #SafeAsMilk #OmarSouleyman #ThisIsNotThisHeat #ThisHeat #PerformingWing #Ulver #WhatWouldYouCallAnAliveHuskie #ThisMachineKillsFascists #WhoAreWeThanking #EndThePodcast

  • AYP 30: Whos a good boy?

    AYP 30: "Who's a good boy?"

    22/02/2017 Duración: 44min

    Season 2.5, Episode 7. Another week, another Safe As Milk Fest love-fest. This week, John, Mike, Matt & Gordon take a preliminary stumble through another alphabetical stage of the billing, this week featuring Princess Nokia, The Residents, and Michael Rother. It's amazing that they manage it this week, owing to the sheer volume of digressions. What sounds do words with a "ch" make? What are legs? And these two quandaries are just in the FIRST FIVE MINUTES. Find out about cooking dinner during Brainbombs, how podcasts work, and the adorable Labrador in their chalet, and just like last week, there is a marvellous post-credits Easter Egg which you will no doubt enjoy. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter ( and check out the Listening Notes ( #Music #Podcast #Review #SafeAsMilk #PrincessNokia #TheResidents #Michael Rother #AdorableLabrador #LegsAreJustArmsJustAnotherWay #Bookmarks

  • AYP 29: Im not going to listen to any of this.

    AYP 29: "I'm not going to listen to any of this."

    15/02/2017 Duración: 46min

    Season 2.5, Episode 6. John and Mike are rejoined by Matt and Gordon to discuss three more acts performing at the inaugural Safe As Milk festival in April 2017. This week, Moor Mother, Nurse With Wound, and OOIOO get the All Yesterday's Parties treatment, but not before Mike drops a ridicularious ponderance before the first two minutes have elapsed, and Gordon gets distracted by books. This week, much like all entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, expect a post-credits scene. #Podcast #Music #Review #SafeAsMilk #MoorMother #NurseWithWound #OOIOO #GoodTheBadAndTheUgly #Sprinklers

  • AYP 28: Was it a picture of a koala?

    AYP 28: "Was it a picture of a koala?"

    08/02/2017 Duración: 41min

    Season 2.5, Episode 5. More festival goodness, this time with special, not to mention familiar, guests! Featuring Matt Tyrer and Gordon Kochane, whom you will remember from our very first episode back at the final All Tomorrow's Parties, way back when. This week, Matt & Gordon join John & Mike at King Street Studios in their alphabetical run-down of the acts playing at Safe As Milk in April 2017, resulting in an interesting split of opinions on both music and pronunciation of Hieroglyphic Being, Horse Lords, and Anna Meredith. Also, Gordon begins a four-week path of having his beer horizons broadened. Can't wait to find out what's going to happen? Put down your horse magazine for young girls, and listen on! #SafeAsMilk #Podcast #Music #Review #HieroglyphicBeing #HorseLords #AnnaMeredith #Koalas #Beer #KingStreetStudios

  • AYP 27: Exactly the kind of sound that would ruin a Grouper concert.

    AYP 27: "Exactly the kind of sound that would ruin a Grouper concert."

    02/02/2017 Duración: 38min

    Season 2.5, Episode 4. We're still running up to Safe As Milk Festival at Pontins in Prestatyn (why, is it coming out?), and in this edition, Mike & John are burying their heads in Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force, GAIKA, and, as you may have gleaned from the episode title, Grouper. Prepare for more musical commentary, Mike losing his bottle, John's big manly thumbs, plus a really unseemly Star Wars joke. Want more? Hit up our Listening Notes Tumblr: and follow us on twitter: #Music #Review #Podcast #MarkErnestusNdaggaRhythmForce #GAIKA #Grouper #ForceKin

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