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ITwww.lessconv.comNasce dallentusiasmo per la musica e dalla passione per la ricerca. Vuole essere, senza presunzione, un punto di vista italiano sul panorama musicale internazionale ove, spesso, le produzioni di valore si nascondono nelle miriadi di uscite settimanali, digitali e in vinile, solo chi ha genuina passione per la musica riesce a scovarle. Pensiamo che il modo migliore sia produrre un set settimanale, di un ora corredato dalla relativa playlist. La musica è al centro di tutto, Less Conversation, More music.ENwww.lessconv.comBorn from enthusiasm for music and passion for research. We want to be, without presumption, an Italian point of view on the international house music scene where, often, the relevant productions are hidden in the myriad of tracks issued a week, digital and vinyl. Only those who have genuine passion for music can find them. We think that the best way to reset the standards, is to produce a set, weekly, of one hour, accompanied by its playlist, were scouting deejays with this touch o f magic. The music is at the center of everything, Less Conversation, More music.


  • (187) Satoshi Tomiie for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 25 05 2014

    (187) Satoshi Tomiie for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 25 05 2014

    26/05/2014 Duración: 01h08min

    Track List: 01. Italoboyz - Afrodite 02. MOME - The Good The Big The Bad 03. Satoeski - Drummer 04. Robert Dietz - Common Riddim (Original Mix) 05. Mandar (Lazare Hoche, Malin Genie & Samuel Andre Madsen) - B2 808 RUFFNECK BUSINESS 06. Louie Fresco - Arabian Sexcapade (Dennis Ferrer Drums mix) 07. Louie Fresco - Arabian Sexcapade (Dennis Ferrer Remix) 08. Peter Kruder - Orchestral 09. Roy Davis Jr. Feat. Robert Owens - Slide -Luke Solomon Vocal Mix 10. Julien Sandre - Perception - Italoboyz sti clapsy rmx 11. Barac - 001b 12. Emerson Todd - Mind Games 13. Robert Dietz - You're So Hood Biography: Talk about house music and its impossible not to talk about Japan’s Satoshi Tomiie. Since starting out in the late 80s he has been one of the scene’s most important and influential figures who has crafted endless dancefloor anthems as well as turning his hand to more pop inclined work, headline DJ sets around the world and all the while staying as relevant as anyone in the game. And it all started in Tokyo clubs du

  • (186) FK Anyway for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 18 05 2014

    (186) FK Anyway for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 18 05 2014

    26/05/2014 Duración: 01h07min

    Track List: 01. Tiga & Audion - Fever(Tom Trago Rmx) 02. No Artificial Colours - Hot fuse 03. No Artificial Colours - Thugmode 04. Dashdot - The signs 05. Super Flu & Andhim - Reeves 06. Double:think - Sguillou 07. Jonas Rathsman - Hope I'm wrong 08. Bobby D'Ambrosio Ft. Leah Joy - Testify(Moon Rocket Romero Rmx) 09. DJ Pierre & Supernova - The beat 10. Double:think - Bimbou 11. Double:think - Come back in my arms again 12. The Bloody Beetroots - All the girls(No Artificial Colours Rmx) Biography: “The decks, the disks, the cd and other in the hands of a good dj, are good instruments, the important is to know how to use them in the best way! These elements can become for the dj, as for a good musician, a great orchestra. That’s why today also a dj can ride the classifications with the pieces realized, remixed and produced by him and because the youngs cram to one of his dj set as once only for a rock concert happened. The dj is the new star! Besides also Brian Eno had foretold this in the distant year 83 s

  • (185) Shinedoe for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 11 05 2014

    (185) Shinedoe for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 11 05 2014

    14/05/2014 Duración: 58min

    Biography: Her real name, Chinedum, is Nigerian for ‘God is leading me’. In the world of Shinedoe, god is music. As if she’s completing a trilogy, the album is a sleek representation of her musical history, a rich tapestry that has spanned releases on the likes of B­Pitch, Cocoon and Get Physical as well as her own imprint, Intacto. A tour de force of highly organic dance music bringing together the energy of club material alongside more thoughtful and introverted songs, ‘Illogical Directions’ is exactly the album you’d want Shinedoe to make. Starting with the sultry, dub beats of ‘Release Yourself‘ and the mechanical house infusion of ‘Essence’, to the deep jazzy house of ‘Alto Parisio’ and the dark and twisted ‘Discourse My New Romance’ featuring The Knife’s Karin Dreijer, for Shinedoe, the third time’s a charm. An exploration of sensations in sound, Shinedoe deftly delivers anthemic tracks such as the single ‘Circle Of Life’ featuring the infectious vocals of Miss Bunty as well as exploring the darker an

  • (184) Pakkio Sans for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 04 05 2014

    (184) Pakkio Sans for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 04 05 2014

    08/05/2014 Duración: 01h01min

    Track List: 01. Aebeloe - Manon 02. Pakkio Sans - Crack 03. Tom Demac, Will Samson - It Grows Again 04. Monkey Safari - Watching The Stars 05. Pakkio Sans - I Pray For You 06. Margot - Waldorf (Erol Alkan Remix) 07. Pakkio Sans - Paper Music 08. Pakkio Sans - Junk 09. For Romeau - Jetée 10. Pakkio Sans - Svelto 11. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Pakkio Sans Edit) Biography: Eccentric, psychedelic, creative: Pakkio Sans is a man of many talents. He makes his music is a real reason for living, so much to remain closed in his "laboratory" for 9 months, experimenting playing and creating new sounds .. A boy who speaks through the music of his experiences, his emotions and all that surrounds him .. Few schemes and no limit, a time bomb ready to explode at any moment .. Romantic and passionate, succeeds with his melodies to being emotional and to make to live a real trip.. In 2014 Pakkio Sans enters into FVENTI Label of System Of Survival, signing an EP of 6 tracks, that will be released in late May .. Facebook:

  • (183) Andrea Arcangeli for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 27 04 2014

    (183) Andrea Arcangeli for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 27 04 2014

    29/04/2014 Duración: 59min
  • (182) David K for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 20 04 2014

    (182) David K for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 20 04 2014

    26/04/2014 Duración: 59min

    Track List: 01 - Forbidden Love feat. JAW - Gaffy & Varolsav - Rue de Plaisance
 02 - Le Borgne 07 
03 - House Dance - Nolan feat. Rachel Adedeji - Hailstorm
 04 - Before i was born - Cesare vs Disorder - Techno Mix - New wave of
 05 - Black Soul - Steven Cock - Ama 
06 - Distant Minds - Death on the Balcony - Silver Network 
07 - Crosshill - Soul Camp
 08 - Running in Circles - Mihai Popoviciu - Langenberg Remix
 09 - Tears & Fears - Drunky Birds David K´s Remix
 10 - Le borgne 07
 11 - Cycles - Steven Cock - Ama
 12 - Deep Down - Moire Patterns
 13 - Stand Alone - Until 33 - Wolf Summer Biography: “Good music is better” This motto is what goads the energetic youth of today, who reside in the countryside, to the hottest clubs in and around Leipzig. Even at they’re tender age of 15. Back then, it’s as if the creative minds decided in “Wurzen” in the old “Wutra” to re-launch the place with none other than David k. Since then not only has he risen to the demanding task but also in the eyes of the audience

  • (181) Hector Romero for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 13 04 2014

    (181) Hector Romero for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 13 04 2014

    26/04/2014 Duración: 01h11min
  • (100) Frankie Knuckles for m2o - Respect Edition (www.m2o.it) 17 - 06 - 2012

    (100) Frankie Knuckles for m2o - Respect Edition (www.m2o.it) 17 - 06 - 2012

    26/04/2014 Duración: 01h18min

    Track List: 01-Time (Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix) by The Realm feat. Tony Momrelle 02-Hangin' On ( Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix) by Ananda Project 03-Every Breath (Director's Cut Classic Mix) by Inaya Day 04-Conqueror (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix) 05-Lose My Worries (Ralf Gumm Mix) by Inaya Day 06-Let Yourself Go (A Director's Cut Master) by Frankie Knuckles presents Director's Cut feat. Sybil 07-Fable (Director's Cut Classic Dub Reprise) by Lil Louis 08-Get Over U (Rober Gaez Moustache Mix) by Frankie Knuckles presents Director's Cut feat. B.Slade 09-Love Forever More (UBP Dub Mix) by Bobby D'Ambrosio 10-He Is The Joy (UBP Prime-Time Dub) by Donna Allen 11-About Love by Groove Assassins feat. Kenny Bobien 12-Someone Like You by Soulmagic 13-Golden Era (Director's Cut Golden Episodic Mix) by David Morales feat Roisin Murphy Biography: “When you're as fortunate as most of us working DJs to be able to share our creative blessings with the rest of the world, no matter how great or small, wouldn't you a

  • (180) Big Ma.Mi for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 23 03 2014

    (180) Big Ma.Mi for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 23 03 2014

    26/03/2014 Duración: 01h03min

    Track List: 01. Baz Emera - Got to worry (Miguel puente Remix) - Beatdown 02. Big Ma.Mi , DePa - C'Mon! - Lapsus Music(Promo) 03. Audiowhores - Facts(Noir's Raw Club Cut) - Lapsus Music 04. Sante' - Need This - Defected 05. Moreno (LDN) - I Records 06. Bunny - Chalk ( Dale Howard Remix) - Avotre 07. Benny Grauer - The Poem - Moodmusic 08. Anx & Iety - Yeah Yeah - Arch44 Music 09. Andrea Oliva , Dj Le Roi - Feel on you - Objektivity 10. Teste Pressing (White) 11. Da Lukas , Scalambrin , Sgarro - Sporca - Something Different Again Biography: The Big Ma.Mi is a new project created by dj Mirko.M for new productions deep-house and tech-house mucic to be released in 2014 for its new DJ sets around Italy. February special collaboration with the label LAPSUS MUSIC Supernova various collaborations with DePa ( Habla Habla Limited Manager) and other artists like Haxell, and Basse. Big Ma.Mi the project was born in the most complete sincerity 'and fairness towards all those who want to approach the world of music b

  • (178) Supernova for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 09 03 2014

    (178) Supernova for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 09 03 2014

    14/03/2014 Duración: 01h04min

    Track List: 01. Supernova Ft. Natalie Conway - Come with me(Original Mix) - Defected(Promo) 02. Audiowhores - Gonna be mine(Original Mix) - Lapsus Music(Promo) 03. Audiowhores - Facts(Noir's Raw Club Cut) - Lapsus Music 04. Audiojunkies - P3rf3ct l0v3(Original Mix) - Lapsus Music 05. Test Pressing(White) 06. Leftwing & Kody - Higher(Original Mix) Lapsus Music(Promo) 07. Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic - The most dangerous game(Weiss Rmx) - Kraftek 08. Full Intention Ft. Penny - Everlasting(Original Mix) - OFF(Promo) 09. CJ Bolland - Carmargue(Original Mix) - R&S Records 10. Michel De Hey, M.I.R.K.O. - Some change please(Pitto Rmx) - Hey! Records 11. Oliver $, Jimi Jules - Pushing on(Dub) - Defected(Promo) 12. Sona Vabos - Slippin(Original Mix) - Snatch 13. Matteo Matos - Afro circus(Mix 1) - Nite Grooves 14. Romanthony - Floorpiece(Claptone Rmx) - Glasgow Underground Biography: Supernova are Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi; an Italian DJ and production duo that have over the last decade made the transition

  • (177) Camea for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 02 03 2014

    (177) Camea for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 02 03 2014

    04/03/2014 Duración: 01h01min

    Track List: 1) Nenekri (Dub Version) - Crowdpleaser - Multi Culti
 2) Allez Ally (Shonky Remix) - El Prevost - Third Ear 
3) Ride With You (Italojohnson Remix) - The White Lamp - Hotflush 
4) Seehnak - Vaal - Life and Death 
5) Rolling Stone - Adriatique - Culprit
 6) Technique - SCB - Hotflush
 7) Den Råtta feat. Vulkano - Ame - Innervisions
 8) Let's Keep This A Secret - Gab Rhome - Last Night on Earth 
9) Laika (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - These Hidden Hands - Hidden Hundred
 10) Earth of Foxes - Martin Buttrich - Supplemental Facts 
11) Forgive Me - Shall Ocin - Culprit
 12) Sensorium - Scan X - Herzblu Biography: Her sound can be described as Seattle cool meets Brooklyn edge meets Berlin chic, and it has secured her a regular tour schedule worldwide. Camea was born and raised in Seattle as a classical and jazz pianist and music enthusiast, and in her youth she studied a variety of instruments and played in several bands. She started collecting records and experimenting with electronic music in the late 9

  • (176) Double:think for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 23 02 2014

    (176) Double:think for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 23 02 2014

    24/02/2014 Duración: 01h01s

    Track List: 01.Adana Twins _ Drive (Feat. Khan) _ Exploited 02.Nytron & Dashdot _ Wheel's Of Motion (Original Mix) _ Popart 03.Gorge _ Changin (Original Mix) _ Voltaire Music 04.Him_Self_Her, Kieran _ Heartstopper _ Off Records 05.Double:Think _ Last Word (Dub Version) _ Nurvous Records 06.Double:Think _ Fill It _ Chilli Mint 07.Larse _ So Long (Nice7 Remix) _ Noir Music 08.Homework _ The Way I See It (Feat. Bea Anubis) _ Exploited 09.Double:Think _ Hot Drama _ Chilli Mint 10.Groove Armada & Brodanse _ Sweat Feat Cari Golden (Dashdot Remix) _ Dance Club Records 11.Double:Think _In Love _ Lessconv 12.Daniel Fernandes _ Give You Ride (Original Mix) _ Chilli Mint Biography: Andrea Arcangeli and FK Anyway create this team whit a well-defined goal: desire to be free through music and not be contamined by gender preconceptions,unread by a deep friendship and love for music. The concept 'doublethink', a name chosen for the duo , comes from the idea that everything can making and unmaking : the willingness and ab

  • (175) Kolombo for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 16 02 2014

    (175) Kolombo for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 16 02 2014

    17/02/2014 Duración: 59min

    Track List: 01_ Soldout - Wazabi - Kolombo rmx
 02_ Nikitin - This My Shit - Kolombo rmx
 03_ Martov & Trauman - Smoke
 04_ Moha - Bounce - Kolombo Edit
 05_ Kolombo & Malikk - I Take Ya!
 06_ Beatkind _ Daily Life - Kolombo Edit
 07_ Drunky Daniels - Bum It In Yo Stereo - Solc rmx
 08_ Synth Psycho
 09_ Volkoder - Garage - Kolombo Edit
 10_ Pysh - Meat In The Beat After 
11_ Shiba San - Okay
 12_ Pr. Morriarti - Mystic Smile - Loulou Players rmx Biography: Olivier Grégoire is a prolific and well renowned producer and DJ from Belgium. He has truly mastered the art of modern production, and over the years has experimented with many dance music genres through various pseudonyms, leading to a huge discography that includes releases on some of the world's finest electronic imprints. Under his massive KOLOMBO moniker he has had many solid releases and remixes on labels such as Kompakt, 2DIY4, Warung, Noir Music, Turbo, Eskimo, Future Classic, Systematic and Boxer amongst others. Consequently, he is busy touri

  • (174) Matthe for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 09 02 2014

    (174) Matthe for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 09 02 2014

    11/02/2014 Duración: 01h03min

    Track List: 01. Miro Pajic - Demon kiss(Duky's Condemned Remix) 02. Marvin Zeyss - Under the mask(Rhadow Remix) 03. Chad Andrew - G walk 04. Wade - Dopebanger 05. Yanee & Sebastian Olano - A2(Proudly People Remix) 06. Mari Kvien - Brunvoll everywhere you go(Villalobos Celestial Voice Resurrection) 07. El Mundo - Closer(El Mundo Remix) 08. Chad Andrew - Made of music(David Gtronic Remix) 09. Aldo Cadiz & Oscar Barila - Offshare(Mihai Popoviciu Remix) 10. Chad Andrew - Gutter 11. Jules & Moss - Gils big packet(Mihai Popoviciu Remix) 12. Pig&Dan, Rachel Lyn - I am one 13. Chad Andrew - Cut up 14. Unreleased 15. Sebastian Xotello - Supernature(Matt Klast Remix) 16. Chad Andrew - One reason(Sebastian Paiza Remix) Biography: Matteo Vanti aka Matthe was just a child when he took his first steps in the world of electronic music: since he was born his father, an Afro music dj, gave him the chance to grow up surrounded by music and guided Matthe’s first approaches to the mixer. As soon as he became a teenager, his p

  • (173) Anna Wall for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 02 02 2014

    (173) Anna Wall for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 02 02 2014

    04/02/2014 Duración: 01h12min

    Track List: 01. Hecor, Alexkid - Ontra 02. Wax - Wax 10001 03. Round Two - New Day (Dub Mix) 04. Oracy - This Time 05. Basic Soul Unit - Soulspeak 06. Jimpster - Infinity Dub 07. Oli Furness - Time To Meditate 08. Flori - SU-3150 09. Glenn Underground - May Datroit 10. Blured, Linford Haydes - It’s How The World Goes 11. Floorplan - Never Grow Old 12. Edmonson - Chesnut Ave 13. Greenville Massive - Autumn 14. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Heimat (Robag’s Turmkolle Rekkmow) 15. Alveol - Glitter Path (Kassem Mosse Mix) 16. Washerman - Belts Of Orion 17. Carl Craig - At Les Biography: Ask any well-known DJ, artist or producer the secret of their success and chances are that hard work will be pretty high up their list of essentials. Anyone who knows Anna Wall will know that this is one of the many characteristics that defines her, and now, after years of working her way up the underground ranks, it looks as if years of graft are starting to pay dividends. Since first getting to grip with decks at the age of 19,

  • (172) Asal for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 26 01 2014

    (172) Asal for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 26 01 2014

    27/01/2014 Duración: 57min

    Track List: 01. Dinky - Xanex 02. Uner - Ubm 03. Adriatique - Rolling Stone 04. Rodriguez Jr. - Nausica 05. Nick Galemore & Gregor Trierweiler - Die vorletze 06. Mari Kvien Brunvoll - Everywhere you go(Villalobos Rmx) 07. The Citizen's Band - Disrupted 08. Moderat - Bad kingdom(Head High Rmx) 09. Asal - One love(Andre Butano Rmx) 10. Pezzner & Amina - Pipes 11. Appleblim & Komon - Glimmer 12. Maher Daniel & Jon Charnis - Lonley stars in open skies(Luca Bacchetti Rmx) 13. Double:think - Feel it Biography: Salvatore Angelucci a.k.a ASAL, is one of those DJs who has built on its own with hard work and perseverance. Asal is a project born from a few years but has already seen his name on important labels such as Monique Musique, Aenaria recording, Society 3.0, Pick up, and Amazing Lessconv records, in cooperation with djs such as DJ Sneak, Phil Weeks, Kevin Griffit, Francisco Allendes , El Mundo & Satori, Felipe Venegas, Horatio, Alex Kenji, Alessandro Sensini, Lissat & Voltax.The recent 2011 was t he year of

  • (171) FK Anyway for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 19 01 2014

    (171) FK Anyway for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 19 01 2014

    20/01/2014 Duración: 01h11min

    Track List: 01. Jimpster & Jonatan Backelie - Brought to bare(Deetron Rmx) 02. Double:think - Last word(Unreleased) 03. Homework - Ask yourself(Audiojacks Chemical Rewind) 04. Sonic Future - Remember 05. Andhim - Hausch 06. Renzky, Thabo Getsome - Waited so long(Mat.Joe Rmx) 07. DJ Fudge And Kiko Navarro - So tight 08. Double:think - Whip(Unreleased) 09. Andhim - Alter egon 10. Double:think - Feel it(Unreleased) 11. Trash You - Watch this 12. Paul C, Paolo Martini - Flying lizard 13. Stefano Ritteri - Nothing stays the same Biography: “The decks, the disks, the cd and other in the hands of a good dj, are good instruments, the important is to know how to use them in the best way! These elements can become for the dj, as for a good musician, a great orchestra. That’s why today also a dj can ride the classifications with the pieces realized, remixed and produced by him and because the youngs cram to one of his dj set as once only for a rock concert happened. The dj is the new star! Besides also Brian Eno had

  • (170) Pepe Margot for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 12 01 2014

    (170) Pepe Margot for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 12 01 2014

    13/01/2014 Duración: 55min

    Track: 01. Flying Lotus - About that time
02. Kyle Hall - X1 tr4mps
03. Four Tet - Pd 124 (pd drums)
04. Quakerman - Schlam me
05. Leon Vynehall - Step or stone
06. Population 1 - A simpler form
07. Sid Le Rock - Naked (dj koze remix)
08. Legowelt - Rave till dawn
09. Actress - Iwaad
10. A. Matsumoto and DJ Yoshi - Dreamer (the mfa mix)
11. Margot - Accordi elettrici
12. Atoms for Peace - Other side (stuck together remix) 
13. Avus - Reference mass Biography: Ciao i'm pepe and i was born october 5, 1978 i live in riccione (italy).
I started dj in 1995 in a small club in riccione and one year later i was resident dj in the big peter pan club every weeks until 2003.
from 2003 to 2009 i played as resident dj at cocorico club in riccione, initially alone and then with giaga robot for our 'margot' project born in 2005.
in the meantime i played at the classic club after hour in rimini from 1995 to 2010.
With Giaga and the 'margot' project we released on bordercommunity, kill the dj, margot records and on others

  • (169) NiCe7 for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 05 01 2014

    (169) NiCe7 for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 05 01 2014

    13/01/2014 Duración: 01h21s

    Track List: 1. Oleg Poliakov - Intro [Circus Company] 2. Art Of Tones - Take Me Higher (Dub) [We Play House Recordings] 3. Wouter De Moor, Mulder (NL) - Rubato (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music] 4. Kisk & Accatone – 2Friends [APPAREL MUSIC] 5. Stevie Wonder - Superstition (Yare Bootleg) 6. Twinpeaks - Not That Tech House DJ Tool Dropped by Paris Hilton You Were Searching For [OneOffs] 7. A. Filippucci - Lost_4_The_Music (Memoryman Remix) [Paul's boutique] 8. Patrick Topping - Holiday 9. NiCe7 - Bassline Soldiers (Luke Solomon Remix) [DFTD] 10. Javier Carballo - Snake_City_Adam_Shelton_Remix 11. Detlef - Hey ho [D-FLOOR] 12. Cesare vs Disorder - Karaoke Tokyo (Original Mix) [Serialism Records] Biography: NiCe7 is a deejay and production partnership between Italy-based Nicola Daniele and Cesare Marocco. Cesare and Nicola started spinning in their teens, and joined forces in 2005. For almost a decade now, they have been releasing original tracks and put out various remix works for labels such as Noir Music,

  • (168) Andrea Arcangeli for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 29 12 2013

    (168) Andrea Arcangeli for m2o radio (www.m2o.it) 29 12 2013

    13/01/2014 Duración: 59min

    Track List: 1)Mathew Jonson_Kissing Your Eyes Tale of Us Remix 2)DIno Angioletti & Kaysand Fire DirtyChannels Remix 3)Russ Yallop The Journey feat Aimee Sophia (Melokolektiv Remix) 4)Marcus Worgull /Peter Pardeike Lenoix Original Mix 5)DoubleThink 'Last word’ Original mix 6)DoubleThink 'Fill it’ Original mix 7)Tale Of Us_Vaal_Concor_Original Mix 8)Gab Rhome_Lets Keep This A Secret Original Mix 9)Huxley Creeper Club Mix Original Mix 10)DoubleThink I Will Try (Fix You) Original mix Biography: As innovative as the technologies he uses, in love wit h experiment ing and having never enough of it , Arcangeli is a dj, a producer, an artist.The dj booth is his hyper technological laboratory where he, as some sort of cyber-alchemist manipulates sounds, mixing originality, rhythm and improvisation and transferring to the dance floor the million possibilities that the latest arrangement softwares offer: new and stunning melodies that are enriched by vibrant and hypnotic effects.Inspired by the liberating seduction of

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