Through being inspired, he became an inspiration himself, DJ Basel Aly is one of the youngest aspiring DJs of all time, introducing Cairo to vigorous, fresh, upbeat hits, beats that rejuvenate his audience, and introduce them to a spectrum of euphonious colors. Despite his young age he has been able to spawn an incredibly unique vision of music, that incorporates various genres, cultures, tastes and musical talents. which is why he's become quite renowned for his young age. being recognized by various international DJs, such as Gabi Newman, DBN, Daddy's Groove, Gregori Klosman, and many, help our young talent reign to musical supreme by showing us your support.


  • Disclosure 011 (Audio Version)

    Disclosure 011 (Audio Version)

    04/07/2020 Duración: 01h08s

    My disclosure series started around early 2014, based out of my bedroom in Cairo. I was still a relatively young dj and at the time the scene was populated with edm and commercial deep-house tunes. I decided to make a decision that i should start my own show to shine a light on obscure tracks that fit my everchanging musical vision. Thus, Disclosure was born. In this edition of disclosure I take a few steps outside of the hypothetical box, offering my essential collection of downtempo tracks In addition, I asked my good friend Seif Jackson (who is an aspiring young artist himself) to craft a visual piece to accompany it. The result was an hour of pure intergalactic travel. In just 24 hours, we managed to traverse the unexplored corners of the galaxy and catch some pretty cool shots too. We really hope you really like this edition of disclosure. Tracklist: 01. Graziano Raffa & Kevin Di Serna - System Era [Balance] 02. Sahar Z & Navar - The Dogma [Balance] 03. Chaim - Blue Shadow (Slow Dance Mix) [Balance] 0