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  • Wordjam33 / Kennys Podcast

    Wordjam33 / Kennys Podcast

    06/09/2009 Duración: 27min

    Time to time Cat cast radio reaches out around the world in search to "share" on our show platform various podcast creators  We take interest this moment in "Kennys Podcast"  Warning a bit explicit in points ,yet a wonderful show ! enjoy.... dA cAt  

  • Session 109 Mark Kerrs Blue Nation show

    Session 109 Mark Kerr's Blue Nation show

    19/04/2009 Duración: 02h00s

    Listen to Mark each Saturday on KCOR bring you some of the best in Indie artist from around the globe! Check out Mark at his home web Be sure to listen in to all Mark and his "top rated shows".. Playlist Episode 109 updated Saturday April 18, 2009 Jay Jesse Johnson Z Tribe White Lion The Jimmy Zee Band Phantom Blues Band Vince Agwada Truth Gov't Mule Harlan Flo Chris Hicks Band Ramblin Dawgs Blindstone Tom Principato Willie Stradlin Mark Kerr Rossington Collins Band Larry McCray Scott Henderson Guitar Pete Lance Lopez Mr. Big Blindside Bluesband Vasti Jackson

  • Session 21 Blues Cat Jack Show ( the Return)

    Session 21 Blues Cat Jack Show ( the Return)

    07/04/2009 Duración: 01h22min

    That's right the show is back after a long stint of absence. Playlist 1. Cryin for Mercy - Hadden Sayer Band 2. Ain't gonna change my heart - Ron McManaman 3. Redheaded Woman -The border Band 4. Let's make love right now - Locash Cowboys 5. Ocean Blue - My Brave heart 6. Harlan - Jimmy Aldridge 7. When you run - Bus13-Band radio 8. Back to Memphis - Izzy & Chris 9. Hole in the Head - Jessica Horn Band 10. Linda Lu - Stone Brothers 11. I told you once - Dead Guy Blues 12. Eagle Rock my Baby - The bluesbox windy city blues 13. Hard Luck Woman - Clifford & Michaels 14. All Fired up - Mark Easton 15. Mojo Party - Mel Melton & the wicked Mojos 16. Second Nature - Eric Clapton 17. A good Song - Locash Cowboys Enjoy ! be sure to stop by our radio web site and listen to us at live365. we stream live and the buttons are on the web page. "dA cAt"

  • Mark Kerrs Road Rash Show #42

    Mark Kerr's Road Rash Show #42

    29/03/2009 Duración: 02h00s

    Episode 42 updated Saturday March 21, 2009 Mark Airs weekly at KCOR each Saturday. Be sure to check out mark Kerr at as well as find link to playlist artist there. Stop by and join up to our station page at "dA cAt" ARS Carl Verhenyen Carl Weathersby Dave Steffan Band Eric Gales Johnny Neel Jerry Forney Lisa Mann Loaded Dice Molly Hatchet North Mississippi Allstars Gov't Mule Terry Knott Rocky Jackson Phil Brown Mike Dollins Mary Bliven Tom Principato Men In Blues The Human Project The Johnny O. Band Phantom Blues Band Sweet Suzi & The Blues Experience Michael Burks

  • Mark kerrs Christian Blues show #70

    Mark kerr's Christian Blues show #70

    29/03/2009 Duración: 01h00s

    Episode 70 updated Saturday March 21, 2009 Rebroadcast of Mark Kerr's famous Christian blues show. Mark Airs weekly on KCOR every Saturday. Check out marks home page as well as the links to the artist listed in the playlist. Stop by and check out our station home page at The Mighty Jeremiahs Third day Dave Munkhoff Endurance Clint Brown Jimmie Bratcher Michael Miller JR Roberts Danny Liston Spirit & Blues Mark Kerr Kingdom Brothers

  • Mark Kerr Blues Nation Show #106

    Mark Kerr Blues Nation Show #106

    29/03/2009 Duración: 02h00s

    Episode 106 updated Saturday March 21, 2009 Mark Kerr's Famous Blues Nation Show rebroadcast.. Check out marks website and/or find the link to any of the playlist artist there as well. Mark airs weekly on KCOR radio so check them out! Karl Cochran Eric Gales Mark Kerr Pat Travers Ben Robinson RCB Larrry McCray John Earl Walker Bernard Allison King Karma Dave Munkhoff Rufus Huff Kingdom Brothers Wes Jeans Mothers Finest Harlan Flo Montrose The Irene Sage Band Ramblin Dawgs Truth Vince Agwada Glenn Hughes Mr. Big Blindstone Taildragger Guitar Pete Bad Company

  • Terry knott interview With Mark Kerr Host Preying Lizzard Road Rash Show

    Terry knott interview With Mark Kerr Host Preying Lizzard Road Rash Show

    10/03/2009 Duración: 45min

    Hear the recent interview of "Blues Hall of famer" Terry Knott with Mark Kerr. Terry hails from the UK. cdbaby buy link - Terry Knott web page -

  • Blues Into the NIght Session 18 / 4 pak to go

    Blues Into the NIght Session 18 / 4 pak to go

    26/02/2009 Duración: 24min

    This episode is brought to you by "Da cAt" Welcome back Listeners to the "Blues Into The Night / a 4 pak to go" Our 4 pak playlist Killing time ~ Mark easton Steady Rollin' Daddy ~ Izzy & Chris River of Blue ~ Mel Melton & the Wicked Mojos Blue Light ~ Stone Brothers

  • Mark Kerrs Blues Nation Show 02/14/09 Episode 103

    Mark Kerrs Blues Nation Show 02/14/09 Episode 103

    17/02/2009 Duración: 02h00s

    Mark Kerr's Top ranked show re-broadcast. Mark's shows appear each week on KCOR , Saturday afternoons. Stop on in to mark's website and say hello as well as check out the great blues rocker guitarist along with his other great shows. Episode 103 updated Saturday February 14, 2009 King Karma Guitar Pete Devon Allmans Honey Tribe Scott Henderson Ben Robinson Bernard Allison Blindstone Robert Randolph & The Family Band Ramblin Dawgs Mothers Finest Glenn Hughes Kings X Black Passat Mr. Big Vito Bratta Eric Gales Michael Burks Mark Kerr Paul Gilbert Z Z Top Larry McCray Truth Pat Travers Craig Erickson Dave Munkhoff Bad Company Cat Cast Radio features Mark on Regular rotations play list.

  • Mark Kerr Christian Blues Show/ 02-14-09 #67

    Mark Kerr Christian Blues Show/ 02-14-09 #67

    15/02/2009 Duración: 01h00s

    Mark Kerr brings out the best in Christian blues on KCOR and we are pleased to share with our listeners this great show ! check out Mark's official web site at or check our schedule at Live 365 and catch his shows. Episode 67 updated Saturday February 14, 2009 Michael Miller Mighty Sam McClain Big D & The Goodnews Blues Lee Williams & The Spirituals Jimmie Bratcher J.U.L.Y. Lessmyself Mary Mincey Spirit And Blues Mark Kerr Michael & Delilah Kitts Blue Heaven K.L. Williams & Rebel Soul