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  • E003: Pilot to Bombardier (1:36:20)

    E003: Pilot to Bombardier (1:36:20)


    E003: Pilot to Bombardier (1:36:20) Four piece, Seattle based Pilot to Bombardier is finished recording their new album and guitarist JD Richards talks to us about his approach to recording and writing. Do yourself a favor and show up at The Mix in Georgetown, January 18th, for their cd release show. Their energy on stage …

  • E002: Spekulation (1:20:20)

    E002: Spekulation (1:20:20)


    E002: Spekulation (1:20:20) Spekulation is a rap artist from Jersey, living in Seattle, and playing shows all over the city. I caught his show last week and was blown away. If you listen to his new album, you’ll be blown too. “Truth Be Told” drops in February. Performing at Neumos on January 18th 2013 NEW …

  • E001: The Finger Guns (1:12:14)

    E001: The Finger Guns (1:12:14)


    E01: The Finger Guns (1:12:14) The Finger Guns are a solid three piece band who’s live shows are always high energy and their sound as punchy as a drunk clown watching boxing. Steve, singer and guitarist, sits in with us on our first episode of our new show GREAT SET.