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  • Eb Song - First Music Blog Post

    Eb Song - First Music Blog Post


    Eb SongAdding this song first because its a fan favoriteMore info (cont'd) »

  • Bb Song (Resignation)

    Bb Song (Resignation)


    This song (called B flat song) has been my favorite for a while. Also a mis-nomer, this song starts on F sharp (G flat) and is probably in G flat minor.More info (cont'd) »

  • Final Waltz

    Final Waltz


    Intended for accordion, this song was written on piano and then finally played on Concertina!More info (cont'd) »

  • Roan Innish (feat. Sarah BauzA)

    Roan Innish (feat. Sarah BauzA)


    The 2nd song featuring the wonderful sounds of Sarah Bauza's amazing trumpet playing.More info (cont'd) »

  • Julibeans (organic version)

    Julibeans (organic version)


    Recorded with things I found in my kitchen and garage (and vocal cords) - this is Julibeans (which is a cross between Jubilee and Jelly Beans).More info (cont'd) »

  • Heavy, Fog over Casablanca (featuring Sarah BauzA)

    Heavy, Fog over Casablanca (featuring Sarah BauzA)


    The beginning part of this song was written and named "Heavy", then later, the whole thing reminded me of Fog over Casablanca, so they're adjacent and not one complete phrase. Featuring the lovely, talented Trumpet superstar, Sarah Bauza.More info (cont'd) »

  • Haunted Lighthourse

    Haunted Lighthourse


    Haunted Lighthourse is not a typo. Its a horse in England which is haunted and carrying a lantern. Duh.More info (cont'd) »

  • Db Thirds

    Db Thirds


    (D flat thirds) actually does start on Db and is in Db major!More info (cont'd) »

  • BF Irish Song (feat. Dave Hall)

    BF Irish Song (feat. Dave Hall)


    Named after the red-haired and possibly Irish man, Brian Freeman, this song has a distinctively Irish feel (to me) and if it had hair, it would definitely be red. It features Dave Hall on drums.More info (cont'd) »

  • Kitchen Window (orchestra version)

    Kitchen Window (orchestra version)


    Kitchen Window started off as a piano song and quickly grew into a balloon-flying cinematic sensation.More info (cont'd) »

  • HH Revisit (demo)

    HH Revisit (demo)


    (H)aunted light(H)ourse revisited has a similar pattern, but a different ending.More info (cont'd) »