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  • Goodbye Spokane

    Goodbye Spokane

    08/08/2018 Duración: 02h05min

    Goodbye Spokane! We're moving from Spokane down to Boise. To celebrate all the good times Spokane has given us, here's a set of every track and interview from musicians and folks from the INW area. Love ya, Be back soon. Hall of Mirrors- Askevault- Demo 2017 This Was Not Progress- East Sherman- Desertification Policia Crusher- Cesspul- Cesspul Interview with the members of Cesspul God Damn God- Blackwater Prophet- Blackwater Prophet End Note- Scatterbox- Enemies Interview with Scott Rozell Swallow Hate- Phlegm Fatale- Dirty Girl Demo Baby Caught a Bullet- Deadones USA- Hell Comes for Free Interview with Tyler Arnold Model Citizen- Bird Fight- Bird Fight Tomcat Society- Itchy Kitty- Careless Whisker Churn and Turn- Infrablaster- It's Fucking Lit Split Stop The Bleeding- Pit Monster- Abduction/Infectection Interview with Solomon Steiner Throw Up- Dorian Slay- (###) S. Lander A Song About Choices- Still No Pickles- Ugly Ritual of the Serpent- Bruja- Demonstration Watergate- Backed Up Sewage- Single House Meeti