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The Gary Renard Podcast -- produced and co-hosted by Gene Bogart.Featuring news, updates, interviews, and discussions with Gary Renard, author of the best-selling books, "The Disappearance of the Universe", and, "Your Immortal Reality: How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death". Both books are published by Hay House.Gary's works elaborate on the spiritual classics, A Course in Miracles, and The Gospel of Thomas, and focus on the development and practice of "advanced forgiveness", a unique brand of "quantum" forgiveness quite unlike the old-fashioned model.The Gary Renard Podcast is released regularly, and is produced and co-hosted by professional voice artist, writer, and metaphysical entertainer, Gene Bogart. ( • Each podcast program involves discussion with Gary, either from his home, in the studio, or via telephone from one of his many traveling destinations. These conversations elaborate on the themes of forgiveness presented in Gary's works, and also involve his experiences while "on the road" during his busy schedule of presentations and workshops. Gary's well renowned sense of humor is always in evidence, and the conversations are invariably as entertaining as they are enlightening! Podcast listeners are invited to submit comments and questions for Gary to address during upcoming shows.• Gary's own website - which he claims to have named, himself - is• The Gary Renard Podcast is a production of EnLighten-Up Creations and is presented by


  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep056

    01/04/2016 Duración: 53min

    Episode 56: The "Out With 2015, In With 2016" Podcast – Gary and Gene begin this end-of-2015 into-2016 episode with a look back at Gary's extensive travels to the Orient over the past year: visiting a number of countries in Asia where he and Cindy brought the message of A Course in Miracles to large numbers of people, many of them entirely new to the Course's teachings. Gary notes how important it is that new students of the Course get started with an accurate assessment of what the Course is saying, instead of starting off the process with major misunderstandings of what should be basic principles. — The conversation then moves into a very thorough, extended discussion of a number of current would-be "teachers" of ACIM who completely misrepresent the actual teachings of the Course, while claiming to present "improved" or "corrected" versions of Jesus' intended curriculum. Gary makes some eye-opening points that clarify a great many areas of controversy. He also explain

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep055

    01/06/2015 Duración: 01h11min

    Episode 55: The "Springing into Questions!" Podcast – As promised for this episode, Gary and Gene focus on questions sent in by podcast listeners. There's a brief discussion up front touching on numerology, music, movies… but the conversation VERY quickly turns to A Course in Miracles, and of course, forgiveness. Our first question for Gary concerns forgiving family members, especially when the grievances have existed for a long time. Gary's answer involves the necessarily repetitive nature of the forgiveness process, and how the Holy Spirit is always working with us behind the scenes, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Gene adds some comments about the "split mind" being healed a little bit, every time we forgive. Next question asks for Gary to explain the Course's position regarding dreams and their interpretation. The answer involves the Course's teaching that we understand that recognition of the fact that we are dreaming should be our true goal. Our next listener question

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep054

    20/02/2015 Duración: 58min

    Episode 54: The "Merry February!" Podcast – If this show has an unexpected "holiday season" flavor to it, that's because it was recorded during the Christmas-New Year period…even though it's now being released in February. This is due to a variety of reasons that we won't go into here…but nevertheless, enjoy the belated Holiday cheer! ~ The program gets underway very quickly with some impromptu discussion of forgiveness, and the challenges often encountered when applying forgiveness to painful worldly events. Gary provides a few quotes from the Course that address the forgiveness process. Gary then talks about his new writing schedule, and about an upcoming trip to China, where both the Course and DU are gaining an enthusiastic following. There's also discussion about the Course's reception in other Asian countries. The conversation turns to the ACIM teaching that "the script is written", and how this applies to what seems like a series of coincidences here in the world—and how i

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep053

    25/12/2014 Duración: 01h07min

    Episode 53: The "Questions for Gary at Christmas!" Podcast – As promised in the last show (Ep. 52), Gary and Gene devote an entire podcast to questions submitted by listeners; some just recently, and some from the archives. The first several brief questions come from the same listener: How do we know when the ego has been undone? When the Course says to "forgive the world", does that mean we are to renounce the world? Does the ego love the body…or wish to kill it? And, how can I see beyond the body when I am in physical pain, or even emotional distress? The next question comes from a listener in Argentina who asks, "If I get healed in regard to a problem I'm having, will I simply find another problem in 'the script' that will be just as painful?" Next question asks: If God is in communication with me all the time, why don't I hear God? Why don't I feel God? Next: A question regarding something Pursah said about massage techniques. (Gene's lovely wife Helen will enjoy hearing this

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep052

    21/11/2014 Duración: 01h11min

    Episode 52: The "Spirits of Autumn" Podcast – Released in November, this episode was actually recorded before Halloween, which seems appropriate…because some supernatural occurrences will be discussed during the show! But the program begins with Gary recapping his recent tour of Europe, including an ACIM conference in Greece that featured Gary and three other presenters. (Gary says that the best part about participating in conferences is getting to meet people from the ACIM community from all over the world.) His travels also took Gary to Finland and to Paris, one of his favorite cities, which Gary describes as having been "designed by artists." Back stateside, Gary and Cindy visited Berkeley, CA for an ACIM gathering hosted by Cindy's Mom, Doris Lora; Gary mentions that Cindy's sister Jackie is developing a new TV series for the Internet, and Gary speaks about a series of magazine articles he is now writing about the Course. Gary and Gene then both speak about handling the "negative&

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep051

    02/09/2014 Duración: 01h13min

    Episode 51: "The Suicide Podcast" – This show commences not long after the tragic death of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams, and Gary and Gene use the opportunity as a platform to discuss the concepts of death and suicide from A Course in Miracles perspective. Before that discussion begins, however, Gary takes a few moments to talk about his upcoming trip to Europe, and chats a bit about his experiences traveling the world as a student and teacher of the Course. The conversation somehow transitions to the topic of animals, wild and domestic… before returning to the topic at hand: that of death, and the tragic circumstance of suicide. Gary and Gene speak with candor, as well as with both humor and gravity, and touch on aspects of depression and suicide ranging from psychology to pharmacology to spirituality. Interestingly, the Course itself never mentions suicide directly; but it does speak extensively about death, and the ego's fixation on it. The Course teaches very specifically that death

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep050

    19/06/2014 Duración: 01h16min

    Episode 50: "The 50th Podcast!" Gary and Gene celebrate the milestone of their 50th podcast together, and take a look back at how their very first show started things off. Gene notes how "formal" the first episode felt, when compared to the looser feel of more recent shows; but he and Gary both note the lightheartedness that the podcast series has had right from the beginning. Gary makes mention of some of the changes that have occurred over time at the DU yahoo discussion group, and he and Gene discuss the Course's teaching that laughter is the Holy Spirit's principle means for dispelling the ego's belief in seriousness. The discussion includes some close examination of the ACIM concepts of not making the world real, not "needing" to do anything in the world, and not actually needing a body, even while we appear to be inhabiting bodies. This all ties in with the concept of "being in the world but not of it." Both hosts discuss the 50 Miracle Principles which are found

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep049

    13/01/2014 Duración: 59min

    Episode 49: "The Christmas/New Year 2014" Podcast. This show begins at the close of 2013 with a special visitor for Gary (Hint: this fellow travels in a sleigh!); and then Gene invites Gary to update everyone on his latest book, "Love Has Forgotten No One." Gary discusses teachings contained within the book, and also shares some advice he received from Arten and Pursah regarding handling criticism from people both inside as well as outside the ACIM community. Gary mentions that his teachers emphasize throughout the book that we must continuously remind ourselves "not to make the world real", when we are faced with challenging situations or people. As the Course teaches, we are always replacing the thought system of the ego with the thought system of the Holy Spirit. Gary then discusses his plans for the unfolding New Year, including some of the traveling destinations he and Cindy will be visiting. Gene and Gary both spend some time stressing the importance of actually practicing

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep048

    21/10/2013 Duración: 01h22min

    Episode 48: "The Transcending Time" Podcast. The explanation for this title will be revealed later in the episode... but Gary kicks the show off with some breaking news about the release of his new book, "Love Has Forgotten No One", including discussion about the book's simultaneous international publication. The conversation turns to the topic of A Course in Miracles (as it always does!), and Gene and Gary explore the nature and application of forgiveness here in the world. Gary reveals some of his own forgiveness lessons that he writes about in the new book. Gene reveals some new insights he has gained since experiencing his near-death medical event, and shares revelations about the personal experience of time while here in the physical world. And time, then, for Questions for Gary (and Gene, too.) First question comes from a listener in the Netherlands, who asks for guidance about applying the forgiveness process some time AFTER the grievance has occurred. Both co-hosts offer some power

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep047

    14/08/2013 Duración: 01h08min

    Episode 47: "The Summer 2013" Podcast. For some reason, Gary and Gene begin this episode with a few funny stories relating to author Wayne Dyer (a very humorous man in his own right.) Gary gives an update on progress for his upcoming book, and also speaks about Hay House, the publisher. Then, the conversation quickly turns to Course topics. Gary and Gene discuss the fact that in the world we see, very few "teachers" actually stick to teaching what the Course truly presents, and so often attempt to blend other practices and thought systems into their teachings… and that this is NOT the fastest way to reach the experiences that the Course is leading us toward. The ACIM-based discussion addresses the seemingly sequential nature of different lifetimes, which in actuality, are not sequential at all. Forgiveness is discussed (of course!), and we see that practicing forgiveness is really fulfilling "our part" in the Holy Spirit's perfect plan. The conversation touches on the worldwide t

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep046

    30/04/2013 Duración: 01h05min

    Episode 46: "The Spring Ahead" Podcast. Gary and Gene start off by discussing the now-official release date for Gary's long awaited third book, "Love Has Forgotten No One." Gary explains that, although many people have been frustrated by the long wait, he feels that the extra time involved made for a much better book, and one that is very much the book he wanted it to be. (The book will be released by Hay House on Oct. 8, 2013.) Gary mentions Gene's CD recording "The End of Sacrifice" from the Text of ACIM… and then updates everyone on progress with the DU TV series. And then it's time for "Questions for Gary!" First up: since it is Pursah's statement that she became enlightened during her (future) lifetime, then if Gary became enlightened in THIS lifetime, would that mean that Pursah would never be born? Gary answers with a great deal of detailed information about the nature and process of reincarnation itself. The next question follows up by asking about what happens

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep045

    18/12/2012 Duración: 01h11min

    Episode 45: "The End of Sacrifice" Podcast. Episode 45 begins with Gary talking about not really being "the bad boy of spirituality", as he was once described; but rather only being a spiritual pilgrim, just like anybody else… and simply being one who enjoys having a good time as much as anyone. Gary gives high praise to the newly released movie, "Lincoln," and talks about his and Cindy's upcoming holiday trip to Ohio. Gary discusses some of the issues he has encountered with various translations of his books, including into Russian. Gary then brings up the news about Gene's new CD recording, "The End of Sacrifice", Gene's narration from the Text of ACIM—particularly appropriate for release at this time of year, because it includes the well-known section from the Course known as "Christmas as the End of Sacrifice." Gary and Gene expand the conversation into the Course's teachings regarding the concepts of guilt and sacrifice, and all the subtlety that the Cour

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep044

    24/11/2012 Duración: 01h09min

    Episode 44: "The Post-Election Podcast." Episode 44 begins with Gary and Gene discussing the recent presidential election results, and contrasting the way the world generally views such things with how they can be seen in a very different light from a Course in Miracles perspective. Also discussed: how such seemingly important issues as the body's health and our financial status can also be viewed quite differently after understanding the Course's teachings. Questions for Gary include: Clearing up confusion about the finality of "the script" of our lives, and who it is that determines how and when things play out—the ego mind, or the Holy Spirit? And after some discussion about Gary and Cindy's newly released meditation CD (as well as the first mention of a new audio CD that Gene will be releasing soon), a listener inquires about some of Gary's other recent and upcoming audio projects, and when they will be available as digital downloads. Gary brings this episode's discussions to a close b

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep043

    26/04/2012 Duración: 01h14min

    Episode 43: "Gary, Gene, and the Podcast Live Again!" The podcast returns after a lengthy hiatus, following Gene's near-death medical crisis of last Summer (August 2011). Gary begins the show discussing Gene's revelatory experiences, and discussing in depth how this was a wonderful example of putting the Course's teachings into practice — being able to experience peace at all times, even when facing an extreme circumstance. The conversation takes a lighter turn when Gary brings up Gene's new book, "A Golf Course in Miracles", which was released while Gene was recovering from surgery; and then Gary talks about his recent schedule, and how it has allowed him to focus on his writing, and also on counseling activities. The talk about counseling also touches on why anything effectively "therapeutic" that takes place in the world is really being coordinated in one way or another by the Holy Spirit. After a bit more chat together, Gary and Gene transition into the recording of the "

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep042

    03/05/2011 Duración: 01h06min

    Episode 42: "Gary's Belated Birthday!" Actually, it's 'twice belated', as this show was recorded a couple of weeks after Gary's birthday, but then not completed and released until several weeks after that! Thank God time is only an illusion… Interestingly, Gary reminds Gene and our listeners that it has now been 18 years since Arten and Pursah first began to appear to him! And an enlightening 18 years it has been, indeed. Gary speaks a bit about the ACIM conference he attended in San Francisco not long ago, and then recounts some interesting details about his recent 'jury duty' experience! Gary and Gene then discuss March's devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and how best to process these types of concepts and images from an ACIM perspective. Then it's time for a couple of 'Questions for Gary' which include: Are other paths to enlightenment (including certain forms of yoga) consistent with the teachings of A Course in Miracles? Next question asks about "divine intervention", and

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep041

    24/01/2011 Duración: 01h17min

    Episode 41: January 2011… The first podcast of the New Year! Gary begins by telling Gene and the listeners about some of his recent travels, including his first trip to South America, including Argentina! He talks about how the Course is becoming more popular all the time in the countries he and Cindy visit. Gary discusses how the beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to re-commit to one's study of A Course in Miracles, and also mentions his own recent experiences in this regard. Gary asks Gene to discuss his (Gene's) rather severe recent episode of vertigo, which has persisted for several days at the time of this podcast recording. After Gene describes his experiences, Gary addresses the fact that these kinds of physical symptoms can be the direct result of one's spiritual growth and progress, and reads several selections from the Course that directly speak to this kind of phenomena. Gary then announces that Arten and Pursah had just visited him the day before this podcast recording was made! They

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep040

    11/10/2010 Duración: 52min

    Episode 40: Our 40th podcast episode begins with Gary recapping his recent, extensive (26-day) trip to Europe, where he visited Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Even since his return from Europe, Gary (along with Cindy) has already visited Boston and Canada. Gary talks a bit about his plans for traveling less often in the coming year… but admits he and Cindy may just find time to take a relaxing visit to Hawaii sometime this winter! Gene then brings up an interesting upcoming event, "Gary Renard in the Heart of Hollywood", taking place on October 16th (2010), where Gary, along with Cindy, will be speaking and performing over the course of an entire day in a classic theatre one block off Hollywood Blvd. Gary talks a bit about his playing guitar and performing alongside Cindy, and also discusses a new music CD that he and Cindy are producing together. Gary then expands the topic into that of relationships in general, and how, from an ACIM perspective, people can deal

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep039

    17/08/2010 Duración: 01h12min

    Episode 39: "Summertime Blues... for the Ego!" This episode was recorded while Gary was "on top of Mount Shasta", which is, as he describes it, "one of the most spiritual places on Earth." Gary talks about the beauty of the area, and about the wonderful people he and Cindy are visiting while there. A trip to Vermont is next on their agenda, to be quickly followed by another visit to Europe, including stops in Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, and Finland. Questions for Gary include: Are other spiritual thought systems, such as Hawaii's Hoʻoponopono, and some systems taught by other ascended masters, anything like the forgiveness-based thought system as taught in A Course in Miracles? Next, if it's true that we are actually projecting everything we seem to see and experience, is it possible to change the dream we seem to see by applying forgiveness to our thoughts? Can we literally create our own "happy dream"? And then: How do we apply forgiveness in a practical wa

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep038

    20/06/2010 Duración: 57min

    Episode 38: "Our Second Podcast at Sea!" Recorded while aboard the beautiful MS Oosterdam, during Gary's cruise to Mexico; also known as the "South of the Border" cruise, alternatively called, "We Don't Need No Steenkeeng Ego!" As you will hear, 'a splendid time was had by All.' Our podcast at sea features a number of Questions for Gary, a great deal of Course-based discussion, and as might be expected, a lot of laughter and joy-filled interaction among all of us who became, as we have on our previous cruises together, just like a loving, extended family. This "live" recording really captures the energy and spontaneity of Gary and Gene creating a podcast with the involvement of a live audience.

  • Gary Renard Podcast - ep037

    27/03/2010 Duración: 46min

    Episode 37: "March Madness of the Ego!" As we say, March Madness is a lot of fun for sports fans on Earth... but the madness of the ego is no fun for anybody, anywhere. (This was also the theme of this month's conference call.) Gary starts off this podcast by telling Gene all about Austin, Texas (where he is visiting, as this episode is recorded), and then talks a bit about his recent trip to Mexico City. Also discussed is Gary's workshop in the Florida Keys not long ago (where unfortunately, Gene couldn't join him this time around.) Gary and Gene discuss their March 9th conference call, which opened with the topic of the Madness of the Ego, demonstrating how the ego's thought system is literally insane - and how the Holy Spirit provides an alternate thought system which is, blessedly, quite sane, joyful, and peace-filled. Gary elaborates on the actual "structural" nature of the ego, how it started, and how it operates. He also shares some of his personal history of dealing with negati

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