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  • Through You

    Through You


    Life without vision (focus, or purpose) causes you to feel as though you're just existing.  We can become so aimless that we never realize that God can, and still wants to use our life for something miraculous.  Because of the trials, we come to God looking for answers, but the real solution is found in listening to His question..."What can I do for you?" Like Bartimaues (Mark 10:46-52), the revelation comes when we realize the true response to this question is "God I want to be able to see what you can do THROUGH me." Up to now you have seen what you can do, what people can do, what money can do...but now it's time see what GOD can do!

  • His Workmanship

    His Workmanship


    Oftentimes, due to life's issues we forget that we have a purpose that is greater than the circumstances.  Constant focus on the situations causes us to miss our opportunity for greatness.  Once we learn our true identity that we are the workmanship of God, past mistakes and current limitations no longer hinder us. Understand that God prepared your purpose beforehand, and all we have to do is stand even in the midst of trials.Recognize that underneath the erroneous brushstrokes of your life, exist a priceless painting ready to be displayed to the world.  Listen to the message from Ephesians 2:10 to empower you to walk in your good work.

  • Speakers Not Strikers

    Speakers Not Strikers


    Imagine holding on to a promise for years, only to have it snatched because of one infraction.  Add to that, the frustration of seeing others obtain what you desired.  Using the story of Moses "striking the rock", Pastor Antonio teaches how not trusting God's instruction can cost us.  We learn that operating in our true identity, we have the authority and dominion to shift atmospheres with our words.  When we stop allowing situations to speak to us and we speak to them, we are set free and blessings begin to be released into our lives.  Words shape our actions, and actions shape our destiny...what are you speaking.

  • Kingdom Liberation

    Kingdom Liberation


    When one part of the body is affected, then the whole body is subject to pain.  Left untreated, a divisive spirit, rooted in the instutional systemic manipulation can cause the all types of issues, much like we see in our country today. Christ came with a social justice that was a liberation, not from physical oppression, but mental.  Ultimately, a person's liberation will not be at the hands of someone else, but by a decision to live beyond, and inspite of, the labels of man, connecting to the unstoppable power found through Christ.  Allow your actions to spiritually driven and walk in the favor of the Lord.

  • Pencil Power

    Pencil Power


    In life, you will experience a painful "sharpening" from time to time, going through various problems and issues.  It can leave you feeling grind down, worn out, and even broken.  Using 1 Peter 5:6-11, and a simple #2 pencil, Pastor Antonio teaches us 5 principles that give us the power to come through these things and become a stronger person. Once you understand that it's the power that is within you, you will begin to leave your mark on this world.  You are not called to fit in, or even draw within the lines, its' time make new ones. Place yourself in God's hand, and allow Him to write your story.

  • Resurrect Your Greatness

    Resurrect Your Greatness


    We all, at time, feel the pain of wanting to do and be more.  Left unchecked, issues of life have a way of suffocating our greatness, causing us to just exist instead of live.  The enemy wants to keep us bound, but like Lazarus, we must hear and receive the Word of God, and it's promises for our lives, and walk out of our "grave" mindset and conditions.  Pastor Antonio, using the familiar story, illustrates how we must break away from the things that bind our identity, so that we walk in our dominion and authority.  Oftentimes we are not what we have become, but we just need to unwrap ourselves.  It's time to get free!

  • While You Wait_PastorPaula

    While You Wait_PastorPaula


    Waiting is yet another frustrating trial we emerge from on the way to the victory God promised. It seems like as it gets closer to where we think time is running out, the delay becomes inevitable.  However, as people of God, we have to be immovable on God's Word over every promise in our life. Just because we can't see right now, doesn't mean the Holy Spirit isn't working behind the scenes orchestrating the arrival.  Pastor Paula teaches how Habakkuk waited, not rushing prematurely, knowing the appointed time was coming.  While waiting, you've got to remind yourself that a delay is not a denial.  We must stay in the presence of God, tapping into the power within, and speak life over our vision and promises.

  • Revenge Or Revival

    Revenge Or Revival


    Oftentimes in life, we find ourselves subject to some type of injustice, whether financially, on our jobs, physically, or emotionally.  We can get so focused on mopping the water (correcting the injustice) that we forget to turn off the busted pipes (the cause of the injustice) and the water (injustice) continues to flood our lives.  There comes a point where we must no longer see ourselves as victims, and fight off the vultures and jackals of discouragement, disappointment, and depression. As Pastor Antonio walks us through the story of Rizpah, a seemingly insignificant woman that was a concubine of Saul, we see that extreme times called for extreme measures.  She decided to fight to be the light in a dark situation.  You have to understand that what you're going through is not eternal.  We have a God that says if you just do what is possible for you, He will handle the impossible.

  • Affliction Of The Seed

    Affliction Of The Seed


    Do you feel like the idea, business, ministry, etc. you gave birth to is under attack, or the attack even starts before you give birth.  The affliction comes by way of health, finance, job, family or mental (thought) issues, and can cause us to simply give up and abort our destiny.  We must believe that when there's "danger in our manger" that God will always reveal people, provisions, and a position that are a blessing to our lives.  Looking at the story of Jesus' birth, Pastor Antonio teaches how we must recognize the divine connections, utilize the divine supply, and walk in our divine location.  These things are irrevocably linked to our destiny, and God's providence is always at work.

  • Dont Let Fear Paralyze Your Purpose_Pastor Paula

    Don't Let Fear Paralyze Your Purpose_Pastor Paula


    For many of us, the one thing that stops us from moving forward is fear.  Left unchecked, this fear can paralyze us to the point that we never fully reach the destiny that God has called us to.  As Pastor Paula teaches, God tell us in Romans 8 that those led by the Spirit of God did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear.  Rejecting this shackling fear, and the bondage mindset is what distinguished our ancestors of faith. Stop letting your fear put a hold on your purpose! Faith will always overcome fear! Trust God, then go for it! We have to start speaking life over that which looks dark, using the power of the Word of God. Let's stop being available for the enemy to impart his lies, and wickedness into our lives. The best way to overcome fear is to choke it out with faith.

  • Stewardship The Rest Of The Money

    Stewardship The Rest Of The Money


    There are only three financial lifestyle choices that you will find yourself making...to live above, within, or below your means.  Most know that living above their means translates into a life of debt, burden, and worry.  Yet many of us find ourselves in this position...why?  We have to understand how to become a master over the spirit of money, otherwise it will master us. In Luke 14, Jesus’ stress on planning and completing a task is a timely warning. Those that decided to take heed and become masters create a life of steady, balanced money flow, free from debt and financial worries.  In this last part of the stewardship series, Pastor Antonio walks us through the purpose of a spending plan, helping us to mark spiritual boundaries between our own desires and the challenge to honor God with "our" money.

  • Stewardship Giving Connects Us

    Stewardship Giving Connects Us


    We decide on where our money is to flow and how.  There is a decision on spending, saving and giving, and even not doing these things is a decision. Of the three, nothing causes more controversy in the church than the subject of giving.  Many see giving as a burden like paying a bill.  However, when looked at properly, we learn that giving is truly a relational decision. Does God need our money, of course not.  But God's desire is that we be more like Him, and He is a giver.  When we give we are connecting to the essence of who God is, and the promises related to that. When we learn to trust God through giving, we can live confidently on what is left because we know that God is taking care of the remainder. We can live with the expectation and confidence that God is so powerful and faithful that He will not only use our giving for His larger Kingdom eternal purposes, but also that God will meet our needs as well.

  • Stewardship Its All His

    Stewardship It's All His


    There's probably nothing gets a person more emotionally charged than the subject of money. It's said, The most sensitive nerve in the body is the one going from the heart to the wallet. Money is the currency of life that can disproportionately control our minds. Whatever your worries or dreams are, they are usually tied to money. With that it would be important to think about money in the proper perspective. In this series Stewardship, Pastor Antonio aims to transform the way we think about money as Christians. To line our thinking up with God's mindset. There are more than 2000 verses on money and possessions, so it safe to say that God is thinking about money. In part one, we begin at the foundation of knowing that "it's all His".  All of our resources come from and belong to the Source.  With this understanding, we realize we are just managers, not owners, and as managers, we will be held accountable how well we manage.  But relax, there is a surprising breakthrough and blessing with getti

  • Fight Your Fight

    Fight Your Fight


    When going into battle, a soldier rest on the assurance of his training and reliability of his weapons. In 1 Samuel 17, David does just that...confronts the enemy relying on his training and his weapons.  King Saul tries to put his armor on David, but David let's him know that it is untested for this battle. You have to be willing to take off what people try to put on you. In the "battles" of everyday life, we as Christians must rely on our training by the Holy Spirit, and the reliability in the Word of God.  With that, we can go on the offensive, taking back from the enemy what belongs to us.

  • Get Up Walk

    Get Up Walk


    No matter who you are, in life, we will face issues, situations and challenges.  Like the man in John 5, we find ourselves laying on our "mat" hoping to be saved from the circumstances.  However, there are times when God will request that we get up, pick up our mat, and walk. See, God doesn’t always change our outer circumstances. But He always desires to changes us. He calls us into a new way of being, seeing, acting, speaking, thinking.  When we stand and rise to that new life we discover the circumstances have somehow changed. The life Jesus offers does nothappen “as soon as ....”  It happens in this place, at this time, in these circumstances.

  • The Enemys Pursuit

    The Enemy's Pursuit


    Oftentimes, when When God is about to reposition your life, know that the devil will begin to attack. The enemy doesn't want to reach your promise, and knowing that he can't take it from you, he will try to delay, distract, discourage, and deny you from it. God isn’t surprised by the attack and what He said He would do He will do. Using Exodus 14, Pastor Antonio brings light to the moment that Israel found itself between a "rock and a hard place".  They were getting close to the promise, all the while their enemy was getting closer to them. We learn that sometimes you have to go through the "mess-ing", to get to the blessing...it's all a part of the processing.  But always be reminded that where you are in this trouble, is not where you will end.  Stand still in the promise of God, and watch Him finish the work. 

  • A Mothers Request

    A Mother's Request


    Imagine having an issue that you are at your wits end about, and you go to God, and He answers you first with silence, only to be succeeded by apparent rejection.  Is this the "just" God that you've always heard about, or is He just a "god" that really isn't concerned about your circumstances?  In Matthew 15 , we have a story of a chance encounter between Jesus and a Canaanite woman who is confronted with the same situation. A revelation of who Christ truly is changes not only her life, but those around her. Delving deeper, Pastor Antonio outlines her request, shows how she understands what most didn't, and that sometimes you just can't take "NO" for an answer.

  • God Of The Valley

    God Of The Valley


    Have you ever faced a valley before? Where it seemed that you were out numbered, surrounded, and completely and totally helpless?  In 1 Kings 20, the Israelites found themselves in a similar situation. The scripture says that Israel is so out-numbered that they look like 2 small herds of sheep.  Could you imagine the fear that gripped the hearts of the army of Israel?  Discouragement and despair must have filled their minds. Thoughts of giving up; surrender must have been the discussion of the day. Many times in our lives we find ourselves in the middle of the valley...weak, tired, empty and alone. We feel so far from the presence and the anointing of God. And when we call on Him we feel like we get a busy signal.  Using the story, Pastor Antonio shows how although the valley is a place of trial, it can, and is a place of hope and even victory.

  • Preparing For The Blessing

    Preparing For The Blessing


    In 2 Kings 3, we find the armies of Judah and Israel out in the middle of the desert with no water to drink, and was about to face a battle with the Moabites.  They had a big problem to solve and didn't have the answers.  How many times have you felt the same way?  However, someone in the camp knew to inquire of the Lord, through the prophet Elisha, but what he tells them to do next seems to be counterintuitive to a solution.  God will often use foolish things to confuse the wise, as He doesn't need you to understand His method for it to work. Using this passage, Pastor Antonio walks us through the steps needed in order to prepare for a blessing.  The armies needed a big blessing, but they had to prepare in order to receive it.

  • Fire Power

    Fire Power


    When God was about to answer the cries of the people, He first had to show one the fire.  Pastor Antonio walks us through the burning bush experience of Moses, showing us how to walk with grace on fire.  Before God raised Moses up as a deliverer, he had to experience the fire of God! “Get on fire for God and men will come and see you burn.” ― John WesleyThe fire of God will reveal, refine, and rouse you.  We have to learn not to run from the fire, but to use it for our power, and God's glory.  Become fascinated with God again, turn aside from the distractions, and hear God's voice in the fire.

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