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One new thing a week for the rest of time forever.


  • Episode 17: Indianapolis Pizza Lawsuit

    Episode 17: Indianapolis Pizza Lawsuit


    This week: An unprecedented business opportunity overtakes the boys and special guest Nathan Brewer.

  • Episode 16: Ghost Adventure

    Episode 16: Ghost Adventure


    This week: Random sounds at the table, talking over one another constantly, and other displays of rampant unprofessionalism. All with special guests Daniel Gauer and Eliot Carter. 

  • Episode 15: ¡Gasolina!

    Episode 15: ¡Gasolina!


    This week: Special guest Nate Brewer joins the boys on a trip toward self-actualization, and they learn a little something about tribalism, romance, and David Duchovny. 

  • Episode 14: Coming Down From the Mountain (Wrestling Pt. 2)

    Episode 14: Coming Down From the Mountain (Wrestling Pt. 2)


    This Week: We use a solid half hour of unedited wrestling talk as a closer. 

  • Episode 13: Neighborhood

    Episode 13: Neighborhood


    This week: I want to be a Hulkamaniac, and have fun with my family and friends.

  • Episode 12: Moving Day

    Episode 12: Moving Day


    This week: It's a housewarming party, so buckle up while Caolan violently berates me for not understanding how raw and real Geek Love is.

  • Episode 11: Minisode?

    Episode 11: Minisode?


    This week: It was supposed to be a mini-update, but then we talked for a long time.

  • Episode 10: New Years

    Episode 10: New Years


    This week: We go for the throat. Special Guest: Jack Skelton

  • Episode 9: Wrestling

    Episode 9: Wrestling


    This Week: An off-brand Razor Scooter. @jonkeown, @goatcabin

  • Episode 8: An Old Fashioned Deal

    Episode 8: An Old Fashioned Deal


    This week: Nate Brewer stops by to show us his Murder Basement. @jonkeown, @goatcabin, @baroquesampsonTheme song courtesy of Caitlin Stephens.

  • Episode 7: Mickey Rooney

    Episode 7: Mickey Rooney


    This week: Happy TurkDay, everyone. @jonkeown, @goatcabin, @baroquesampson

  • Episode 6: Churro Breakdown

    Episode 6: Churro Breakdown


    This Week: The worst one yet. Cat Stephen's Bandcamp

  • Episode 5: A Machiavellian Trap

    Episode 5: A Machiavellian Trap


    This week: We celebrate Halloween in our own very special way, with special guest Jack Skelton. Talk to us on Twitter! @jonkeown @goatcabin @baroquesampsonSpecial thanks to Caitlin Stephens for our theme song. Give her a listen.

  • Episode 4: The 90s Wilderness

    Episode 4: The 90's Wilderness


    This week: Our audio is all sorts of messed up. Talk to us on Twitter: @jonkeown @goatcabin @baroquesampsonDirect Download (Right Click > Save As)

  • Episode 3: Wizard Cones

    Episode 3: Wizard Cones

  • Episode 2: Hand-Crank Genius

    Episode 2: Hand-Crank Genius

  • Episode 1: Cornhole Singularity

    Episode 1: Cornhole Singularity