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Club Penguin News is the news podcast that airs on Wednesdays bringing all the news from The Penguin Times and the CP blog, not to mention many extras!The podcast should come out on Wednesday nights with additional breaking newscasts and PSAs!


  • Episode #2

    Episode #2

    09/11/2006 Duración: 14min

    Today is Episode #2! Yay! Today we will begin with our new schedule, which goes on Wednesday nights at no set time. We have also cut out The Penguin Times from programming. Today we will discuss the CP blog for November 1 and November 6. We will also be discussing Club Penguin in general. Visit me on the web at! See ya!

  • Episode #1-Discussion #1

    Episode #1-Discussion #1

    02/11/2006 Duración: 11min

    Whew! Our first episode! What a show... we are talking about puffles today in our discussion episode! Learn the history of puffles, the formation of puffles, and even more! Visit me on the web at! The TAS 1000 song "I've Been Delayed" copyright TAS 1000. The CP song "Puffle Roundup" copyright New Horizon Interactive.

  • PSA Episode #1

    PSA Episode #1

    02/11/2006 Duración: 02min

    Oh, boy! What a hectic time this has been! First, I miss Monday's episode. Then, I don't post my PSA or my Halloween Special on time! Don't worry, I've got it covered! Find out what's going down on this PSA...

  • Intro Episode

    Intro Episode

    28/10/2006 Duración: 04min

    This is the introduction to Club Penguin News. It contains much helpful information for all my listeners. CPN usually airs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at 8/7c. Visit me on the web at!