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Music I love in its many forms. MY Favorite songs. REAL music. You'll hear ALOT of Michigan Music. Songs produced or featuring 14KT. Mostly Underground Hiphop, Soul, and R&B with splashes of Jazz Fusion, Psychdelic Rock, Gospel, Latin & Afrobeat. Never know what you may get....take a listen :)


  • KGR #14: Spine TV Beat Tape #1

    KGR #14: Spine TV Beat Tape #1

    14/03/2011 Duración: 10min

    Spine TV have enlisted Detroit's too-hot-to-touch producer 14KT to launch the very first episode of our new Beat Tape series. Offering a blank canvas to some of our favourite producers to show off their skills, each Beat Tape gives them ten minutes to deliver ten beats in the most sonicly succinct way they can, from unfinished symphonies to their greatest hits

  • KGR #13: 14KT  DJ Graffiti DAMM U Mixtape pt. 2

    KGR #13: 14KT & DJ Graffiti "DAMM U" Mixtape pt. 2

    22/11/2010 Duración: 28min

    Woo!!! 14KT is the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle Champion! To celebrate, the Athletic Mic League/The Lab Techs producer connected with the Mixtape Mangler, DJ Graffiti to hit ya'll with a part two mix featuring some of 14KT’s best production including beats he's featured in the battles. 14KT on the beats. Graffiti on the mix. Tracklist: 1. Adrenaline (Jozeemo) 2. SledgeHammer (Invincible) 3. Swagger Jackson's Revenge (Jay Electronica) 4. Goin' Nowhere (Buff1) 5. Rockabye Baby (Marv1) 6. OH! (Illite) 7. Honey 14KT Remix Instr. (Erykah Badu) 8. The Answer (NowOn) 9. Cry Now 14KT Remix Instr. (Obie Trice) 10. I'm Sayin' 14KT Remix (NowOn) 11. BlackKat (14KT) 12. Much Better (Buff1) 13. Diamonds [Hands 2 the Sky 14KT remix] (Kanye West) 14. The Sky (Buff1) 15. DANCE 14KT Remix Instr. (Danny Brown) 16. Marvin Flip (14KT) 17. Around (14KT) 18. They Say [Jon B Flip] (14KT) 19. DAMN! (14KT)

  • KGR #12: 14KT  DJ Rhettmatic DAMM U Mixtape pt. 1

    KGR #12: 14KT & DJ Rhettmatic "DAMM U" Mixtape pt. 1

    28/03/2010 Duración: 26min

    With a Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle final on the way,a New Wave album with Mayer Hawthorne, and a solo album all on the way; the Athletic Mic League/The Lab Techs producer linked up with DJ Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies to release a mix they did featuring some of 14KT’s best production. 14KT on the beats. Rhettmatic on the cuts. 1. Ypsilanti Intro (14KT) 2. House Of Horrors (Buff1) 3. Nostalgia (Octane & Illite) 4. Naaaah! (Fowl) 5. MME Mode (14KT) 6. Futuristic Soul (Tony Ozier) 7. The Violet Hour (14KT) 8. No Easy Answers (Invincible) 9. Electrifying Music Maker (Buff1) 10. The A (Now On) 11. Leave Me Alone (Octane & Illite) 12. Real Appeal (Buff1) 13. West Coast Summer (14KT) 14. Going Fine (prod. by 14KT & Dibiase) 15. There’s Only One (Buff1)

  • KGR #11 : Magestik Legend To Be Continued (Megamix) Chap. 1

    KGR #11 : Magestik Legend "To Be Continued (Megamix) Chap. 1"

    20/03/2010 Duración: 36min

    Yo. I've been mad at this guy for 10 years.Haha.. Seriously. He is one of the DOPEST emcees from Michigan.He would record all these crazy songs and NEVER put them out! He came over my crib one day and we were talking about the theme of "Letting Go". Next thing I know, he's playing me a megamix of exclusive material & several albums worth of classic music i've heard first hand! So YOU KNOW I had to bring it to ya'll! Ladies & Gentlemen, here is a piece of the genius of my brother, Magestik Legend. Enjoy, and please hit him up if you like the music and tell him to keep "LETTING IT GO!!" Haha! Magestik Legend & FWMJ Present: To Be Continued..(Megamix) Chap. 1 Hosted by T3 of Slum Village TRACKLIST: INTRO prod by Audible Doctor BOUT FREEDOM prod by Astronote BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS prod by Bean One POSTAL SERVICE prod by Pete Cannon (Outro skit w/Miz Korona) ALL EYE KNOW prod by Astronote LARRY BROWN (PAYSTYLE) GET DOE prod by Magestik Legend(Flashback 05') THE SHOWBIZ prod by Astronote POP METAL w/Marv Won & Ro-

  • Karat Gold Radio #10 : Honorable Mention Part 2

    Karat Gold Radio #10 : Honorable Mention Part 2

    30/11/2009 Duración: 43min

    People loved the first one, so I HAD to hit you with another one! Michigan gems. Enjoy ya'll! 1. Player/Hater Intro(SV-Players/Elzhi-Haters) 2. Phat Kat- Club Banger **mixed with 14KT Start It All Over Instrumental** 3. Frank-N-Dank - Turn It Up 4. Ta'Raach- Big Bang Theory 5. Nametag- Sounds Good To Ya 6. Proof- Lois Lane 7. Baatin- Marvelous 8. The Detroit Experiment- Highest 9. Black Bethoven- Hood Rock 10. Slum Village- Hood Hoes 11. Invincible feat. Finale- Don't Sleep 12. Finale- The L Word 13. Zo! feat. Phonte- My Flame 14.One Be Lo- Double Essay (S.S.A) 15. Supreme Team- See(Suite) 16. Now On- Tommorrow Already 17. Athletic Mic League- Teamplayer 4(14KT Foolin' Around Rmx) **Exclusive** 18. P.H.E.A.R feat. Mr. Porter - Amount 2 Something 19. Waajeed/P.P.P- After The Worries

  •  Karat Gold Radio #9 : Honorable Mention.

    Karat Gold Radio #9 : Honorable Mention.

    28/04/2009 Duración: 45min

    This is a podcast I did for the A-Side Worldwide crew. "This is a mix of some of my favorite joints for Michigan that don't really get play.I LOVE Dilla to death, but I just wanted people to know that there are other artists/songs from Michigan that you may have not heard of that are crazy dope as well! So 14KT Presents to you, some of my favorite "honorable mention" joints! Enjoy. PEACE!! " 1. BR Gunna & Fat Ray- Up 2. Elzhi-That's The One 3. Karriem Riggins- Go download Music Kaleidoscope! 4. Nametag- Ahead Of The Basics 5. Fat Killahz- Guess Who's Coming To Dinner 6. Sylvio Vega feat. Spud Spliff- Blazin' Hot 7. Waajeed & The Jazz Katz- Musik ( Waajeed vs Marvin "I Want You" Rmx) 8. Bahamadia - Philadelphia (Dwele Rmx) 9. Monica Blaire- Ever After 10. Black Milk- Bounce 11. Eric Roberson feat. Illite- Time Machine(Nick Speed Rmx) 12. Danny Brown- Squeeze Precisely 13. Que D feat. Elzhi- Feel This (Alternative mix) 14. Yoshi feat. Vince Kelsey- Get Down 15. Tree City- Revolution 16. T3- Move 17. Black Re

  • Karat Gold Radio #8 : Meet My Peeps..Zo!

    Karat Gold Radio #8 : Meet My Peeps..Zo!

    03/11/2008 Duración: 49min

    Meet My mans. Zo! Plays Keys,Bass, Guitar, Drums, you name it. One of the most TALENTED producers/musicians/individuals I can call my brother. Met in 02'& became a fan off first listen. I wanted ya'll to fall in love with his music the same way I did. Hosted by Zo! himself! He even talks about meeting Heatwave when he beautifully covered their classic song, "Star of the Story"! 1. Crowded Room Invitational 2. The Watch 3. Zo!& Tigallo- I'm Only Human 4. Caught Up In The Rapture 5. Zo!& Asylum 7- Gotta Live ft. Asheru **KGR EXCLUSIVE** 6. Pressure Release 7. Dwele- Hold On (Rmx) 8. Time Table 9. Little Brother- When Everything Is New 10. PPP- Stay With Me ft. Tiombe Lockhart (Zo!: Keys) 11. Sapphire 12. Detroit Districts (Pts. I &II) 13. Foreign Exchange- If She Breaks Your Heart ft. Yahzarah 14. Star of The Story www.myspace.com/zo www.musicalarchitect.com Zo! and Asylum 7 "Overdue Process" album DECEMBER 16th, 2008!! November 4th! OBAMA!!

  • Karat Gold Radio #7 : 14KTs Classic Soundtracks Songs.

    Karat Gold Radio #7 : 14KT's Classic Soundtracks Songs.

    17/09/2008 Duración: 50min

    In celebration of my 1ST SOLO PROJECT, "The Golden Hour Soundtrack" coming October 14th, I wanted to share with ya'll songs I consider classic from some of my favorite classic movies. I had so many songs I might have to do another one! You'll look back and reminisce on this podcast one day! PEACE. 1. 2pac-Pain 2. Davina-So Good feat. Raekwon 3. Wu All-Stars- Soul In the Hole 4. Mc Eiht- Streight Up Menace 5. Raphael Saadiq- Ask of You 6. EnVouge- Don't Let Go(Love) 7. BlackGirl- Freedom 8. BlackStarr- Little Brother 9. Mobb Deep- Back At You 10.Crooklyn Dodgers- Crooklyn Dodgers 95' 11.Crooklyn Dodgers- Return of Crooklyn Dodgers 12.Slum Village- Aerodynamic(Rmx) 13.House of Pain- Who's The Man 14.Outkast- Benz or Beamer 15.Eric B. & Rakim- Know The Ledge 16.Willie Hutch- The Glow (R.I.P Julius Carey (Sho' Nuff))! God is ALWAYS Good.

  • Karat Gold Radio #6 : Crusin With KT

    Karat Gold Radio #6 : Crusin' With KT

    04/08/2008 Duración: 43min

    Crusin' music for your summer.. Come ride with me... Tracklist: 1. PPP-1 Luv 2 U feat. Neco Redd 2. Rena Jones -Your There 3. Lovers Quarrel-Contentment In Humidity feat. Symanski 4. Raphael Saadiq- Different Times feat. T-Boz 5. Kev Brown-Albany(Instrumental) 6. Robert Glasper Trio- F.T.P (Live)

  • Karat Gold Radio #5- BUFF1 XCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

    Karat Gold Radio #5- BUFF1 XCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

    28/07/2008 Duración: 01h36min

    Here HE is... who the streets are whispering about.. Get to know BUFF1 in a exclusive interview that features 14 songs you may have NEVER heard... Tracklist : 1. Sumthin For Da Streetz Freestyle

  • Karat Gold Radio #4 : Mellow Yellow.

    Karat Gold Radio #4 : Mellow Yellow.

    10/07/2008 Duración: 46min

    Greetings ya'll. After giving ya'll some pretty high-powered episodes, I decided to...actually I was kinda force to chill out due to my day starting off in the wrong key :( I really hope ya'll don't mind? I hope you enjoy the podcast regardless. Just me sharing with ya'll some of my favorite.. most personal..joints of life :) Next Podcast : I kick it at the crib with Buff1 of Athletic Mic League! We're gonna get to know Buff1 a little, play some exclusive joints, and who knows what other random craziness...

  • Karat Gold Radio #3: Youre Going Back To The Lab. Buddy : SPITTERS EDITION.

    Karat Gold Radio #3: You're Going Back To The Lab. Buddy : SPITTERS EDITION.

    03/05/2008 Duración: 46min

    This is a collection of joints some old, some new that made me go back to the lab on the rhymes. I mean come on...Andre 3000? Elzhi? Jay-Z? OneBeLo? Lauryn Hill? Canibus...well...circa de 97'??lolol...ya'll get the picture...get ready to go back to the lab again....1 1. Canibus-Freestyle (Circa de 97') (Note: You #1 then Im -2...) 2. Common- Hungry 3. MF Doom- Curls 4. Nas- No Ideas Original 5. Roc Marciano- Game of Death 6. Elzhi- Motown 25 feat. Royce 5'9 ( Note: New Joint!! Wooooooo!!!!) 7. The Fugees- The Score 8. Mobb Deep- The Realest feat. Kool G Rap 9. Gift of Gab- The Ride of Your Life 10. Invincible- Watch Ya Posture (Note: Even her old ish is killing cats) 11. Outkast - Drinking Again/? 12. The Roots- Web 13. Jay Electronica- Voodoo Man 14. Little Brother- Sirens feat. Carlitta Durand 15. Jay-Z- D'Evils (Note: MAAAN this joint was soo serious to me..) 16.OneBeLo- Evil of Self (Note: liste

  • Karat Gold Radio #2 : Youre Going Back To The Lab Buddy.

    Karat Gold Radio #2 : You're Going Back To The Lab Buddy.

    01/04/2008 Duración: 51min

    Aye! I know I know...sorry for taking so long to do the 2nd podcast! Been Outta town alot and I was maad sick, but here it is! The "You're Going Back To The Lab" episode #1. I had so many joints I wanted to play so I gotta do another one soon! Check it out and let me know what you think! PEACE. Oh yeah...I messed up a little around the Killer in Me/HouseShoes....I apologize...like Shoes always says when he messes up....ish happens...lol... 1. Swiff D- It Ain't The One 2. Mos Def- Can U See The Pride In the Panther( J-Dilla Rmx) instrumental 3. Big Tone (Wasted Youth)- Get Over feat. Dwele (Prod. by Big Tone) 4. Afta1- Believe 5. Othello- Silohette Instrumental (Prod. by Ill Mind) 6. Oddisee- Soul Clap Rmx feat. Jean Grae, Phonte 7. Dudley Perkins/Georgia Anne Muldrow- Found(U) (Prod by. Georgia Anne Muldrow 8. FDR- Love Is Here (Prod. By Young RJ) 9. Black Milk quick loops... 10. Krumb Snatcha- Killer In Me (Prod. By Nottz) 11. Houseshoes- Decency. 12. Reflection Eternal- Africa Dream (Prod. By Hi-Te

  • Karat Gold Radio #1: Karat Gold Classics

    Karat Gold Radio #1: Karat Gold Classics

    06/03/2008 Duración: 01h03min

    Yeaaaaaaaah....My first podcast! I'm excited. This is a collection of joints that i've produced or been featured on. Blessing ya'll with almost an hour's worth of my music for ya'll to enjoy!! If you're feeling it, spread the word, tell a friend. It only gets better. I hope ya'll like it. Let me know what you think iight?? 1. Chinese Connection Intro 2. Athletic Mic League- Xoom (prod. by Vaughan T) 3. 14KT- Nite Watch 4. Buff1-Bang feat. Guilty Simpson 5. Buff1-Pretty Baby feat. Sam Beaubien 6. Octane- Leave Me Alone 7. Invincible- Sledgehammer 8. OneBeLo- HipHop Heaven 9. Buff1- House of Horrors 10.Tony Ozier- Do U Agree? feat. 14KT(prod.by Tony Ozier/14KT) 11.Alicia Keys- No One (14KT rmx) 12.Iamabeenie- Careless Whisper 13.Iamabeenie- A Garden of Peace Revisited 14.Dutch Massive- I Want Her 15.Athletic Mic League- RU??(prod. by Haircut) 16.S.U.N- Icebreaker 17.Now On- I'm Sayin(rmx)feat. Aloe Blacc 18.Athletic Mic League- Birth Control(prod. by Vaughan T) 19.Decompoze- Good Vibes(14KT rmx) feat. Zo!