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Tabs Out is an all cassette podcast with a focus on experimental music and cassette culture.


  • Bonus Episode: Strategic Tape Reserve | 2.14.21

    Bonus Episode: Strategic Tape Reserve | 2.14.21


    Eamon from Strategic Tape Reserve stopped by to brainstorm future releases with us, explain what exactly STR is, and attempt to prove that he can be trusted (he can't be). Features Fire-Toolz, Phirnis, Fitness Instruktör, Qualchan., Severino Pfifferling, Modus Pony, VLK, moduS ponY, and Elymr.

  • Episode #164 | 1.31.21

    Episode #164 | 1.31.21


    Bolus Calcs, Slugbug, Sea Moss, Neige & Norceur, Ophibre, Godflesh, Failing Lights, Ocean Floor, James A McDermid, Floor, Machine Listener, The Sloppy Boys, and Forgotten Sword

  • Bonus Episode: Aaron Dilloway | 1.24.21

    Bonus Episode: Aaron Dilloway | 1.24.21


    We tried to interview Aaron Dilloway of Hanson Records but he mainly just walked around his house and showed us tapes. It was an honor and a pleasure.

  • Episode #163 | 12.29.20

    Episode #163 | 12.29.20


    Mount Maxwell, Redeemer, Mini Vietnam, Malaikat dan Zoon, Void Rot, Phlegms, A Magic Whistle, Drainolith, Ahmed Ag Kaedy, Cattle Decapitation, Psychic Graveyard, Ciel Nordique, and McGruff's Smart Kids

  • Bonus Episode: 2020 Year Ender | 12.29.20

    Bonus Episode: 2020 Year Ender | 12.29.20


    Claire Rousay, Keith Rankin & Seth Graham (Orange Milk Records), Max Allison (Hausu Mountain), PK (German Army), and a few more buds stop by Tabs Out virtual HQ to talk about their favorite tapes of 2020 and wrap this ghoul of a year up.

  • Episode #162 | 11.26.20

    Episode #162 | 11.26.20


    Free Magic Show, Quest Master, Sam Goldberg, Pagen Hellfire, Charles Barabé, Heavenworld, Max Zuckerman, Leah-Peah, Cernunnos Woods, Beyt Al Tapes, Violet Cold, and Clipping.

  • Episode #161 | 10.21.20

    Episode #161 | 10.21.20


    Sunwatchers, Nuvolascura, Form A Log, Oathbreaker, Andrew Weathers Ensemble, Steve Horelick, Looks Realistic, Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze, The Mild, Sangam, and Thoughts on Air.

  • Episode #160 | 9.22.20

    Episode #160 | 9.22.20


    A Paramount, A Love Supreme, Mil Kdu Des, Escape to Holy Witch Mountain, Jacken Elswyth, No Option, Sunk Heaven, Tiger Village, Stalchild, Coach Campa, Nandele Maguni, Kay Odyssey.

  • Episode #159 | 8.24.20

    Episode #159 | 8.24.20


    Primal Winds, Whisker, Pulse Emitter, Bronze Age UFO, Dorota, Chorchill, Dolphin Brain, E+RO=3, Embarker, Ras G, Eiliyas, and Daniel Kordík.

  • Bonus Episode: Third Kind Records | 8.16.20

    Bonus Episode: Third Kind Records | 8.16.20


    Nick Langley from Third Kind Records pops in to discuss some of the often confusing releases on his label with cuts from Nikmis, EQ Why, Stewart Chalmers, and others.

  • Episode #158 | 7.30.20

    Episode #158 | 7.30.20


    South City Hardware, Deep Learning, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Detestifi Yellow Swans, Operator G, 10th Letter, Hippies Wearing Muzzles, Clipping, Tim Stine Trio, Hex Breaker Quintet, and Mo Nicklz presents J Dilla.

  • Bonus Episode - Cudighi Sampler | 7.13.20

    Bonus Episode - Cudighi Sampler | 7.13.20


    Ben from Cudighi Records talks about his zany ass label and it's spicy namesake. Jams by ELMA, Yuto Ohashi, Yeti, Haunted Gauntlet, Luurel Varas, Apollo Dial, ZigZag Zone, and Toon.

  • Episode #157 | 6.19.20

    Episode #157 | 6.19.20


    Skip Club Orchestra, Alex Cunningham & claire rousay, Suko & Modus, Rodent, Snafu, Sunk Heaven, JPEGMAFIA, Odd Person, and Superskin.

  • Bonus Episode: Jamies Discogs Tips | 6.11.20

    Bonus Episode: Jamies Discogs Tips | 6.11.20

  • Episode #156 | 5.15.20

    Episode #156 | 5.15.20


    Alleypisser, Aalbers, Ernia, Chaltandr, Dan Dlugosielski, J Hamilton Isaacs, Huelga, and Wicked Piss.

  • BBonus Episode: Going Through the Mail | 5.8.20

    BBonus Episode: Going Through the Mail | 5.8.20


    The bonus brigade catches up on the ever growing pile of mail stacking up at Tabs Out HQ.

  • Episode #155 | 4.20.20

    Episode #155 | 4.20.20


    Our 4/20 episode w. Grasshopper, Telecult Powers & Bob Bellerue, Mid-Air, Hair Police, Breathing Flowers, Danny Scott Lane, MISIU / Aros E-V, and Du$t

  • Bonus Episode: Self Isolation | 4.14.20

    Bonus Episode: Self Isolation | 4.14.20


    Mike is joined by Ryan Masteller (from a safe distance) for a self isolation themed episode with tapes from Alone, Pink Desert, Yves Malone, Gay Cum Daddies, German Army, Germs, Colored Mushrooms and the Medicine Rocks, and a couple of phone calls.

  • Episode #154 | 4.3.20

    Episode #154 | 4.3.20


    Talked to Z from Doom Trip Records and played tapes by Sonae, Opiate, Michael Fakesch, Dog Lady Island, Wetbackmanny, Mukqs, and Doom Trip Vol. III

  • Episode #153 | 3.22.20

    Episode #153 | 3.22.20


    Took some calls and played some tapes. Emeralds & Dilloway, Andrew Weathers, Sam Gas Can, Euglossine, Andrew Kirschner, Barker Trio, Peter Kris, and Good Willsmith.

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