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-For bookings, go to: Promos:aramis119013@gmail.comAs one of the fastest rising stars in US Dance music, DJ Aramis is taking giant steps up through club land, with his eyes tightly fixed on the top spot. His technical talents are a quality exhibition to witness and no show passes without Aramis impressing with his dexterous deck talents. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, now living in Philadelphia, Aramis built his appetite for music at a young age, His early interest in electronic music progressed into a passion for Trance, which guided Aramis to the Dance scene , Philly. During his time on the scene, he made the journey to see his friend, Tom Colontonio, at Local clubs Philly, Atlantic City; this would be the foundation that his dreams were to inflate on.As soon as Aramis earn enough money, he made it his mission to follow in his friends footsteps and promptly acquired his first set of turntables. The following year consisted of Aramis immersing himself in the art of mixing, working non-stop in pursuit of his vision. Fast-forward one year and a technically proficient Aramis Hernandez was primed to take his show on the road. His first gig at local bar, in Philadelphia opened the floodgates for Aramis as this new DJ on the block skillfully cut, scratched and blended his way into the local scene. The eruption of the start of his musical career was underway.His peers soon took notice and it wasnt long before Aramis was sharing the stage with Phillys & New York best including: DJ Yan, Mike Saint Jules, Domenick Filopei (Filo & Peri) & other heavy Hitters from Ireland,UK Germany & USA like John O'Callaghan, Ben Gold, Ronski Speed and most significantly, the man who inspired DJ Aramis to chase his dream, Tom Colontonio. The list of brands that engraved Aramiss name into their line-ups is as complete as any with the likes of: Atlantic City NJ, Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, happy to have him charm their crowds with his extensive arsenal of mixing techniques and impressive FX manipulation.Eager to keep himself at the front of the pack, Aramis, alike to most Dance music success stories, took to the studio to back-up his DJ talents, His first track Ripp it! was the beginning of a succession of dance-floor smashes that hold Aramiss name. Philly trance king were all globally acknowledged and confirmed Davey as much more than just a DJ a complete package that has proven his worth among the top tier. Corne Kievit, Erik de Koning, Giuseppe ottaviani, Johan Gielen, Robert Gitelman,, and many more were convinced enough to release Aramiss tracks, all of which could be heard across the globe in the most prominent of Dance music venues, supported by many of the greats, including Markus Schulz, Paul van Dyk , Ferry Corsten, Giuseppe ottaviani, Tom colontonio & many more.You can keep right up to date with DJ Aramiss ventures on his weekly & monthly radio shows Trance Sessions, aired every Tuesday of the month at 17:00 EST on Bpm.FM and Every 1st Sunday of Each Month at 14:00 GMT of one the worlds top Trance broadcasters Trance.FM.The Producer / Dj Aramis has his first release on sounds of Trance.Dj Aramis from the USA made his first release called Ripp It !!Two exploding up-tempo trance tracks with strong melody's and powerful beats.DJ Aramiss future can only be thriving if his recent endeavors are any indication of his path. Keep an eye out for this fella!For bookings, go to:


  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.549 @DJ Aramis

    27/05/2021 Duración: 04h17min

    # Artwork Artist Track Title Mix Name Label 1.SounEmot - Recuerdos Que Me Llevan A Ti (Intro Mix)[SounEmot Records] 2.New World - Kensho (Extended Mix)[Abora Recordings] 3.Gabrielle AG & Diego Morrill - Coven (Extended Mix) [Edge One] 4.Fault - Circuit Breaker(Original Mix) [Radiation Recordings] 5.Selim Ozkaya - Illegal Acid Violation (Original Mix) [Discover Dark] 6.Aeron Komila - Ocean Tide (Extended Mix) [Nu Communicate Recordings] 7.Solarstone - Seven Cities (Chris Schweizer Extended Remix) [Armada Captivating] 8.Lee Haslam - The Power (Original Mix) [Tidy Two] 9.David Nimmo - Elevate (Extended Mix) [High Voltage Recordings] 10.Kenan Teke - The Time Has Come (Extended Mix) [Phoenix Recordings] 11.FAWZY, Han Beukers - Exlunda (Extended Mix) [HeavensGate] 12.David Surok - Jupiter (Extended Mix) [Trancespired Recordings] 13.Henry Moe - Apollo (Extended Mix) [Monster Neos] 14.Darkskye - Event 201 (Peetu S Remix) [Lost Language] 15.Last Soldier - The Fighter (Extended Mix) [Last State Records] 16.Ashley Wall

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.548 @DJ Aramis

    26/04/2021 Duración: 02h39min

    ▼▼ TRACKLIST, DOWNLOAD ▼▼ #UpliftingTrance​​ #PsyTrance​​ #VocalTrance​​ #TechTrance​​ ►SOCIAL: ►MERCH: ►TIP:​ # Artwork Artist Track Title Mix Name Label 1.Victor Special - Veronica's Diary (Original Mix)[Shamania Music] 2.Madwave - Dreaming of a Better World (Extended Mix)[Abora Recordings] 3.Dreamcast - Be There(Original_Mix)[SUBMISSION] 4.Jackob Rocksonn - Afterglow (Daved & Endless Vibe Remix)[Edge One] 5.Sly One vs Jurrane - Everything to Me (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)[Discover Records (UK)] 6.Jay Flynn, Gary Bolton - Symbiotic(Extended Mix)[HTE Recordings] 7.Tycoos - We Will Meet Again (Sergey Salekhov Extended Remix)[Synchronized Muzik] 8.D72 - Wonderful World (Extended Mix)[TAR#138​] 9.Wolfer - Follow Me(Original Mix)[Yeiskomp Records] 10.Matt Bukovski - Survival(Extended Mix)[Surrounded Audio] 11.Haikal Ahmad, Inoblivion - Fake Call (Extended Mix)[Afterdark] 12.Lange, Sarah Howells - Out of the Sky(Chris Schwe

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.547 @DJ_Aramis

    06/04/2021 Duración: 03h10min

    ▼▼ TRACKLIST, DOWNLOAD ▼▼ #UpliftingTrance​​ #PsyTrance​​ #VocalTrance​​ #TechTrance​​ ►SOCIAL: ►MERCH: ►TIP: # Artwork Artist Track Title Mix Name Label 1.BarWall - Where Will I Go (Extended Mix)[Abora Recordings] 2.Jhonny Vergel - Purpose (Extended Mix)[Defcon Recordings] 3.Quake, Nicholson - Life's A Dream(Original Mix)[Tidy Two] 4.Semper T. - Nonchalant(Original Mix) [Discover Records (UK)] 5.Midway - Amazon(Allen Watts Extended Remix)[Nocturnal Knights Reworked] 6.ARS - Soulmate(Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings] 7.Sneijder - Chase The Sun(Extended Mix)[FSOE] 8.Marcprest - Recharged (Radio Mix)[#WeAreTrance] 9.Liam Wilson - Light at the End(Extended)[VANDIT Records] 10.Andrea Ribeca - Tuscia Est(Extended Mix)[FSOE] 11.Air Project - Impact(Extended Mix) [2Rock Recordings] 12.Sundancer - Symmetry (Extended Mix) [Interplay Global] 13.Kita-Kei - First Step(Extended Mix) [TAR#138] 14.Sto

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.546 @DJ Aramis

    06/04/2021 Duración: 03h49min

    ▼▼ TRACKLIST, DOWNLOAD ▼▼ #UpliftingTrance​​ #PsyTrance​​ #VocalTrance​​ #TechTrance​​ ►SOCIAL: ►MERCH: ►TIP: # Artwork Artist Track Title Mix Name Label 1.Armin van Buuren, Giuseppe Ottaviani - Magico(Extended Mix)[A state of Trance] 2.Mark Alexander - Before Your Eyes(Original Mix)[TAR#138] 3.Kenny Palmer - Aldorei(Extended Mix)[Nocturnal Knights Music] 4.Iant, Liquid Dream - Evening Falls(Original Mix)[Nrgized Audio] 5.Christopher Corrigan - The Fear Of Failure(Extended Mix)[Amon Vision] 6.Khalai - Dimension(Extended Mix)[Digital Society Recordings] 7.Miroslav Vrlik & Dave Steward - The Blackhole (Original Mix) [Entrance Music] 8.Factor B, Arielle Maren - Connected 12'' (Extended Mix)[Theatre of the Mind] 9.Ashley Smith, Sean Whiting - You(Extended Mix)[Damaged Records] 10.Terra V - Beyond The World (Remixes) (Miroslav Vrlik & Dave Steward Extended Remix) [Redux Recordings] 11.F.G. Noise - C

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.544 @DJ Aramis

    16/03/2021 Duración: 04h21min

    Contact me or follow: 1.DJ Phalanx - Pure(Extended Mix)[State Control Records] 2.Apsola - Slow Acid(Extended Mix)[Radiation Recordings] 3.Ciaran McAuley - From Within(Extended Mix)[FSOE] 4.AMTM - Barracuda(Extended Mix)[Suanda Dark] 5.ReOrder, feat. Zach Alwin, Neil Hunter - You Should Know (Extended Mix)[A state of Trance] 6.Ruben De Ronde, Elevven - Lucky Penny (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Remix) [A state of Trance] 7.Maria Healy - Bluebell(Extended Mix)[In Trance We Trust] 8.Fischer, Miethig - Return To Paradise (Extended Mix) [We Are Trance] 9.O.B.M Notion - Searching For A Way Out(Extended Mix)[Suanda True] 10.R.E.L.O.A.D. - Acid For Dummies(Original Mix)[No Remorse] 11.Robin McIlmoyle - Everlasting(Extended Mix) [#WeAreTrance] 12.DJ T.H. - Dark Times (Master Version) [ZYX TRANCE] 13.Michael Angelo - Euphoria(Extended Mix)[Digital Society Recordings] 14.Corrado Baggieri - Libertà (NoMosk Extended Remix) [Suanda Music] 15.Bryan Kearney, Deirdre McLaughlin - Open My Mind(Ciaran

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.545 @DJ_Aramis

    16/03/2021 Duración: 03h35min

    Contact me or follow: # Artwork Artist Track Title Mix Name Label 1.Thomas Nikki - Dreams (Extended Mix) [Always Alive Recordings] 2.Tastexperience, Johan Gielen - Namaste(Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings] 3.Kenny Palmer - Quel'Danas(BiXX Extended RemiXX)[Trancespired Recordings] 4.Esmee Bor Stotijn, Trance Classics - Something(Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)] 5.Ronski Speed - Roxy (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Knights Music] 6.Jameson Tullar, Annabelle Hayes - Dreaming (Tycoos Remix) [Yeiskomp Records] 7.Gareth Emery - You'll Be OK (feat. Annabel) (Jorn van Deynhoven Extended Remix) [Create Music Group] 8.Will Rees, Rhys Elliott - Infinite (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records] 9.i_o - Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix) [Armada Music] 10.Sergiy Akinshin - Everything will be Okay(Extended Mix)[Redux Recordings] 11.Christina Novelli, Leroy Moreno - In My Arms (Extended Mix) [Muse Music Records] 12.Ghost Etiquette, Aza Nabuko - Needed You feat. Aza Nabuko (S

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.543 @DJ_Aramis

    06/03/2021 Duración: 03h58min

    Powered by Restream​ ▼▼ TRACKLIST, DOWNLOAD ▼▼ #UpliftingTrance​​ #PsyTrance​​ #VocalTrance​​ #TechTrance​​ ►SOCIAL: ►MERCH: ►TIP: # Artwork Artist Track Title Mix Name Label 1.Mhammed El Alami - Dawn (Sunyella Intro Mix)[Abora Recordings] 2.AirForLife Feat. Sam Vince - I Can't Speak (SounEmot Bootleg)[SounEmot Records] 3.Haris C - Spartacus (Extended Mix)[Edge One] 4.New World - Outreach (Kiyoi & Eky Extended Remix)[Defcon Recordings] 5.Peetu S - Fearplane(Extended Mix)[Outburst Records] 6.Stine Grove, Raz Nitzan - Snow Angels (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)] 7.Hays - Namibia(Extended Mix) [2Rock Recordings] 8.Woody Van Eyden, Rene Ablaze - All My Life(Extended Mix)[Ablazing Records] 9.Manuel Rocca - Light of The Future(Extended Mix)[Abora Recordings] 10.Drival - Impromptu(Extended Mix)[Suanda True] 11.Twilight Colours - Levitate (Original Mix) [Yeiskomp

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.542 @DJ Aramis

    02/03/2021 Duración: 03h38min

    Powered by Restream​ ▼▼ TRACKLIST, DOWNLOAD ▼▼ #UpliftingTrance​​ #PsyTrance​​ #VocalTrance​​ #TechTrance​​ ►SOCIAL: ►MERCH: ►TIP:​ # Artwork Artist Track Title Mix Name Label 1.Linney, Maratone - Closer To You(Lasse Macbeth Extended Remix)[Abora Recordings] 2.Skyvol - I Am Not A Machine(Extended Mix)[2Rock Recordings] 3.Mark Norman - Overkill(Kriess Guyte Extended Remix) [Nocturnal Knights Reworked] 4.Mercurial Virus - Leap of Faith(Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records] 5.Bloodfury - Ice Pellets(Original Mix) [Yeiskomp Records] 6.tranzLift - Iris(10th Anniversary Club Mix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings] 7,Gayax - Beautiful Life(Extended Mix) [Pure Trance NEON] 8.Maarten De Jong - Alone(Extended Mix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] 9.Blue Serigala, Maria Milewska - Heart's Illumination (Extended Mix) [Always Alive Recordings] 10.Eryon Stocker - Scandinavia (Extended)[VANDIT Records] 11.Adam Taylor, Jan Johns

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.540 @DJ_Aramis

    19/02/2021 Duración: 03h52min

    ▼▼ TRACKLIST, DOWNLOAD ▼▼ #UpliftingTrance​ #PsyTrance​ #VocalTrance​ #TechTrance​ ►

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.539 @DJ Aramis

    06/02/2021 Duración: 03h29min

    ▼▼ TRACKLIST, DOWNLOAD ▼▼ #UpliftingTrance​ #PsyTrance​ #VocalTrance​ #TechTrance​ ►

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.538 @DJ Aramis

    26/01/2021 Duración: 03h12min

    ▼▼ TRACKLIST, DOWNLOAD ▼▼ #UpliftingTrance #PsyTrance #VocalTrance #TechTrance ►

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.537 @DJ_Aramis

    19/01/2021 Duración: 03h25min

    Join the Discord: ▼▼ TRACKLIST, DOWNLOAD ▼▼ #UpliftingTrance #PsyTrance #VocalTrance #TechTrance ►

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.536 @DJ Aramis

    15/01/2021 Duración: 04h11min

    ▼▼ TRACKLIST, DOWNLOAD ▼▼ #UpliftingTrance #PsyTrance #VocalTrance #TechTrance # Artwork Artist Track Title Mix Name Label 1.Milosh K - Storm Warriors (Original Mix)[Shamania Music] 2.Terra V. - Secrets (Original Mix)[Edge One] 3.Emmy Skyer - Profound Danger(Extended Mix)[Beyond The Stars Recordings] 4.Kenny Palmer - Blade's Edge(Extended Mix)[Interstate Recordings] 5.Dan Schneider - Kanima(Extended Mix)[TAR#138] 6.Nth Factor - Escaping Paradise(Extended Mix)[Trancespired Recordings] 7.DaWTone, Lianari - Unforgattable(Original Mix)[Yeiskomp Records] 8.Michael Angelo, Solo - Every Time We Said Goodbye 2021(Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)] 9.Alternate High, tranzLift - Arcturus(Alternate High Extended Mix)[Beyond The Stars Recordings] 10.Sevda B, Leo Van Goch, The Sixth Sense - Blinding Lights feat. Sevda B (Chris SX Remix)[Phoenix Recordings] 11.Angel Falls, FAWZY, Han Beukers - Agnieszka(Extended Mix)[We Are Trance] 12.Miikka Leinonen - Savage(Extended Mix)[State Control Records] 13.

  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.535 @DJ Aramis

    27/12/2020 Duración: 03h08min

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  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.534 @DJ Aramis

    27/12/2020 Duración: 02h37min

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  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.533 @DJ Aramis

    27/12/2020 Duración: 03h25min

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  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.532 @DJ Aramis

    04/12/2020 Duración: 03h48min

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  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.531 @DJ Aramis

    04/12/2020 Duración: 03h32min

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  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.530 @DJ_Aramis

    15/11/2020 Duración: 03h17min

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  • DJ Aramis Pres. Trance Nations Ep.529@DJ_Aramis

    17/10/2020 Duración: 04h07min

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